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Weekly Recap: Routines, Lots of walks, Hello Fresh, and More!

Hello friends!! Long time, no blog. I wish I had a big excuse to give you for why I have been so MIA, but I don’t! Life just happened, and I got out of the habit of blogging every week. But I am back, and I am so glad! I am picking back up with a weekly recap.


Bagel and strawberries for breakfast in office

I woke up at 6 to get ready for work and make breakfast. I had a blueberry bagel and strawberries while I checked emails and messages. After I was caught up for the morning, Chance and I headed out for a walk. We have been walking a little over 1.5 miles in the mornings to get some movement in before it reaches 90 degrees!

Strawberry protein smoothie

After we were back from our walk, I watered all of our flowers and made a smoothie before getting back to work for the day. This smoothie had strawberries, whole milk, vanilla protein powder, and chia seeds.

After work, I headed to my brother and sister in law’s house to watch the kids with Kyle. My brother and sister in law had to put down their dog, Flowby, today and decided it would be best for the kids to not have to experience that. We are so sad that our Flowby is no longer with us, but I am thankful that he isn’t suffering anymore. We just played with the kids for a while and then we all went to dinner to get their minds off of it. Once we got home that evening, we got ready for bed and were asleep pretty soon!


My mornings have been looking the same for the last few weeks! I had breakfast, took Chance for a walk, watered the flowers, and then had a smoothie! I’ve been cutting back on my caffeine a little bit lately so I had my one cup of iced coffee in the late afternoon while working.

During my lunch break, I went on a couple errands. I had an Amazon return to drop of at UPS, another return to take to Men’s Wearhouse, and a giant load to take to Goodwill.

Tacos during date night

I had a doctor’s appointment after work so Kyle and I met for dinner at our favorite Mexican place, and I got shrimp tacos. They were delicious!


I feel silly posting the same thing over and over, but my days are pretty much all the same when I work from home!

Packed lunch for work

After work, I rode my stationary bike for 30 minutes before making dinner. I ended up just making ravioli because nothing else sounded good, and this was quick and easy! After dinner, I cleaned up the kitchen and made my lunch for tomorrow.


Reading kindle while walking at work as a nurse

I went to the office to work today so I was up a little earlier to take Chance for a walk before heading into Nashville. I picked up some coffee on the way and got lots of work to get done! I like to go out for a walk mid morning so I went out for a 1 mile walk around campus and read my Kindle.


Watering the flowers

I started a new book today, and it is so good so far!! I am still loving my Kindle, and I 100% recommend it if you are trying to read more. I am on my 28th book of 2022. Definitely worth the investment!

Garage work out statistics

After work, I did a total body work out in the garage and then took Chance on a walk.

New white drink mixer

I ordered this new drink mixer from Amazon a few days ago, and it came today. My last one started pooping out on me a while ago, and I finally ordered a new one. It works so well and mixes my electrolytes in a quarter of the time my old one did! Random, I know, but I’ll link it here!

Chick fil for dinner in bed

Kyle had a bachelor’s party this weekend so I ordered Chick Fil A for dinner and relaxed for the evening before going to bed!


I was up around 6AM to get ready to go to the grocery store. I am still using and loving our reusable bags. I like going to the store by 7AM on Saturdays because it isn’t packed yet, and I can get in and out quick! I love my ice roller in the morning to help wake me up. I don’t really know if it does anything for my skin, but I still love it!

Cut up strawberries on counter

After I put away the groceries, Chance and I went on a 2 mile walk. The high is less than 90 degrees this weekend so we are soaking it up while we can! Then I made some breakfast and watched The Office for a bit.

Green and neutral bedroom in the morning

I put our sheets in the washer before I went to the store so they would be dry and ready to go when I got done putting everything away. Clean sheets are the BEST. I also recently bought these new curtains, and I love them so much. They really pull the room together and look so much better than the black ones we used to have!

Hello Fresh box on spring decorated porch

We have been ordering Hello Fresh again for the last couple of weeks, and our box came this week! We have been eating out so much less, and I actually somewhat enjoy preparing the meals since the directions are so easy to follow.

Nothing Bundt Cakes
Nothing Bundt Cakes

While Kyle was driving home from the bachelor party in Louisville, I picked up our cake order from Nothing Bundt Cakes. I got two dozen assorted bundt cakes, half with birthday hats and half with Father’s Day decorations. We are celebrating Father’s Day and my mom’s birthday this weekend, and they are perfect for every occasion!

Once Kyle got home, we loaded up the car and headed to my brother and sister in law’s for the evening! We ate tacos, watched the fights, and talked a lot.


Blueberry bagel and strawberries

On Sunday, I was up around 6:30AM. Ever since I started using my sunrise alarm, I am constantly waking up naturally right before it goes off. I prefer it that way, and it is 100x better than the alarm on my phone! I have heard great things about the Hatch alarm, but I will link my cheaper version here.

Neutral clean bedroom in the morning
DIY vitamin packs

I made the bed, watered the flowers, and put together my vitamin packs for the week. If you are trying to get in the habit of taking your vitamins, I HIGHLY suggest organizing them into daily packs like this and putting them somewhere you go every morning. I ordered these pouches from Amazon and keep them by my sink. I barely ever miss a day anymore, and I used to be so bad about!

We headed back to my brother and sister in law’s for the day this morning. Kyle really needed a study day after being gone all weekend so my other brother and sister in law picked me up on their way so I wouldn’t have to drive! I use the gas prices as an excuse, but I also just never want to drive haha

My brother and sister in law just bought their home so my parents took the week off to come help with alllllll the household projects, and we got started on some today! It was such nice day in TN. Anything less than 90 degrees feels so good right now.

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