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Weekly Recap: Work Week, Dog Walks and Lifting, and Random Recommendations


Walking the dog
Manifest podcast episode

We headed out for a walk after I worked for a little bit and listened to the new Manifest podcast episode. I have been on such a podcast kick lately. It snowed a little bit on Sunday night, but it was mostly gone by Monday night!

I am still on this breakfast kick, and I hope I don’t get sick of it anytime soon! I am so close to finishing the 100 Days to Brave devotional, and I don’t want it to end! I am going to check out more devotionals from Jennie Allen because this one was so good!

After work, I did an at home leg work out and then Chance and I headed out for a walk. I am feeling the urge to start going to the gym a few days a week so I think I am going to try it out a few times next week. I have been loving just lifting at home, but I want to incorporate some more exercises that I can’t do without the gym equipment.

Kyle worked nights this week so I picked up a few pre made meals at Kroger so I wouldn’t order DoorDash every night. I drank a protein drink, showered, and then had this chicken caesar salad. It was delicious!! I would have definitely needed more food if I hadn’t had the protein shake before!

Working in bed and watching Pretty Little Liars

I got in a few hours at my part time job before bed and restarted Pretty Little Liars. It’s definitely one of my comfort shows!

Then before bed, I finished Regretting You! I highly recommend it, and I’ll link it here. Also, I am OBSESSED with my Kindle. Listen, I used to talk about how I would never use a Kindle because I love the look and feel of a real book (which I still do), but I have already read so much more this year because of how convenient my Kindle is. I’ll link the one I have here. Kyle gave it to me for Christmas, and I think it is my favorite thing. Speaking of books, if you are on GoodReads, add me!! Jaycey reminded me about GoodReads a few months ago, and I have been on it like every day since. It’s like social media but for books.


These are the only photos I took today. SORRY. Work was so busy today so I besides going on a walk with Chance, I pretty much worked the whole day and then worked my part time job before going to bed!


I had my normal breakfast and then leftover fajitas from last night for lunch!

After work, I read my devotional and then did an arm work out.

I am still on my bedtime/kava/lemon ginger tea before bed. I drank it while I worked for a few hours before heading to bed!


I read my devotional first thing this morning, worked for a bit, and then had my breakfast!

Kyle had to work a night shift tonight and tomorrow night so he stayed up all night last night so that he could sleep during the day today. Chance stayed up with him most of the night so he slept in for a while! When I heard him moving around, I let him out of our bedroom so Kyle could keep sleeping and we went on a walk.

Crime Junkie uploaded two new podcast episodes this week so I listened to this one on our walk.

Dog laying in bed in office

Chance napped in my office for the rest of the afternoon while I worked.

I know this doesn’t look appetizing, but it was actually really good! This is one of the pre made Home Chef meals I got from Kroger this week, and I really liked it. It was super convenient, tasted so much better than freezer meals, and actually filled me up. Then I made my bedtime tea and worked for a few hours before heading to bed!


Crime Junkie podcast episode

Wow my days are so repetitive!! I know it makes for boring content, but I thrive on routine.

Kyle did his last night shift (at least for a while) tonight so I made another Home Chef meal and then worked on my planner before bed!

The Weekend

I spent Saturday ordering our groceries on Instacart and working on the first half of this post!

Simple Earth essential oils and diffuser

I ordered these essential oils a few weeks ago, but I wanted to try them out for a while before reviewing them. I love them! I heard about this company when I was trying to find a clean, non MLM essential oil company and decided to give them a try. The prices are so much better, and they are still the highest quality. They also donate 13% of all their profits to fight human trafficking which I think is incredible. I’ll link the website here! I ordered the two pictured above and love them both. I’ll definitely be ordering more in the near future.

I listened to the latest episode of Gals on the Go throughout the weekend. I just love them and their podcast so much!

Date night at Mexican restaurant

Kyle and I went on a date night to our local Mexican restaurant. They have the BEST shrimp tacos.

Instacart grocery haul on porch

Our groceries were delivered on our front porch Sunday morning, and I forgot how amazing that is!! I ordered them through Instacart, and our shopper did 10x a better job than when we order them for pick up at Kroger. He found pretty much everything I ordered and actually paid attention to what he picked out.

I prepped (and ate) bacon and hard boiled eggs for the week and cleaned out the fridge before putting all the groceries away.

We are still trying to find our new church home so I tried another one this morning, and I really liked it! We’re going to try to go in person the next weekend Kyle doesn’t have to work. I’ll link my favorite bible here and the bible tabs that I use here. But truly any bible is perfect and will do what you need it to do 🙂

I did laundry, cleaned our towels and sheets, and worked a little bit while Kyle did a ton of school work before he made quesadillas for dinner. They were delicious!

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  1. Tell me one awesome thing about your week! Mine is that Kyle is off nights for a while 🙂
  2. Do you still like reading blog posts? I think Youtube and TikTok have kind of taken over- don’t get me wrong, I love both of those but I feel so unnatural when I try to vlog. Maybe it’s something I just need to keep doing and I’ll get more used to it? IDK! But I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂
  3. What’s your favorite podcast? I’d love to add some more to my rotation.
  4. Do you have any nontoxic candle recommendations? I am loving my diffuser, but candles are so comfy and cozy.

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