Snow covered trees and blue sky

Weekly Recap: Podcasts, Lots of Movement, Nurse Work Week, and Packing for AZ!

Hey hey everybody! Kyle and I head out to AZ bright and early Monday morning so I wanted to get this out early. I hope you all had a great weekend and are excited for the week ahead!


Manifest podcast episode

We started off with a walk on Monday morning, and I listened to the new episode of Manifest with Tori Desimone. It was a really good episode, like always! I really like these podcasts for morning walks because they’re only about 30 minutes and always motivates me. It snowed a little bit on Sunday morning, and it made me so happy. I am still wearing my hiking boots on our morning walks to make sure they are broken in for our trip to AZ next week. These blister patches are a lifesaver!

Making my bed in the morning

I made our bed when I got home from the walk. I added the two euro pillows and matching pillow cases and blanket to our bed this weekend, and I think it added so much! I love it. I’ll link the euro shams here (I bought the 26 x 26 in light khaki), the pillow inserts here (28 x 28), and the blanket here (queen size in light khaki).

Hard boiled egg, bacon, english muffin, and iced coffee

For breakfast, I had a hard boiled egg, bacon, an english muffin, and iced coffee. I am trying to find a good breakfast that keeps me going all morning, and this one has been doing the trick lately!

I am almost done with the 100 Days to Brave devotional, and it has been SO GOOD. The devotionals are quick but full of so much goodness. I highly recommend it! I’ll link it here.

Today was a good, productive day. I got a lot of work done and felt caught up from the New Years weekend. I wrote last week’s recap post and ordered some lactation cookies for Cassie, my sister in law who just had a baby! I heard great reviews about the company Liquid Gold Goods and used @Averyywoods‘s code Avery10 for 10% off.

After work, I did an at home leg work out and then took the dogs on a 2 mile walk.

Look at how well this orchid is doing! Kyle got me this orchid last Valentine’s Day, and I recently moved it to a different pot and then all these buds popped up. It makes me super excited for spring to come so I can start planting flowers again.

After I showered, I used this facemask. Then we made nacho bowls for dinner and watched Seinfeld in bed.

Working from home as a nurse watching Harry Potter

After dinner, Kyle studied and I worked for a while and watching Harry Potter. After the HBO Harry Potter Anniversary Special, I can’t stop watching HP.


Immeasurably More podcast episode

We got up for our morning walk on Tuesday, and it was so cold!!! Thankfully, Kyle got me this heated vest for one of my Christmas presents and it works so well. I listened to the Immeasurably More podcast while we walked. I love a lot of the stuff in this podcast, but I am not super into “hustle culture”. But everything else is good, and it is very uplifting and motivating!

Reading daily devotional

I really loved the daily devotional today. It was about having a spot in your home that you go to when you need time with Jesus. Not that you have to go to that spot every time you have quiet time with the Lord, but I liked the idea that I have a “scared place” for my daily devotional. Mine right now is this floral chair by the window in my office.

Same breakfast, different day! I had my second cup of coffee during a morning meeting and then worked the rest of the day.

Dog dental care water additive

If you have a dog, I HIGHLY suggest buying this and trying it out. You just pour a little in their water bowl every time you fill it, and it helps so much with bad breath and taking care of their teeth. We have tried other brands before, but Chance wouldn’t drink the water if it was in it. He doesn’t even seem to notice this one!

Running 0.6 mile in the cold

Kyle and I took the pups on a 0.6 mile run. We also walked about a mile all together before and after the run.

After our run, I put together Kyle’s lunch for tomorrow and folded some laundry.

While I showered, Kyle made his famous grilled cheeses for dinner then I had some bedtime tea and worked before reading and going to sleep!


Drinking my water in the morning

I woke up on Wednesday having zero interest in getting out of bed. I dragged myself out of bed, washed my face, and drank some water while listening to our weekly tumor board meeting. I felt so much better after doing those things and we headed out for our morning walk.

ILYSM podcast episode

I love it when two of my favorite podcasts combine for an episode! Kenzie Elizabeth from the ILYSM podcast and Brooke and Danielle from the Gals on the Go podcast are some of my favorite people to listen to. Kenzie also is one of my favorite vloggers. They’re so positive and uplifting but also very real which I LOVE. This episode did not disappoint.

Hard boiled egg, bacon, english muffin, and iced coffee for breakfast

After our walk, I made my breakfast and headed up to my office to work for the rest of the day.

The pups joined me for a bit! We are keeping my brother and sister in law’s dog for a little bit until they get settled with the new baby. He’s such a cute little sweetie, and his name is Flowby.

Daily devotional

Today’s devotional reading was all about being present wherever you are. This was a great reminder for me. I often find myself looking at my phone without even totally realizing it, and then I am missing out on what’s going around me! I make a conscious effort to stay off my phone when I am with other people, but I know I still need to work on it.

3 mile walk statistics
ILYSM with Kenzie Elizabeth Podcast episode

After work, Chance, Flowby, and I went on a 3 mile walk. I am still getting used to walking with two dogs, and I am sure it was hilarious to watch us struggle and get tangled up sometimes. I Marco Poloed Jaycey while I walked and then started this ILYSM podcast episode. Dom and Kenzie together always have me laughing so hard!

Once we got home, I drank some bone broth while working on our puzzle. Then I ordered Chipotle for dinner and showered while I waited for it to be delivered. My go to order is the steak salad bowl with cheese, salsa, guac and no beans or rice. YUM.

I then made my bedtime tea, settled in on the couch, and worked my part time job while watching (you guessed it) Harry Potter until it was time to head to bed!


ILYSM with Kenzie Elizabeth Podcast episode

I stayed up WAY to late on Wednesday and then couldn’t get to sleep or stay asleep once I finally went to bed so it took me way too long to get out of bed this morning. But I did it and it was snowing! The boys and I headed out for a quick morning walk while it snowed and then came back to have breakfast. I finished the ILYSM podcast episode I started yesterday. Snow makes me SO HAPPY. Makes me feel like I am back home in Indiana.

I always feel super thankful for it, but I felt EXTRA super thankful today that I get to work from home. The snow came down quick and heavy, and I loved being able to watch it from my office window. I love snow even more when I don’t have to drive in it. I hope everybody is staying safe and warm!

Working on blog at desk while snowing outside window

Today I published a blog post all about Orange Theory and what to expect at your first class. If you’re interested in Orange Theory, check it out! I’ll link it here.

It was the perfect lazy snow day for us. Chance took a nap and then went back outside to play in the snow for a while. I had to make him come inside after so long. He LOVES snow.

Chicken Noodle Soup and crackers for dinner

Chicken Noodle Soup sounded like the perfect dinner for today, and it hit the spot!

Snow covered houses and mountains in neighborhood
Snow covered house

Our neighborhood is so peaceful, especially when it snows. I just stood outside looking out at all the snow covered houses and trees and was in awe of all the beauty!

Working at night in bed with dog

We ended the night cuddled up in bed with the space heater on while I worked for a bit, and we watched HP.


Last work day before our vacation starts! Yay! I finished off my bacon and had an english muffin for breakfast. For some reason, I am still loving iced coffee even when it is 12 degrees outside. I don’t know why!

Snow covered trees and blue sky

Chance, Flowby, and I walked about 1.5 miles in the snow, and they loved every minute of it.

Shoveling the snow and cold weather gear

Then I shoveled the driveway and sidewalk! I am hoping the snow sticks around for a bit, but I bet it’ll melt mostly this weekend.

I listened to this episode of Crime Junkies and this episode of Manifest while we walked and shoveled. The Crime Junkie episode was absolutely heartbreaking, but I am thankful that people like Ashley and Brit exist who want to shed light on the stories that haven’t been given enough attention. The episode of Manifest was very uplifting and inspiring! I know I say that every time, but it’s true! In a society so obsessed with “hustle culture” and never being content, I love that Tori can be super motivating while also being realistic and nontoxic. If you want some tangible and healthy tips for setting new years resolutions, give it a listen!

Saturday and Sunday

On Saturday, we did some chores and errands to prepare for our trip to Arizona and then spent the evening at my brother and sister in law’s house. It was a great time! We just talked, played with our niece, and cuddled the new baby. Sunday was a day of packing and finalizing everything before we go to bed super early since we have to be up at 2:45AM to head to the airport!

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