Weekly Recap: Nurse Work Week, Spring Cleaning, and Gardening!

Hey everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was filled with spring cleaning, family, and flowers. I loved every second of it.


I was up around 6AM to take Chance on a walk, read my devotional, and have my breakfast before starting work. These snack packs are perfect for before the gym!

After work, I headed to Planet Fitness to work out. Today was leg day, and it was a great work out. I am so back and forth with my work outs. Some weeks, I love going to the gym and other days, I just want to be outside on long walks. Today was a gym week. After the gym, Chance and I went on another walk.

After my work out, I had a protein shake and worked my part time job for a bit. Then Kyle made grilled cheeses for dinner, and we had side salads too.

Then I packed my lunch for the office on Tuesday, made some bedtime tea, and worked until I read and went to sleep.


I went into the office to work on Tuesday so I was up at 5AM to take my vitamins, make our bed, and get ready for work. I picked up an iced coffee with half and half and a muffin for breakfast on my way in.

Protein pack, water bottle, and lunchbox

I got a lot of work done today, and headed home around 3.

Steak, green beans, and texas toast

Kyle was already home from clinicals when I got home so we went on a walk before I worked a few hours at my part time job and he studied. Then it was steak night!

I finished my book tonight, and it was SO GOOD. It was called Every Last Secret by A.R. Torre, and I highly recommend it.


Walking the dog while reading my kindle

Today was pretty much the same as Monday! After our morning walk, I had breakfast and got to work.

Walking on the treadmill and reading my kindle

After work, I headed to the gym for arm day! It was another great work out, and I felt great when I left the gym. I’ve never had much upper arm strength, so I feel so accomplished after a good arm day.

I drank a protein shake, worked a couple hours at my part time job, and then we grilled brats for dinner.

Drinking my bedtime tea

Then it was time for my bedtime tea and reading before bed. I have been drinking this every night, and it really does help me sleep well!


Walking the dog and reading my kindle

Today was a super busy day at work! I took photos of my breakfast, one of my snacks, and one of our walks and that’s it. I took Friday off so I was trying to work ahead all week so that there wouldn’t be much to do for the nurse who was covering for me. I had a long to do list to get done today, but it was a good day!


Laying in bed working with Chance

My job gives us a good amount of PTO so I took a couple of Fridays and Mondays off this year and this was one of them! I woke up, got some coffee and my laptop, and got back in bed to watch Scandal and work my part time job for a couple of hours.

A clean bedroom setup with slippers and kindle

After I worked for a few hours, I got to cleaning! I wanted to do a big spring clean today since I was off, and it felt so good to scrub everything. I did all the normal stuff like our sheets, towels, laundry, and vacuuming. Then I also dusted everywhere, scrubbed the bathrooms and kitchen, vacuumed all the corners, couch, chairs, and stairs, and mopped. I was exhausted when I was done, but I love cleaning so I didn’t mind.

Tree blooming outside

Our Bradford Pear tree starting blooming this week, and I think it is so beautiful! We don’t get the flowers for very long, but I love that I can enjoy it from my office window. Spring is here, everybody!!

Homemade pizzas and margaritas

Kyle got home from clinicals around the same time I was done cleaning. We had homemade pizzas for dinner and watched the movie, Deep Water, on Hulu. IT WAS SO GOOD! The acting and the style of the movie reminds me a little bit of Gone Girl. It is definitely not a kid friendly movie, and there are a couple of nudity scenes.


Kyle holding our baby nephew

On Saturday morning, I worked my part time job for a couple of hours and Kyle studied. Then we got ready and headed to my brother and sister in law’s house for the evening! We had a taco bar, watched basketball, and played with all our nieces and nephews. It was a great time!


We didn’t get home until almost midnight last night so we slept in a bit before having breakfast on Sunday morning.

Kyle mowed the lawn this morning, and I cleaned off our deck furniture. Being outside in the sunshine had my wanting to go get flowers so I headed to Lowe’s!

Having all these flowers out makes me SO HAPPY! I am still working on the front porch area. The pots that I planted seeds in a few weeks ago should start blooming soon, and I am excited to see how they turn out!

After finishing with the flowers, I worked on this blog post for a bit on the deck before having dinner and winding down for the night.

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