Weekly Recap: Nurse Work Week, Easter Basket Ideas, and Lots of Books!

Good morning and happy Monday, everybody! I hope you all had a great week and weekend. I didn’t have much work to do with my part time job this week so I did lots of reading and random things around the house which felt so good!


On Monday, I woke up at 6AM to start my day. I went downstairs to let Chance out and make some coffee. Then I came back upstairs to take my vitamins, do my skin care, make our bed, and get dressed.

Chance and I went on a walk and then I made my breakfast. I started reading The Three Mrs. Wrights last week and continued it on our walk today. It had my attention from the beginning! I love books like that.

Watering my flowers on the deck

Watering my flowers brings me so much joy. It reminds me that warm and sunny days are here and only going to get better! Also, I found this little watering can at Lowe’s last week, and it is so much easier to use when watering my hanging baskets instead of my big watering can. It’s also adorable haha

Walking the dog and reading my kindle

After work, Chance and I headed out for a long walk.

When we got home, I got some protein in and worked for a bit longer. It was so warm outside today, and I soaked up as much sun as I could.

When Kyle got home, he grilled steaks for dinner and we watched Friends. Then I made us bedtime tea and finished The Three Mrs. Wrights before going to sleep. It was such a good book!! Highly recommend.


Our home is starting to scream summertime! The flowers in the flowerbed are starting to come back- I’m so excited for them to start blooming. I plan on adding a couple more in a month or so.

SOME of my foods for the day.

I wanted a new dress for Kyle’s cousin’s wedding next month so I ordered a few from Amazon to try on. They were all cute, but the one I went with is linked here! I stopped by UPS to drop off the returns on my way to the gym after work.

Then I headed to the gym for leg day! These leggings and this top are both from Amazon, and they are some of my favorite work out pieces. After my leg exercises, I walked and read for 30 minutes. I started A Life Worth Living today, and I am already loving it.

While Kyle made grilled cheese for dinner, I packed my lunch for the office tomorrow.

Reading my kindle in bed and drinking bedtime tea

Then it was time for bedtime tea and reading before bed.


I was up a little earlier this morning so I could work from the office today. I stopped for an iced coffee with half and half and a muffin on my way in.

Selfie in scrubs at work

I got a lot of work done today at the office! It started getting a little loud in the afternoon, and I was having trouble concentrating so I headed home a little early to finish working from home. Kyle got home a little later, and we had Mexican food for dinner and headed to bed early.


When I woke up this morning, it was so cold and I had zero interest of working in my office. So I washed my face, made some coffee, took care of Chance, and then I grabbed my laptop and we climbed back in bed. I will not make a habit of this, but it actually felt really good today to relax in bed while working so I’m going to do it every once in a while! (Also, I am SO BLESSED to have a job that allows me to do things like that).

Verse of the Day on iPhone

I recently turned on the Verse of the Day notification on the bible app on my phone, and I highly recommend everyone doing it! I love the extra encouragement throughout the day, and it ensures I read a portion of God’s word every day.

Work was so busy today, but I was able to get a lot done. After closing my laptop for the day, Chance and I headed out for a walk and then watered the flowers.

Then I headed to the gym for arm day and walking on the treadmill.

Easter Basket Ideas for kids

I’ve been picking up a few things from Dollar General and Target over the last few weeks for our nieces’ and nephew’s Easter baskets so I went through it all today and started the process of putting them together! I have to finish them up, but I got them started.

This one is for our two year old niece, Joy. The How to Catch the Easter Bunny and The Story of Easter books are from Amazon. The stickers, bubble machine, chocolate bunny, egg coloring kit, and chalk are from Dollar General. The basket, bunny ears, and window clings are from Target.

This one is for our one year old niece, Audrey. The Hello, Bunny book is from Amazon. The chocolate bunny and llama are from Dollar General. The socks, bunny ears, and basket are from Target.

This one is for our four year old nephew, JJ. The Construction Site, Spring Delight book is from Amazon. The fishing game, bunny ears, and basket are from Target. The egg coloring kit, chalk, balloon machine, chocolate bunny, and stickers are from Dollar General.

And this one is for our 9 year old niece, Charlie! The Beasts of Olympus books are from Amazon. The egg coloring kit, chalk, notebook, stickers, and chocolate bunny are from Dollar General. The basket, bunny ears, and Legos are from Target.

Once it’s a little closer to Easter, I’ll decorate them a little more and add the candy filled eggs!

I snacked on a beef stick and then had potstickers and salad for dinner.

Drinking bedtime tea in bed

I made bedtime tea, and then we watched Red Notice on Netflix. It’s a pretty funny and entertaining movie! I finished A Life Worth Living tonight, and I loved it.


I really slacked on taking photos today, but it was a typical work from home day! I started Heart Bones during our walk today, and Kyle brought home wings from Long Hollow for dinner.


When we woke up on Saturday, we started on the laundry before heading out for some errands. We picked up muffins and coffee on the way to Kohl’s. We got there early so we went into Petco to walk around. So many cute pups, birds, and fish! Once Kohl’s opened, we picked out a new suit for Kyle and then headed to the gun range!

We had a blast at the gun range today! I bought Kyle a membership for his birthday last year, and we have had a really great experience so far at the range (Guns & Leather).

Eating chipotle for lunch

We picked up Chipotle for lunch, and it was delicious!

Our favorite sheets from Target

We were in need of a new set of sheets so we stopped by Target on our way home to pick up a set of our favorites. The price is really good, they are super cozy and soft, and there are tons of cute patterns and solid options.

Then I prepped some food for the week and watched Friends before going to bed.


On Sunday, I made some coffee and had some granola before making my lunch for tomorrow. Then we got ready for the gym!

I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then stretched until Kyle was done with his work out. I told myself I was going to get better at stretching because I always feel so much better afterwards.

Kyle spent most of the afternoon studying, and I planned out my week and worked on this post. Then we spent the evening relaxing together, watching House, and eating popcorn and blizzards.

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