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Back to Church, Days as a Nurse, and Lots of Food!

Hey hey everybody! I hope you all had a great week. It’s currently Sunday afternoon when I am writing this. I just got back from a walk with Chance and now we’re waiting for Kyle to get done with clinicals. We’re having Mexican for dinner. YUM.


I have been loving this devotional so I wanted to share it again. I’m nearing the end, but I have enjoyed every single reading. I love that they’re short but also full of so much good stuff. I’ll link it here! I also love that the verses are written out for each day so you can read it even if you don’t have your bible with you. I used to keep it at work when I went to the office every day.

I had a pretty busy day at work. Mondays are usually a little busier for me just because I am catching up on things that happened over the weekend. I have been on a huge english muffin kick lately- they’re a perfect breakfast for me.

Tomato soup and grilled cheese by Christmas tree

Kyle made grilled cheeses and tomato soup for dinner, and it was delicious. He makes the BEST grilled cheese sandwiches. Plus, it’s been getting colder here so it’s the perfect meal!

We ended the night watching Seinfeld, drinking tea, and I got in a few hours at my part time job.


Working from bed with Christmas tree

These are the only photos I took on Tuesday. I started my period so I was super achey and tired so I just worked, ate, and went to bed! Days like these make me even more thankful to work from home.


Christmas card in front of Christmas tree

I love how our Christmas cards turned out this year! Chance’s face cracks me up. He HATES wearing any sort of sweater/pajamas/clothes, but he doesn’t mind bandanas so I bought this one from Amazon. It’s super cute and good quality. I ordered our cards from Zazzle this year. They were delivered super quick, the price was great, and they came out really well! I’ll link the design we chose here.

Strawberry Two Good Greek Yogurt

I woke up feeling a lot better on Wednesday. I had a meeting at 7AM via zoom. I usually listen to the meeting while I make my morning coffee and then head upstairs to my office to finish the meeting and work for a few hours. Then I get some lunch and finished working.

After work, I packed my lunch for the office tomorrow and then took Chance on a long walk. Since I’m not working at the bedside or doing 12 hour shifts anymore, I don’t have to bring as much food. I would have a lot more carbs if I was working on the floor or working more than 8 hours!!


Crime Junkie episode

I listened to the new episode of Crime Junkies on my way to work today, and holy moly was it an awful one. I know I said I wasn’t going to listen to true crime stuff anymore, but I’ve been doing ok as long as I stay away from anything involving kids! I also don’t listen to it around the clock anymore like I used to. I pretty much listen to one episode a week, and that’s it.

Beef broth and Fur Mama insulated cup

I had a rough day at work today. I just felt like nothing was going the way it should, and I was getting so frustrated. I had to remind myself that everything would work out, and I just needed to do the best I could. I am still a million times happier with this job than I was at the bedside. Bedside nurses are HEROES.

Summer Fridays lip gloss

On a lighter and happier note, Summer Fridays came out with new packaging for their lip butter!!! This is one of my absolute favorite products, but the previous packaging was so difficult to use and so much lip butter would come out all at once and be wasted. This packaging is a million times better. I’ll link it here! You can also get their products at Sephora.

Walking the dog in the cold

Chance and I walked a mile around the neighborhood once I got home. I forgot to take a picture of dinner tonight, but we had wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. We like to go there on Thursdays because it’s half price wing night!


Friday was a MUCH better day at work. I got a lot done and felt so much better after the day I had on Thursday.

Dropping off Christmas gifts

I ventured out to drop a package off at the FedEx in our Walgreens. I was shipping Kyle’s mom’s gift because we won’t see them until after Christmas this year. They are in Arizona to spend a few months with Kyle’s grandparents, and we are flying out for a few days in January! I am SO EXCITED! I’ve never been to AZ before so if you have any suggestions on places we should go, LET ME KNOW!!

After work, I did an arm work out and then went on a walk with Chance. I have been SO UNMOTIVATED when it comes to exercise the last few weeks. At first, I think I got out of the habit because we were so busy and I just didn’t make the time for it, but now, I really want/need to get back in the habit of getting in more steps and getting back to my weight lifting.


Laying on couch during tornado warning

The weather alerts on our phones woke us up around 3AM on Saturday morning. There was a TERRIBLE storm that went through Tennessee including super high winds and tornados. We didn’t get hit by anything more than the wind and rain, but my thoughts and prayers are with those who were hit so hard, especially in Kentucky. So many lives were lost and so many homes were destroyed. I truly can’t imagine. As soon as we saw the tornado warning in our area and heard the sirens going off, we headed downstairs to sleep in our half bath for a while. It’s located in the center of the bottom floor of our house so it’s definitely the safest spot during a storm. Once the sirens stopped, we moved to the couch so that we could be close to the bathroom if they started up again. Poor Kyle had to get up for clinicals so he didn’t get much sleep that night!

Ordering groceries online in bed with Christmas tree

I woke up around 8, made some coffee, and then online ordered our groceries from Kroger for pick up.

Then I did some laundry and cleaned up around the house. I have been loving the Branch Basics laundry detergent and oxygen boost for our laundry! I am trying to find cleaner and safer products, and Branch Basics makes it SO EASY! I bought a bottle of their concentrate, and I can use it for pretty much anything. My favorite uses for it are our laundry detergent and multisurface spray. I highly encourage you to give them a shot. You can get a trial kit for just $5- I’ll link it here! (This is not an ad, I just really love their products!) I washed our towels and sheets and did a big load of clothes.

Screen Limit settings

Did you know that you can set time limits for specific apps on your phone!? I had no idea. I know these limits are still way too much, but trust me, it’s less than what I have been spending on these apps lately. I felt such a huge relief when I set these limits because I know that I desperately needed something to help keep me accountable to not waste my days on TikTok. I know I could just delete it (and I have!), but I want to be able to enjoy it without going overboard. This has already helped me SO MUCH. If you want to set screen time limits on anything, just go to settings>screen time>app limits> and then add limits to whatever apps you need to!

Homemade pizzas by christmas tree

Then when Kyle finally got home, we had homemade pizzas for dinner and headed to bed!


Kyle had clinicals again today, but I decided to get my booty up and go to church. My favorite bible is linked here, and the books of the bible tabs I love are linked here.

The service was so good today! We sang Christmas songs which always puts me in a good mood, and the sermon was about finding joy in God and not in earthly things. I think that is such a good reminder especially around Christmas. I don’t think there is anything wrong with enjoying material items, but when we start putting all our joy and worth in them, that’s when it becomes a problem. It can be such an easy thing to fall into- especially with social media. I am so glad I went to church today.

After church, I picked up our groceries. I saw this lunchable at Walgreens when I ran in for a gift card, and it sounded so good so I picked it up for a snack.

Tumbler, chapstick, and Starbucks gift card by Christmas tree

I wanted to get a Starbucks gift card for my boss for Christmas, and I saw this super cute tumbler at Walgreens so I picked it up too. She’s the absolute best boss in the world, and I wish I could get her an unlimited Starbucks gift card because she definitely deserves it.

After I got the groceries put away, I made peppermint bark and oreo balls. They turned out really well in my opinion, and I am excited to package them up and give them to our neighbors!

After I worked on this recap post for a while, I jumped in the shower. Tonight was a hair washing night so I followed up with my Virtue healing oil and split end serum. I used to wash my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY because it gets oily super quick, but I have been trying to cut back to see how my hair does. I’ve been washing it 2-3 times a week, and I think it’s actually healthier now! I notice that it’s growing faster and breaking less. At least, I think so! I also used this Tula clay face mask– I am really loving it! It pulls outs lots of excess oil without overdrying my skin.

Fajitas, rice, and beans

Kyle picked up Mexican food for dinner, and we just relaxed for the night before heading to bed.

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