Walking the dog outside reading kindle

Weekly Recap: Back to the office, morning routine, and lots of walks

Hello everybody!! I apologize for being off my blogging game lately. Two weeks ago, my brother and sister in law went on a vacation with their friends for the first time in many, many years so my parents kept their kids for the week! I went home for four days to help out, and we had the best time. The week after that, I had a nasty cold and it really kicked my behind so I just worked and slept most of the week. I am feeling much better now!

Walking the dog outside and reading kindle

On Monday, I got back into my routine and almost instantly felt more at east. I woke up, took my vitamins, made my bed, read my devotional, and headed out for a walk with Chance and Flowby. Reading my Kindle while we walk is one of my favorite things to do now. Once we got back, I made my breakfast and started work.

Two dogs laying on floor in office

We kept Flowby for the weekend for my brother and sister in law so I had two coworkers this morning 🙂

Salad kit at desk in home office for lunch

I had a green goddess salad kit for lunch while working. I get mine from Kroger and love them!

Packing lunch for nurse work day

After work, I packed my lunchbox for the tomorrow because it’s my first day going back to the office for months! When our covid numbers increased again a few months ago, they asked us to work from home 100%. We’re allowed to go back once a week now, and I was actually excited to go back in.

Birthday card and thank you card

My sister in law’s birthday is next week. We got tickets for a candelight tribute to Taylor Swift concert in a few months for her birthday present, but I wanted to send a card too. I got the cute ones above from dollar general! The thank you note was for a neighbor. A few weeks ago, Chance and I were on a walk and a man pulled up behind us and starting asking me weird (but mostly innocent) questions about Chance. He drove off, but I just felt weird about the situation. A woman and her daughter in the neighborhood then pulled up behind me and asked if I was okay. Turns out, they had just gotten in their car and were about to leave their house, but they also got the creeps from the man who pulled up behind me so they waited to leave until the guy was gone and confirmed I was ok. HOW AMAZING IS THAT!? Thankfully, everything turned out fine but this just reminded me how important it is to look out for each other. I dropped the thank you card in their mailbox on our walk this afternoon.

We walked a little over 3 miles this afternoon. The weather has been so nice lately!!

Grilled cheese for dinner

Kyle made grilled cheeses for dinner, and we watched an episode of Boba Fett. I picked out my clothes for tomorrow, packed my work bag, and read before falling asleep.

Blueberry muffin and iced coffee at desk

On Tuesday, I treated myself to a blueberry muffin and iced coffee from Starbucks on the way to the office.

I snacked throughout the work day and got a lot of work done in the office today. I was worried I’d be distracted after working from home by myself for so long, but it was a great day!

After work, Chance and I went on a short run to get back into it and then walked for a few miles while reading.

Apple slices and almond butter

Kyle wasn’t home from clinicals yet so I snacked on apple slices and almond butter. Once he got home, I made homemade pizzas for dinner and worked my part time job for a bit before reading and going to sleep.

Walking the dog outside reading kindle

Work was busy today! So after my morning walk and devotional, I made my breakfast and got to work and didn’t stop until I logged out for the day in the afternoon.

Walking the dog outside while reading kindle

After work, I did an arm work out at home and then we went on a long walk. The weather was in the 70s and wearing shorts felt AMAZING!

Eating Mexican food outside on deck

Kyle picked up Mexican food for dinner and we ate outside on the deck. Once we have a few solid weeks of warmer weather, I’m going to deep clean the deck and outside furniture, clean up the garden areas, and put out my outside spring decorations. I am giddy just thinking about it! I’ll have to wait probably another month before planting any new flowers outside, but I was thinking about starting the potting process inside. We will see!

I know I say this all the time, but I felt so much better this week getting back into my routine. I used to get really caught up in having an early, crazy hectic and “productive” morning routine that I forgot that it is important for me to actually enjoy my routines. I used to wake up at 5AM to go to the gym for an hour before going into my work day. I know that it works for some people, and some people even thrive on that routine, but I have found that it just doesn’t make me feel great. Waking up around 6AM, drinking my water and coffee, reading my devotional, and going for a 1 mile walk while reading my Kindle is the best morning routine for me. I just wanted to encourage you to try out different things and realize that someone else’s routine might not work for you and THAT IS OKAY! I do think you should do something for just yourself every morning before diving into work. Examples could be reading a devotional or a chapter of a book, drinking and enjoying your coffee or tea, going on a walk, stretching, etc.

Branch Basics Oxygen Boost and Laundry Detergent on washing machine

I took a break from work to throw a load of laundry in. I am still using and loving Branch Basics for our laundry detergent. Branch Basics’ products are nontoxic, and they actually work. The prices are great, and I love that the concentrate can be used to make detergent, surface cleaner, glass cleaner, dish and hand soap, and many other things. I also traded out my OxiClean for the Oxygen Boost, and it works really well without all the harsh chemicals. You can try the concentrate in any way you choose for just $5! I’ll link the trial kit here. This is not an ad, I just love the product! They also have a ton of resources on their website and answer questions really quick.

After work, Chance and I went out for another walk! I am soaking in every moment I can of this warm weather.

Apple slices and almond butter

After our walk, I worked my part time job for a while and had a snack. I forgot to take anymore pictures today, but our evening consisted of dinner, Friends, reading, and bed!

On Friday, I had an all day oncology nursing class so I was glued to my desk most of the day!

We had a few breaks during the day so Chance and I went on a couple of shorter walks throughout the day and then walked about 2 miles after my class was over.

My oncology nursing class continued on Saturday so Kyle made breakfast for us, and I was at my desk for most of the day again! I learned so much though, and I am thankful that my hospital values continued education.

Ordering groceries online on instacart at desk

During breaks, I did a couple of chores like ordering groceries, ran the Eufy upstairs, laundry, and washing our sheets and towels.

Date night with margaritas and Mexican food

After my class was over, Kyle and I went out for dinner to our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Bacon and donuts for breakfast on Sunday morning

On Sunday morning, Kyle went out for donuts and I made bacon before we started our day. Shipley Donuts in Hendersonville, TN has the BEST DONUTS.

Flowers seeds and flower pots

I know earlier I said that I would wait a few weeks, but I just couldn’t! I went to Dollar General and picked up all the pots and seeds you see in the pictures above. I’m keeping them in our kitchen by the window until it’s warm enough to keep them outside. I’m not sure if the seeds will take, but I’m excited to find out! I also cleaned up the garden in the front and got the soil ready for when my plants come back this year. It was so warm today so I also cleaned out our cars and got the porch ready for spring.

Chicken wings for dinner

I was exhausted but satisfied after my day, and Kyle had studied for the entire day so we picked up wings for dinner and relaxed watching Friends before reading and falling asleep!

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