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Weekly Recap: Rainy Days, TJ Maxx Haul, and Deep Cleaning!

Hello everybody!! This week was a bit of a struggle for me towards the end so this weekly recap is going to be pretty short. Nothing serious is going on- I just had an off week! I am looking forward to getting back into my routine next week because that helps me so much.


Monday was a pretty typical day! I did my morning devotional, took Chance on a walk, and worked. After work, I went to the gym for leg day. I did leg presses, RDLs, hip thrusts, and leg extensions before walking on the treadmill for 15 minutes at a 3 speed and 12 incline. It was a great work out!

Birthday cards from dollar general

I stopped by Dollar General on the way home to pick up a Valentine’s Day card, but I left with tons of extra cute ones! Cards can be so expensive, but I love to send them so I was excited when I saw all of these for such good prices. Aldi also sometimes has a great selection!


January calendar with colored highlights
Snack and water outside on deck

I can’t believe January is already over! I am itching for it to be spring. I love highlighting today’s date on my calendar printable- it’s the little things in life. I’ll link the free printable I use here! Today, it reached 62 degrees so Chance and I sat outside for a bit during a work break. It was amazing.

4 mile walk statistics on apple watch

After work, Chance and I went on a 4 mile walk through the neighborhood.


Triage Cancer intensive with coffee
Dog laying by window in office on a rainy day

On Wednesday, I had a learning intensive from 9-5 so these two pictures pretty much sum up my whole day!

It rained the ENTIRE DAY Thursday and Friday. I wish I would have fought it more, but I definitely let it weigh me down. Have I mentioned how much I am ready for warm weather and sunshine!?


Kyle worked all weekend so I used Saturday to deep clean the house. I scrubbed all the bathrooms, vacuumed EVERYTHING, mopped the floors, cleaned all the sheets and towels, and did laundry. When I am deep cleaning, I like to use our normal vacuum to get all the corners, underneath stuff, and the surfaces and then I run our Eufy to get the rest of the floors. It works great and saves so much time!

If you have a pet, I highly suggest purchasing a Chom Chom. It’s like a hardcore lint roller. I use it on all of our furniture and on the stairs. I swear our stairs look like a different color after I use it! I’ll link it here. Turtle also got a clean home today, and he was very happy about it. I like to use these little turtle tank supplements too. Aren’t they cute!?

Protein pack and water bottle

I have been loving these little snack packs.

I made my vitamin packs for the week. I have been putting them in our bathroom by my sink, and that has been working really well for me because it helps me take them first thing in the morning. I ordered these little reusable bags from Amazon, and they work perfectly.

Full shopping cart at TJ Maxx

After getting all the cleaning done, I decided to go to TJ Maxx to spend some Christmas money! They had an awesome selection of sports bras, and I have been wanting some new ones. I also bought the grey baskets for the bench in the living room, the basket for our keys in the entry way, and the white tray and flower for the coffee table. And obviously I picked up a few cards and a toy for Chance 🙂


On Sunday morning, I ordered our groceries for the week and started this recap post.

Then I watched church at 9:30! I watched the service at World Outreach Church, and it was a REALLY good sermon. I will link the church website here if you want to try it out 🙂 My bible is linked here and my bible tabs here! But remember, ANY BIBLE IS ENOUGH.

Taking Chance on a walk

After church, Chance and I headed out for a 1 mile walk and while we were gone, our groceries were delivered. That is the BEST.

After I put away all the groceries, I made my hard boiled eggs and bacon for the week and then prepped these freezer meals. I’ll link the recipe I used here!

Then I got to planning my upcoming week. I wrote out our dinner options on a sticky note to refer back to all week so I don’t stress out once it’s dinner time. I also wrote out all my meetings, random to dos, full time and part time job schedule, and work outs for the week. I didn’t do this last week and it showed haha

I ended the day with a face mask, self tanning, and hair care.

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