Walking on the treadmill at the gym

Weekly Recap: Morning Routines, Back to the Gym, Lots of Eats, and My Home Office

Hello everybody! I hope you are all doing wonderful, and that you had a great week. I got back to the gym, worked a lot, and got in some good reading in the evenings so I hope you enjoy this weekly recap 🙂


Made bed in the morning

Started off my morning by making my bed, doing my morning skincare, and getting dressed.

Walking the dog

Chance and I then headed out for a 1 mile walk before getting to work!

Morning devotional

Then I read my daily devotional! I am almost finished with 100 Days to Brave, and I highly recommend it!

I had this “adult lunchable” as a snack in the afternoon and placed a Brightbox order for Valentine’s Day boxes for my nieces and nephew. I have been ordering cards and gift boxes from Brightbox for years. They have so many fun options for every holiday or just an occasion to show someone they are loved. They are all super affordable, and you can personalize them as much as you want. If you need a gift idea or just want to let someone know you are thinking about them, check out Brightbox!

3 mile walk statistics

After work, Chance and I went on a 3 mile walk around the neighborhood.

Two Good strawberry yogurt at desk

After our walk, I ate a yogurt while working a little bit at my part time job. I work 10-20 hours/week at my part time job, and I try to get in most of my hours during the evenings when Kyle has clinicals.

For dinner, I had this salad kit from Kroger and some crackers. This Green Goddess salad is SO GOOD.

After I had dinner and got cleaned up, I made my bedtime tea and worked for a few more hours. Then we headed to bed, and I started Where The Crawdads Sing. My mom sent it to me in the mail last week, and I have been really excited to start it!


Morning devotional

My morning went pretty much the same as it did yesterday!

Apple slices and almond butter

For an afternoon snack, I had apple slices and almond butter.

Going to the gym with hydrojug

After work, I headed to the gym for leg day! It felt really good to be back at the gym, and it was nice to incorporate some new exercises and have access to more weight options! After lifting, I walked for 15 minutes on the treadmill at a 12% incline and 3 speed.

Once I got home, I took Chance on a 1 mile walk around the neighborhood and finished this episode of Gals on the Go!

Fairlife protein drink
Potstickers for dinner

I was ravenous when I got home so I had a protein shake while I worked a little bit then had some snacks before finally having some potstickers for dinner.

After dinner, I worked some more while having my bedtime tea and then headed to bed to read!


Head Soothing essential oil and diffuser

I am still loving my Simply Earth essential oils! I have been diffusing this one for about an hour every morning. Their prices are great, and the quality is just as good as all of the over priced ones.

Morning devotional
Selfie with Chance after walk

I read my devotional and then Chance and I headed out for a 1 mile walk before getting back to work.

Apple slices and almond butter

Here are SOME of the things I ate throughout the day. Definitely not everything though!

Walking into the gym with hydrojug

After work, I headed to the gym for arm day and then walked on the treadmill like I did yesterday.

Chance walking down a wooded path

Chance and I headed out on a 1 mile walk when I got home. We love exploring our town together.

Potstickers for dinner

It was so cold out today so I made bone broth to warm up and get my protein in once we got home. Then I worked for a while and had potstickers again for dinner.


I had some struggles getting out of bed this morning so I went and got some iced coffee to have while I got ready.

After reading my devotional and checking a few things for work, Chance and I headed out for our morning walk.

Breakfast and coffee at desk

Once again, I STUNK at taking photos of food today so this is just a few of the snacks I had.

Chance and I did another 3 mile walk after work to get our movement in for the day.

Tillamook beef stick

Then I had a beef stick to tide me over until dinner! Kyle was home for dinner tonight so he picked up Mexican food for dinner, and we spent the evening just being together. 🙂


I had a few meetings at work today, and I got a few things done around the house. I washed our sheets and towels, did some laundry, and finally took the tree down! I miss it already. Once I was done with work and Kyle was done studying for the day, we made nacho bowls and watched Friends all evening.

The Weekend

On Saturday morning, I ordered our groceries from Instacart and they were on our doorstep an hour later! Our shopper got everything we needed and communicated with me super well about any replacements needed. I bought a few Home Chef meal kits this week to make for dinner this week, and I will let you know how they turn out!

Giving Chance a bath

Kyle gave Chance a long overdue bath today, and he looks and smells so much better now!

Our second cousin turned one this weekend so we went to his birthday party and then went to Applebee’s for drinks and appetizers! We also dropped off some goodies for my brother, sister in law, nieces, and nephews because covid hit their home this week. They all feel much better but are continuing to isolate for a few more days to be safe. We picked up bundtinis, games, and craft stuff from Target and left it on their front porch to help pass the time!

Kyle picked up donuts and I made bacon for us on Sunday morning. We watched an episode of Friends before getting on with our day!

Kyle was at his desk studying most of the day, and I had an urge to move things around in my office. I really like the way it turned out! I moved the desk so that I could see out the window more, and I love the view now. I moved around some wall hangings and put a lot of stuff we don’t use much in storage to declutter the area. I am loving it! I am planning on getting a small roll of wallpaper to finish the back of the desk- I just have to find one I love first!

Day Designer planner and pens

After moving things around and cleaning up, I worked on my planner for the upcoming week.

Walking the dog

I don’t do the best at getting much movement in on the weekends. My schedule is usually off so I just don’t plan for it like I should. I really needed to do something active today so Chance and I headed out for a 2 mile walk, and I felt SO MUCH better afterwards. I need to keep that in mind in the weekends to come and make sure I at least get a walk in!

I prepped a Home Chef meal that we picked up at Kroger this week for dinner. It was so good and so easy to make! I think we are going to keep picking up one or two on weeks that Kyle is going to be home in time for dinner during the week. Once he is back to being home every evening, we’re going to start our Hello Fresh meals again. We just won’t use all four meals that comes with our Hello Fresh box right now so this is a great substitute until then!

After dinner, Kyle and I cleaned up the dishes and made bedtime tea before heading to bed early to watch Friends before going to sleep!

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