Fab Fit Fun, Music Festival, and Kyle’s Birthday Weekend

Hey everybody!! I hope you all had an awesome week. Kyle turned 29 on Thursday so we partied all weekend with his family and had a great time! I’m not going to lie, I was terrible at taking pictures this past week because I got out of the habit, but I promise I’ll do better this week!

Chance, Flowby, and I spent Monday morning getting in some hours for my part time job. It was so nice out so I opened up the windows and doors to let some fresh air in.

Kyle grilled steaks and corn for our dinner to celebrate Labor Day, and it was all delicious! My nana used to make corn all of the time when I was little because it was my favorite and when she moved out of their house a few years ago, she gave me the corn cob holders. They are so cute and come in so handy during the summer!

I went into the office on Tuesday to work. I was FREEZING last week when I went in so I made sure I wore long sleeves today. I picked up a Caesar salad from CHOPT for lunch, and it was delicious. Their crunchy chick peas and chipotle chicken is SO good.

My Fab Fit Fun box came today!! I haven’t tried out any of the products yet, but I will be sure to review them after I’ve had time to really test them. It’s always so fun to get this box every season, and I love trying new products.

Kyle was at the hospital working pretty much all week so I spent a lot of time working and getting the house ready for the weekend.

On Wednesday and Thursday after work, I worked on cleaning up the house. I mowed, gave Chance a bath, and cleaned up the deck. It’s been so hot so we haven’t used the table in a while so it definitely needed a good cleaning before we ate on it again.

On Thursday, Chance and I picked up dinner and surprised Kyle after his shift for his birthday.

I went to the store on Friday and stocked the fridge for the weekend!

Then I got Kyle’s birthday cake baked! I’ll link the cake recipe here and the frosting recipe here. It turned out really well, and the frosting is the best.

Kyle’s parents came in on Friday night, and we had a nice dinner together. On Saturday, his brother and future sister in law arrived, and we all went to a music festival. It was SO fun! It was at The Rock Castle State Historic Site in Hendersonville. We had lunch there, played corn hole, and watched a few bands. They have a winter festival too, and Kyle and I are definitely going to go this year if we can!

After the festival, we came home to grill out and have cake! 29 never looked so good. 😍

On Sunday, we said goodbye to Kyle’s family and caught up on some rest. I also planned out my week while Kyle got some studies in.

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Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. What’s your favorite and least favorite chore?
  3. What is one more thing you wanna do before summer ends?

5 thoughts on “Fab Fit Fun, Music Festival, and Kyle’s Birthday Weekend

  1. Lindsay says:

    I was starting to wonder if you were going to blog again. So glad you decided to come back and blog again. Sounds like you had a very busy summer. I think this summer is on warp speed of x32. lol! I feel like we’re going to snap our fingers and its going to be thanksgiving and christmas! lol

    What did you do this weekend? I had gutters installed on my house and the other townhouses in my unit of townhouses. lol. Not fun, but it took a year to get it coordinated, approved by the HOA, and completed. So a big success.
    What’s your favorite and least favorite chore? Favorite chore is probably cleaning my master bathroom and changing my sheets because there is NOTHING like a clean shower after you clean your bathroom and fresh sheets. I am not a huge fan of cleaning the other bathrooms because other people use it and that grosses me out … I also don’t love dusting!
    What is one more thing you wanna do before summer ends? I enjoy going on long walks at the park in the summer and I have been trying to go as much as I can because once it gets cold, it gets really cold at this park because of all the tree coverings!

    Any big plans for the coming week / weekend? What is one last treat that you feel like you have to get before it gets cold again? I know for me that means ALL of the iced coffee!

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Yes, summer has flown by!! It’s so nuts. Long walks are one of my favorites, too. I bet that park you go to will be beautiful in the fall with all the trees, but you’ll have to bundle up. Yay for gutters!! Home projects can be so fulfilling- especially when they take a long time, and you can finally check it off your list. As for chores, clean sheets have to be one of the coziest things in the world.

      My niece and nephew’s birthday party is this weekend so we’ll be playing in bounce houses, eating cake, and soaking in all the time with family. What about you??
      Also, YES TO ALL THE ICED COFFEE!! Except I keep drinking it even when it’s freezing outside haha!
      Thank you for being here ❤️

  2. Lindsay says:

    Yes, I will have to see if I can post photos to wordpress or I will send you some photos of the trails in the fall. Its a beautiful area. Have you ever been to Minnesota?

    I wish that putting on and washing/folding sheets weren’t such a huge effort because if it weren’t so difficult I’d change my sheets once a week instead of every other week.

    Good luck with your family weekend ahead. I am sure you will have fun. Nothing too exciting this coming weekend except that I am considering getting the COVID vaccine because of fear of the impending COVID mandates. I worry that I will get very sick from the vaccine but as the dictator president doesn’t seem to think we should have the right to choose anymore I guess I have to choose my paycheck over my fears.

    What is your favorite place to get Iced Coffee? What is your go to Iced Coffee order? I literally had a chat about Iced Coffees with my friend in England as they don’t get as much iced coffee over there and I told her my go to is either Starbucks or Caribou Iced Coffee / Iced Cold Brew size Large with light ice, Sugar Free Vanilla, and a few packs of Equal. LOL! I don’t do dairy in my iced coffee. 🧊☕

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Yes please! I have never been to Minnesota!! I definitely want to one day. I am praying that if you get the COVID vaccine, you have zero reactions and your body responds well. I am so sorry you have to make that tough decision. Is it required for your job?
      As for iced coffee, I am boring! I just put a little half and half in, and I am good to go. Sometimes, I’ll get fancy and froth up the half and half. I usually buy Stok cold brew from Kroger and have that everyday. Kyle and I were surprised to find that McDonald’s actually has really good iced coffee!! Your order sounds delicious 😀

      • Lindsay says:

        Hey Miriam – It doesn’t look like I can attach to my comments, so I will message it to you on Instagram when I can.
        I haven’t heard for sure if my company will mandate the vaccine, yet. But with more and more companies wimpering to the current president I see it happening soon and if I get violently ill (like my doctors think I might) I WILL be filing suit against the gov’t to pay for my medical care. (Sorry, still upset about it all! 🙁 )
        I have never had a McDonald’s iced coffee because I do NOT like milk or any dairy products in my coffee and I don’t think you can get iced coffee from McDonald’s without cream.
        I will have to give the Stok Iced Coffee a shot at some point. I usually make my own homemade Iced Cold Brew. It is the easiest recipe and makes enough for a week with water and a half a bag of ground coffee beands! ☕🧊😍

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