Let’s catch up!

HI EVERYBODY! Happy Labor Day!!

Wow I feel like I have been gone forever, and I am so glad to be back to my blog. I was feeling really overwhelmed and like I had no time when I started my second job so I decided to take a break from blogging. I feel so much better now. This post is going to be super random- I am just going to share some stuff from the last few weeks, and then be back to my normal recap posts next week!

Our family trip to Florida was a BLAST! We stayed in a beautiful VRBO in Grayton Beach for a week. We all had the best time. We spent our time at the beach, by the pool, cooking, watching movies, playing games, etc. I am so thankful to have a family who I love to spend time with! We are already planning our next trip back. Also, Grayton Beach is my new favorite town in Florida! It is so beautiful, clean, and doesn’t feel as touristy as Destin. There are so many cute shops and restaurants within biking distance. Kyle and I pretty much biked everywhere!

Work is starting to calm down a little! We have hired a lot of new people (which is AWESOME), but while they were being trained, I was covering more patients so that the people who are orienting the new hires could concentrate on orienting more. Everybody is back to their normal assignments now, and it feel so much better.

I am really starting to get the hang of my second job. I try to work 1-2 hours every evening and then get a few in on the weekends. This job is such a great opportunity because I can work whenever and wherever I can. If you’re a nurse with oncology experience looking for a flexible, part time job, let me know!!

My work outs have been all over the place! I’ve been lifting at home and at the gym. I have been enjoying working out on our back deck a lot- the weather really helps me get a good sweat on! Chance and I have also been doing 3-4 mile walks and are still getting back into running. I have also been giving myself plenty of rest days, and I am trying to get back into stretching.

We are still on the hunt for our new church home, but we do have one that we have been enjoying. We’re still open to trying new ones and have plans to visit some more in the next few weeks. I have also been doing a zoom bible study on Tuesday mornings. It’s awesome! It’s led by two girls who I follow on Instagram, and I am so thankful for it.

Here is all the information if you want to join us! It is super lowkey. You don’t have to have your camera or mic on if you don’t want to, and you don’t have to share if you don’t want to. Please join us!!

I ordered these bible tabs from Amazon, and I LOVE them! They are so cute and make it so easy to find the book I am looking for. They were also really easy to apply, and I love the way they look with my She Reads Truth bible!

My mother in law gifted me a monthly flower subscription for my birthday this year, and it is probably one of my favorite gifts ever! They get delivered to my door every month, and the first month’s delivery did not disappoint. How adorable is that little pineapple??

Some may think it’s old school, but I love sending thank you cards. I am a sucker for cute stationary- these are from Target! Target has tons of cute options and styles, and they’re great to have on hand.

My niece, Charlie, and my nephew, JJ, have birthdays this month! Charlie loves playing games and is really into graphic novels right now so I found this game that I think she’ll love and these really cool DC graphic novels. JJ LOVES construction equipment and Scooby Doo so I found this cute little Scooby stuffed animal and giant construction toys. Is there a place I can work where my only job is wrapping presents? Because I love it!

My soon to be sister in law had her bachelorette party this week, and I couldn’t go so I packaged up her gift and sent it to her MOH. That way she could open it along with all her other gifts! I ordered this bride bag from Etsy, and I filled it with underwear. I think it turned out really cute, and she loved it!

I had my 6 month dental appointment this week, and I had zero cavities! I love hearing that. I am still trying to get better at taking my vitamins, and these packs that I make help a ton. I have also been making smoothies again because it’s an easy way to get protein in because I add vanilla protein powder to them.

I hope you are all doing well, and I would love to hear from you! Please let me know how you’re doing and what you’ve been up to below!

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