Weekly Recap: Lots of walks, working, flowers, and a night out

Good morning, everybody! I hope everybody had a great weekend. Kyle and I celebrated our two year marriage anniversary this weekend, and I am so thankful. Best two years of my life! I apologize in advance for this recap. I feel like every day is pretty much the same, and I wasn’t the best at taking pictures this week. Any suggestions/requests for how to spice up my recap posts is appreciated and encouraged!

Chance and I headed out for our morning walk on Monday morning, and then I came home to eat and get to work. I worked my part time job for about an hour and then switched to my regular job.

On my lunch break, I headed to Kroger to get our groceries for the week. I listened to the new episode of Crime Junkie’s and holy moly, it was INSANE!

I went home to finish working, and then I called it quits for the day because my head was killing me.

I woke up still feeling crummy on Tuesday, but I made a breakfast sandwich and headed to work. The avocado and egg on a pretzel bun is my new favorite combo. I ended up taking some of my medicine while I was at work, and I finally felt SO much better! Throughout the day, I had my vitamins, cantaloupe, veggies and ranch, pepperoni slices, cheese, and a tea.

Chance and I headed to the park for a 3 mile walk when I got home from work.

I watered all my flowers on Tuesday night, and I am so obsessed with my wildflowers! I am going to plant tons of these when we buy a house. They’re so low maintenance, and it’s so fun to see what pops up.

I made a breakfast sandwich and paired it with some cantaloupe for breakfast on Wednesday morning.

After work, I grabbed my weights and did a little arm work out before heading out for a walk. Doing an arm work out was a big mistake! My cubital tunnel is still acting up, and I made it worse for sure. I’ve also had right knee issues on and off for years, but it’s acting up right now too. So I am going to stick with my long walks for my work outs for a while. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong with my form when I’m lifting or if it’s just a fluke, but I can’t squat down and get back up with my right knee. Or maybe I’m just a big baby! Either way, I’m going to enjoy my walks for the time being. 🙂

Kyle ordered one of my birthday gifts on Prime Day so he gave it to me early!! He bought me a Eufy vacuum, and I am now obsessed. We had a little mishap with the first one they sent. It was used and DISGUSTING! I don’t like to be super uptight about mistakes like that, but it still grosses me out thinking about it haha But I returned it, and they sent me a new one super fast. It’s now hooked up, and I run it almost every day. If you have a pet, it’s SO helpful!!

We made BLTs for dinner, and they were delicious!

Chance and I headed out for our walk on Thursday morning, and our neighbor’s grass is finally starting to come in! Bless their hearts. They had a beautiful lawn when we originally moved in, but they accidentally killed it all when they treated it for weeds. OOPS! It’s so weird that we notice things like this now- being an adult is funny.

After work, Chance and I went to the park again and walked three miles. When it’s hot like this, I bring his little water bottle and keep it in the shade somewhere so we can stop a couple of times throughout the walk for him to rest and drink. I like this water bottle because it is also a bowl for him to drink from.

We grilled chicken and veggies and had leftover shells and cheese for dinner. Grilled veggies are the BEST.

Chance and I did a 1 mile walk on Friday morning before getting to work! The sunrise was so beautiful.

My lavender bush is finally blooming! I am so excited to see what it looks like in full bloom. I bought it last year because I think lavender is so beautiful, smells amazing, and is supposed to repel mosquitos.

I didn’t feel like having an egg this morning so I just put some avocado on a pretzel bun, and it was delicious.

I got lots of work done and did some chores throughout the day. I love a clean home! Do you guys think I should paint the frame on this sign white? I can’t decide!

Back to the park! We sat down at the picnic tables to cool down after our 3 miles, and it was so peaceful.

Friday was Chinese food night! We relaxed while watching Parks and Recreation. I like having an easy meal like this for dinner on Friday nights so I don’t have to cook much at the end of the work week. Not that I cook anything really complicated anyways 😀

Saturday morning was an errand kind of morning. I took my vacuum return to UPS to send back to Amazon and went to Ace Hardware for cleaning supplies. I picked up a Glade air freshener for our coat/shoe closet, too.

We went for our walk on Saturday afternoon, and it would have been 3 miles if I had remembered to start my watch when I started! I hate that. haha!

I tried these eye patches in the afternoon, and I loved the way they felt! I’m really not sure if I see a big difference, but I do love the way they feel. Once I run out, I think I’ll try out the Tula ones because I’ve heard great things!

DATE NIGHT! We made reservations at Geist in Nashville for our anniversary dinner.

The food and drinks were amazing, and we had such a great night. We walked around a little afterwards, and the night was perfect.

Sunday was a pretty lowkey day. I got some things done around the house, planned out my week, and took Chance on a walk. We managed to get in a little over a mile before he got too hot.

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