Spring Fab Fit Fun box on spring doorstep

Weekly Recap: Routines, Nurse Work Days, and Fab Fit Fun Box!

Happy Monday everybody! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to have a great week. We had a small cold front come through on Friday night, but this week is supposed to be warm and sunny. I can’t wait! Let’s get into last week’s recap..


For some reason, I have a hard time remembering to take my vitamins every day. A few weeks ago, I moved my vitamin packs up to my bathroom vanity and I haven’t missed a dose since! I am currently taking a multi vitamin, turmeric, and coq10. After I got ready, I went into my office to read my daily devotional and start work.

Work was so busy today! I had my normal breakfast and then some apple slices with almond butter and Cheez Its in the afternoon.

After work, Chance and I got outside for a bit to walk. I read more of Protecting What’s Mine on my Kindle. It’s the third part in a series called Benevolence by Lucy Score, and I really liked all three! The story line is really good (maybe a little corny), and they are super easy reads. I will say that I don’t love reading sex scenes, and there were quite a few so I just skipped them! haha

Cup of bedtime tea

I made us some bedtime tea after dinner and drank it while I worked my part time job and Kyle studied until we went to bed.


It got cold overnight so I bundled up for our morning walk and then read my devotional before making my breakfast and getting to work.

I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon so I ate a protein pack before logging out of work for the day and headed to my appointment. Another reason I love my Kindle, it’s so small and lightweight so I bring it everywhere! It keeps me from aimlessly swiping on my phone all the time, and I love how many books I’ve already read this year. I made some more progress on Protecting What’s Mine, but they got me in quick and I was back home before too long.

After I got home, I had some apple slices and almond butter while I worked my part time job until Kyle came home with Mexican food for dinner! Then I made some bedtime tea for us and read before falling asleep.


I woke up feeling super crummy on Wednesday. I had a migraine and was pretty nauseous so I took some meds and went back to sleep for a bit before working. I finally started feeling better so I finished out my work day and Chance and I went on a walk. The medicine I take for my migraines makes me super drowsy so Kyle picked up dinner on the way home and I went to bed early.


I went into the office on Thursday so I was up a little earlier than usual and stopped by Starbucks on my way in. I listened to this Gals on the Go podcast episode and this Crime Junkie podcast episode on my way to the office and throughout the day.

These protein packs and bone broth packets are my two go tos for easy, protein snacks at work.

Leaving hospital after a nurse shift

Coming out of the office to sunshine was the best feeling after a day inside!

After I got home, I changed clothes and Chance and I headed out for a walk.

Kyle grilled brats for dinner, and they were delicious! We’re so happy that it’s grilling season again. After dinner, Kyle got us blizzards for dessert and he studied while I worked my part time job for a while.


On Friday, I took Chance on a walk, read my devotional, made my breakfast, and worked for a few hours.

At lunchtime, Chance and I headed out for another walk because it was so nice outside! I got back to work for the rest of the afternoon.

Chipotle Steak Salad bowl

Kyle picked up Chipotle for dinner, and it was SO GOOD! I get the steak salad bowl with pico, guac, and shredded cheese with a side of chips and queso.


Spring Fab Fit Fun box on spring doorstep

My Fab Fit Fun box came today!! I loved the bright colors of the box this season.

I think this might be my favorite box yet! A couple of my favorite items were the lazy susan that I put by the sink in the kitchen, a box of stationary with assorted cards and markers, and plastic bando wine glasses. I try to not use a lot of plastic, but I think these will be great when we host outdoors.

Day Designer planner with colored pens and stickers

I had another migraine today so after I was feeling better, I decluttered our closet and drawers, did laundry, sheets, and towels, and then planned out my week in my Day Designer planner.


It has been a week since I planted these pots and look how much has already grown! I’m so excited. If they keep doing this well, I’m going to get a few more pots to finish out the boxes of seeds I have.

Cleaning fruit in sink

I ordered our groceries through Instacart today, and they were delivered less than two hours later. That is just the best! I prepped some food for the week and restocked our favorite Yogi teas. I really do sleep better when I drink the Bedtime tea and the Kava tea helps Kyle wind down after studying all evening.

Kyle and I ended the night going to dinner at Sam’s. Everything was delicious- like always!

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