Hike views in Arizona

Weekly Recap: Our Trip to Arizona, Settling Back Home, and Dates!

Good morning, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have something to look forward to in the week ahead. It’s so hard to believe that we are already in mid January! We are possibly getting some more snow this weekend, but I am beginning to feel the itch for spring. I know, I have a long way to go!


We were up at 2:30AM, in the car by 3:30AM, and checking in at the airport at 4AM. I am so thankful that we actually felt pretty energized and ready to go. We went to bed early, and I think we were just excited for our trip and all the time together so our adrenaline kept us going. We flew from Nashville to Dallas to Phoenix. Thankfully, we didn’t spend much time at all waiting on anything at the airports! When we got to Dallas, we had a 40 minute layover so we rushed to the Skylink and took it to our departing terminal and made it just in time!

It Ends With Us on my Kindle

I started It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover on our flight to Arizona and finished it on the way home. There were parts that were REALLY hard to read, but the ending was really good. Major trigger warning for domestic violence. I also don’t think the ending is very realistic, but I wish it was!

Arizona Airbnb
Arizona Airbnb
Arizona Airbnb
Arizona Airbnb
Arizona Airbnb
Selfie at Airbnb in Arizona

Our Airbnb was the BEST! We were so happy with it. It was so clean, quiet, beautiful, and had more than everything we needed. I will link it here. We wanted a place with plenty of room so we could host, and it worked perfectly. The area also felt super safe, and we had zero issues the entire time. One of my favorite things about getting an Airbnb instead of a hotel is having a kitchen. We love to host, and it’s super nice to have a place to keep groceries so we don’t have to eat out all the time.


Hiking in Arizona

On our first full day on Tuesday, we went to Tortilla Flat. This was probably my favorite place we went! It’s a teeny tiny old west town with little shops and an outside restaurant. We got food and drinks, listened to the band for a while, walked around the shops , and soaked in all the views. We had a great time!!

We then had everybody over for burgers and spent the evening catching up. We don’t get to see Kyle’s grandparents very often so we are super thankful for this time.


Wednesday was hike day! We went on a 5 mile hike, and it was so much fun. BUT my hiking shoes did NOT hold up. I’m not sure what the issue was. I have had them for a few years so maybe they are just too old or maybe they just aren’t the right size or fit for my feet. We had to stop halfway through the hike to duct tape and shove extra socks in my shoes to try to get the back of my heels to stop rubbing. The blister patches I bought just rubbed off from all the friction, but they have helped a lot with healing the blisters now. Kyle’s mom loves her KEEN hiking shoes so I might invest in a pair of those next time. Kyle also bought hiking shoes from Cabela’s at the same time I did, and he had no issues with his.

Despite my shoes, the hike was still so fun and Arizona is so beautiful. I am so thankful that I got to experience it. After the hike, we got cleaned up and had dinner with Kyle’s parents and grandparents. I had lobster ravioli, and I can’t explain HOW DELICIOUS IT WAS. After dinner, Kyle and I went back to his grandparents’ house to spend more time with him for a few hours.


Nachos and margaritas at airport

After Kyle and I packed up our stuff and checked out of our Airbnb, we went to lunch with his parents and grandparents before heading to the airport to go home! We got through security and then decided to get some nachos and drinks while we waited to board. Little things like that make me so happy, and I am so thankful for all the memories we made this week.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Folding laundry and drinking coffee

We got home late on Thursday, and we unpacked most of our stuff and spent time with Chance before settling in for bed. I almost always unpack as soon as I get home from a trip- I have a hard time sleeping or doing anything else if I don’t! Then we spent the weekend catching up on work and school, cleaning up the house, getting groceries, and doing lots of laundry.

Date at Chili's

We took a break on Saturday night to go to Chili’s for dinner! It as delicious, and we have so much fun going on dates like this.

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