Flowers for Valentine's Day

Weekly Recap: Back to routines, work outs, and valentine’s day

Good morning and happy Monday, everybody! I pray you all had an awesome week. This past week was so much better for me than the week before, and I am so thankful for that! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


I woke up at 6:30 on Monday morning, did my morning skincare, took my vitamins and drank water, and then Chance and I headed out for a 1 mile walk. It was chilly this morning!

Morning Devotional
Dog laying by window in office

When we got back, I read my devotional (STRONG by Lisa Belvere) and made my breakfast. I am still loving a hard boiled egg, bacon, and a slice of bread in the morning. I prep the eggs and bacon on Sunday so it’s easy in the mornings! Then I got to work and chugged through my to dos for the day.

Apple slices and almond butter

Another snack I have been loving is apple slices and almond butter. DELISH.

Run statistics with dog and running gear

After work, Kyle, Chance, and I headed out for a run. We’re getting close to a mile! Woo hoo! But seriously, I have forgotten how good I feel after a run. Runner’s high is so real.

Home Chef meal for dinner

For dinner, I made a home chef meal and we watched Friends while we ate. The Home Chef meals that we pick up from Kroger are so convenient, and all the ones we have tried have turned out delicious.

Reading my kindle in bed

After dinner, Kyle went back to studying and I worked my part time job for a little bit. Then we headed to bed around 8. I read for a while before falling asleep. I started Reminders of Him on my Kindle, and wow it is so good!! If you are on the fence about getting a Kindle, I 100% suggest saving up for one and treating yourself.


We were up at 6:30 to get ready for the day and head out on a walk. It was even colder this morning so I put on the heated vest that Kyle got me for Christmas, and it worked perfectly. It is a game changer for walking in the cold!!

Then it was time for breakfast, devotional, and work.

Salad kit for lunch at desk

I put together a salad kit from Kroger for lunch. I like the Eat Smart Green Goddess ones!

Walking the dog and reading my kindle

After finishing with work for the day, I headed to the gym. I worked legs today and then walked on the treadmill. I started my walk at a 3 speed and 12 incline for 15 minutes then I decreased the incline to 1 for another 15 minutes to get some more steps in. Once I got home, I took Chance on a 1 mile walk. I read my Kindle the whole time I was walking!

I ate an apple and almond butter for a post work out snack and worked my part time job for a bit. Once Kyle got home from clinicals, we made homemade pizzas for dinner. I finished Reminders of Him tonight before going to sleep! 10/10 recommend reading it. It’s one of my favorites now!


Drinking coffee in the morning
Walking the dog and reading my kindle

I had a meeting at 7AM on Wednesday so I made my iced coffee and breakfast and went into my office first thing. After the meeting, I read my devotional and then headed out on a 1 mile walk with Chance. It was much warmer at this time of day so I am glad we waited a little bit! Also, I ordered this loungewear set from Amazon last week and wore it a lot this week because I LOVE IT. It’s so cute and comfy, and I am going to order a couple of more colors to have. I feel so much better when I change into a cute outfit even though I am just working from home.

Thinking of You card for gramma

My beautiful gramma broke her elbow last week and has to get surgery this week. We sent her a card making sure she knew we love and are praying for her. I love stationary and sending cards, and I am going to be better at mailing them out this year to people! I know I love getting them because it makes me feel thought of and cared for. I pick up a few whenever I see ones I like at Dollar General, Aldi, and TJ Maxx.

I ate a meat and cheese plate in the afternoon and then some granola before heading out on a walk with Chance.

4 mile walk statistics

We went on a 4 mile walk through the neighborhood, and it felt so amazing outside. I read most of the time and felt so refreshed when we got home. The afternoons this week have felt like Spring, and it makes me so happy!

It was steak night for dinner, and I think it was the best steak I have ever had!! Not sure what Kyle did, but it was delicious. After dinner, I made my bedtime tea and worked for a while before heading to bed.


Walking the dog and reading my kindle

I have been so much better about taking my vitamins ever since I moved them to sit by my sink in our master bath. I take them first thing in the morning- that also helps me drink a good amount of water before anything else! I worked for a little bit before heading out on our walk. I am now addicted to reading my Kindle while I walk! It weighs less than my phone, and I feel much better mentally when I read instead of swiping on my phone.

Once we got back, I read my devotional and worked for a while before having lunch!

Walking the dog and reading my kindle

After work, I headed to the gym to work arms and then walk on the treadmill. Chance and I walked another mile outside when I got home.

Apple slices and almond butter

I feel so much better when I eat something right after working out, and apples and almond butter has been doing the trick lately!


Walking the dog and reading my kindle

I can’t explain how much better I felt this week than last week, and I attribute that 100% to being back into my routine. A few things that I know really helped me are that I woke up and went to bed at the same time, ate breakfast, and went on a morning and afternoon walk every day. I also think that reading instead of being on my phone helps me so much too. I feel less anxious and have less headaches.

Meet and cheese plate and water for snack

I also know that sometimes when I work from home, I either don’t eat enough or I eat a bunch of crap. It aways makes me feel terrible so this week I concentrated on eating a lot of protein and stuff that leaves me feeling energized and satisfied!

Selfie in walking outfit

This top and these leggings are also recent purchases from Amazon that I am loving! I ordered a few other things that didn’t fit right so I sent them back. However, this shirt is another thing that I am going to order more colors in! It’s soft, comfy, and the perfect cropped length. I already had another pair of these leggings in purple, and I LOVE them. They are great for lifting, running, walking, and just lounging. You can’t beat the price either! I wear a medium in both.

After work, Chance and I went on a 4 mile walk through the neighborhood. Our walks are one of my favorite parts of my day. I finished Luckiest Girl Alive on our walk today. I wanted to read it before the movie came out this year. It was a really good book, but I wanted to warn you that there are a lot of hard parts including sexual assault (based on real events that the author survived) and gun violence. There is some harsh language as well.

m&ms, whiskey, and card for Valentine's day

Once Kyle got home, we exchanged Valentine’s Day gifts because we couldn’t wait any longer. Kyle had this gift bag full of all my favorite snacks, a beautiful card, a candle that smells amazing, and these gorgeous flowers.

We didn’t feel like cooking tonight (surprise, surprise) so we went to our local Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was delicious, and we have so much fun on little dates like this 🙂


Clean bedding

On Saturday, I woke up and went into my office to get the rest of my hours in for my part time job and then started this recap post. We also washed our sheets, towels, and did laundry! Nothing better than clean sheets 🙂

Valentine's Day Date

Then it was time to get ready for our Valentine’s date 🙂

We went to The Hampton Social in Nashville for dinner, and it was AMAZING! We both got the smash burgers, Caesar salads, and a side of parmesan fries to share. For dessert, we got the donut bites. Every single thing was incredible, and the atmosphere was so cute and fun! Our table sat right by the window and across the street was a dog park. We loved watching all the pups play together. When we got home, we played some games and started Boba Fett on Disney+. It was the perfect date night!


On Sunday morning, I hopped online to order our groceries in Instacart. I was going to go to the grocery store myself early this morning, but we stayed up late so I decided to sleep in instead!

writing lifestyle blog on imac

Then I finished up some stuff on this week’s recap post. Also, not that anyone asked, but I am still LOVING my iMac. It was worth every penny since I work from home most of the time and do all my blogging from it. It’s an investment for sure, but worth it!!

At 9:30, I watched church online. If you wanna join next week (or anytime), I’ll link the church website here! I’ll also link the bible I use here and the bible tabs here.

After church, I put away the groceries and prepped some food for the week. Then I headed to drop off some Amazon returns and pick up a little gift for my niece, Joy. She is getting over a little bug so we wanted to bring her something to cheer her up.

Super Bowl time!! My brother and sister in law hosted for the game today. I have zero cares about football, but I love any excuse to be with family and eat good food!

We listened to this episode of Supernatural on our drive . We love this podcast! It’s from the same creators of Crime Junkies. Then we spent the rest of the evening watching the Super Bowl. I LOVED the half time show!! When we got home, I made some bedtime tea, got ready for bed, and read until I fell asleep.

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