Summertime flowers on porch

A Week In The Life

Hello friends! I hope you are all doing well today and had a wonderful weekend. I am coming a ya with another week in the life post and hope you find something you like!


Walking the dog and reading my kindle

I woke up on Monday and knew I was going to have a migraine today. I ate my breakfast and got some work done before heading out for a walk with Chance. I finished working and then was basically in bed for the evening!


Walking the dog

I felt so much better when I woke up on Tuesday! I had my breakfast, worked for a while, and then went for a 1.7 mile walk. A little bit later, I had my strawberry protein smoothie.

Pineapple has been so good this season! Pineapple, beef sticks, cheese cubes, and chips have been my go to lunch for the last few weeks. I had some iced coffee in the early afternoon to carry me through the rest of my work day.

After finishing up my normal work day, I did a total body work out in the garage and worked my part time job for a bit. Yes, I started Gilmore Girls over for the millionth time!

I made our Hello Fresh meal for dinner, and it was delicious! We have been getting Hello Fresh boxes on and off for years, and it is by far our favorite meal kit company. The meals are always so delicious and there are so many options to pick from each week.

Packed lunch for work

After dinner, I packed my lunch and work bag and picked out my clothes for the next day before getting ready for bed.


Going into work with iced coffee, work bag, and lunch box

Before heading to the office for the day, I took Chance for a walk and drank my electrolytes. These have been a game changer for me, and I drink them every single morning! I listened to the new Gals on the Go podcast episode and ate my bagel on the way to work.

Iced coffee at work

Once I got to work, I went through my emails and answered messages from patients before starting my to do list for the day. I had my fruit, beef sticks, and cheese cubes throughout the day and had my iced coffee from home. My Figs joggers are my absolute favorite scrub pants, and trust me, I have tried them all. They are so comfortable and flattering, and the quality is top notch!

I took a break and went on a walk around campus and listened to the next episode of Counterclock Season 4.

Arm work out in the garage

Once I got home from work, I did an arm work and rode my stationary bike for a bit before making dinner. We had burgers from Hello Fresh and watched the next episode of Obi Wan Kenobi on Disney+. We loved the show so much and highly recommend it!


Watering the flowers on the deck

On Thursday, I had my breakfast and electrolytes while starting my work day. Then I watered my flowers, took Chance on a walk, had my protein smoothie and got back to work.

After work, we met my family at my sister in law’s parent’s house for a pool afternoon! It was such perfect weather for the pool, and we had such a great time. We had carnitas for dinner and headed home shortly after. We took care of Chance and then headed to bed.


I was SO TIRED when I woke up on Friday. I think it was a mix of not sleeping well and being in the sun so much yesterday. I had my breakfast, worked for a while, and then took Chance on a walk!

I have been listening to the Dateline podcast while working, and this episode is BONKERS.

Homebody Pure Essential Oil

After work, I made the bed with clean sheets and did some laundry. I also diffused one of my favorite essential oils, and I’ll link the company, Simply Earth, here! They are non MLM and sell high quality and pure essential oils. The prices are also incredible! Kyle brought home Mexican food for dinner, and we went to bed early.


On Saturday morning, I was up and at Kroger by 7AM to get our groceries for the week. I drank my electrolytes on the way. I realized I forgot my grocery bags at my brother’s house, and I was so bummed! I’ll link the ones I use here. They are super durable and usually fit everything I buy every week.

My flowers are growing so well, and they all make me so happy. The ones in the green pots came from seeds at the dollar store, and I am so pleasantly surprised with how well they are doing!

I prepped our groceries and put away our Hello Fresh meals for the week. They all look delicious.

Day Designer planner and colored pens

I worked on planning out my week using my Day Designer planner and favorite colored pens. I know I saw this all the time, but these planners are worth every penny! It keeps me so organized, and it also works really well for work stuff.

Outdoor porch decorations

We spent the rest of our day at my brother and sister in law’s new house just hanging out before my parents headed back home on Sunday. My sister in law has their new home looking so cute and cozy, and I love all of it!


Protein english muffins and strawberries

Kroger had my favorite protein cinnamon english muffins, and I stocked up. They are so good!

Before it got too hot, I vacuumed and cleaned out my car. It looks and feels so much better now! My car doesn’t get very dirty since I don’t drive it all that often, but it is still good to do every now and then.

Appetizers at Buffalo Wild Wings

Kyle and I have been going to Buffalo Wild Wings on Sundays for lunch, and we love to just get a bunch of appetizers to share. It was all delicious, and we had the sweetest waitress. She works at a daycare during the week, has a newborn, and works as a waitress on the weekend. What a gal!!

We stopped by Target on the way home. Does anybody else absolutely love the back to school aisles!? I don’t need any of it, but I love walking through them and reminiscing. I also picked up a loose cropped t shirt. It was only $10, and I love loose shirts like this for the hot weather.

Once we got home, Kyle got back to studying. I picked up a bit around the house, made my lunch for tomorrow, and got most of this recap post written.

I made beef taquitos from Hello Fresh for dinner, and they were DELICIOUS! After cleaning up the kitchen and showering, I did my devotional and went to bed. I am almost done with the Unwavering Faith devotional, and I have really enjoyed it. My favorite bible and bible tabs are linked also 🙂

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  3. Are your days pretty routine or more spontaneous?

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