Weekly Recap: Works Outs, Gift Ideas, and Family Get Togethers

Happy Monday, friends! I pray everyone is doing well and are surviving the heat. It’s officially sweaty lifestyle season in Tennessee, and I’ve learned to just embrace it!

I mixed up my collagen and greens and took my vitamins first thing on Monday morning while I got in some work at my part time job.

After our morning walk, I made a cup of coffee and switched over to my full time job as a nurse navigator.

Chance and Flowby started going crazy barking at something in the late morning, and when I looked outside, there was a giant turtle in the middle of the road! I ran outside and called Kyle, and he suggested I take him to the creek at the other side of our neighborhood. So I grabbed a box, and he crawled right into it once I laid it on the ground and we drove to the creek. I hope he loves his new home!

I headed to Kroger on my lunch break and picked up our groceries for the week. I listened to some Crime Junkies while I shopped. Listening to podcasts while I grocery shop makes it so much more enjoyable for me!

I made half a sandwich with sourdough bread, buffalo chicken, lettuce, and mustard.

After work, Chance and I headed out on another walk and then I did this leg workout from @kcampfit‘s instagram. I took my weights out to the deck and got in a little extra sweat from the heat!

I drank half of a Vanilla Core Power while I cooled down and watched some Gilmore Girls before hopping in the shower.

Sushi night! We had Spicy California rolls and watched Parks and Rec for a little while. Sweet baby Chance loves his daddy for sure.

I moved upstairs to relax, watch Gilmore Girls, and work on my part time job for a little while before going to sleep.

On Tuesday morning, I drank my greens and collagen while making a breakfast sandwich with sourdough bread, avocado, and an egg. I ate it while I took Chance on a walk around the neighborhood before heading to the office.

No matter how hot it is outside, it’s freezing cold in the office so I always have long sleeves on. I don’t have to wear scrubs, but my Figs scrub pants are so comfy so I wear them anyways.

I like to pack a wide variety of snacky foods to eat throughout the day. I brought cantaloupe, veggies and ranch, pepperoni slices, cheese, and tea.

@Bodyfitbalance posted a “runny ranch” recipe on her Instagram, and I have been dying to try it. I do not like thick ranch like the store bought kind so I wanted to see if I liked this better, and HOLY MOLY it’s delicious!! Also super easy to make. Perfect for veggie dipping.

After work, Chance and I headed to the park for a 1 mile run followed by another 1 mile walk. When we got there, the parking lot was packed but there was NO one on the trail. I felt kind of uneasy about it for some reason, when I realized they were all in the creek behind the tree line! I didn’t realize people went swimming back there but all the kids were having a blast. I listened to this wild episode of Dateline while we ran and walked.

I made some avocado toast and an iced coffee for breakfast. I worked at my part time job for a little bit and then switched to my other one! I have been enjoying getting some hours in with my part time job in the morning so then I don’t have to do it all on the weekends.

I am LOVING all the veggies now since I made homemade ranch. It is so tasty and refreshing.

I hit a wall in the afternoon so I poured half of an Alani Nu and gave the rest to Kyle. The Breezeberry flavor is so good!! I have been waking up so many times during the night for the last couple of nights so a little boost of energy was really needed.

My summer FabFitFun box came today! I totally missed the customization window for this box for some reason, but I still liked most of the things I got! I like to save some of the things I wouldn’t normally use for gifts. All of the products are high quality and useful, just not always for me! There is still something so fun about getting a box of goodies every season.

After work, Chance and I headed to the park for a 3 mile walk. It was so hot, but it felt so good! I know I say this all the time, but walking is my all time favorite form of exercise. I love turning on a podcast, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the time with Chance.

For dinner tonight, we grilled chicken on the grill and had green beans and shells and cheese. Our favorite seasoning for chicken is a mixture of olive oil, honey, adobo seasoning, and garlic. I’ll pay more attention to the measurements next time because I usually just eyeball it!

I made our vitamin packs for the next couple of weeks after dinner. I found these reusable plastic bags on amazon, and I like them so much more than the other ones. They’re much more durable so I think they will keep up better since we’ll be reusing them, and I love the little zippers!

Chance and I headed out for our morning walk and I had my avocado toast when we got home. This picture does not look appetizing, but I am a big fan! I also had some cantaloupe which is one of my favorite summer fruits.

After work, I headed to a few local boutiques to find something for my mom for her birthday. We sent her flowers, but we decided to surprise them when they got to my brother’s house this weekend with a little party for her birthday and Father’s Day. I didn’t want to not have a gift for her to open so I had to pick something else up! I ended up at Target because nothing was really jumping out at me at the other stores. Everything is so cute, but I was looking for something for our family vacation this summer.

I found this super cute beach bag at Target and filled it with a zipper bag for little things for the pool/beach, water bottle, vizor, and her favorite candy. We already had my dad’s Father’s Day gift which is a massage gun, and Kroger had great Father’s Day cards this year! We sent Kyle’s dad a custom beer flight like the ones pictured above, and he said it turned out great! We didn’t get to see it since I had it sent straight to him, and that always makes me nervous. I’ll link the Etsy store here. The designer quickly responded when I placed my order asking for an approval of the design before he made the beer flight and had it sent out quickly after that.

The is the first of only two photos I took on Friday. Kyle took Chance on his morning walk, and I drank my greens and collagen while checking on all my flowers. I love looking at them every morning and seeing them grow. They literally bloom overnight, and I never thought I would love looking at flowers so much.

After I was done with work, I started working on this balloon arch that I ordered from Amazon for our party tomorrow. We wanted to have something fun for the front door for them to see as soon as they pulled in. It turned out great!

We had such a great day all together! My parents were super surprised to see us all there when they pulled in, and there was lots of hugging and laughing. Cassie made this beautiful lemon blueberry cake, and it was delicious. My parents loved all of their gifts and seemed to feel very loved which they are!

We got home at midnight so we were pretty tired Sunday morning. I did some work and watched lots of Gilmore Girls.

We went to the park in the afternoon and walked 2.5 miles. I wanted to do 3, but it was pretty hot and I was worried that Chance was overheating so we headed back early! I really just wanted to laze around all day, but I am so glad we got out for a bit because I always feel better afterwards.

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Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. Did you have a good Father’s Day?
  2. What’s your favorite gift that you’ve ever given?
  3. What show are you currently watching?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Works Outs, Gift Ideas, and Family Get Togethers

  1. Lindsay says:

    Did you have a good Father’s Day? – I didn’t get to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad this year. He was back in Illinois, but he will be in Minnesota this coming weekend through to the end of July. He will be here for my 31st birthday! Yay!
    What’s your favorite gift that you’ve ever given? I really love all of the gifts I have given but I think the gnomes that I had made for some of my best friends were some of my favorite. Something about a personalized gift! <3
    What show are you currently watching? I am watching two shows. I am watching Fringe on Amazon Prime (watched it ages ago but watching it again) and I am also watching Sister Wives on Hulu (seen it before too but its good background noise while I work). I can't seem to get into gilmore girls again … used to love it but I haven't been able to watch it again recently?!? Maybe I'll rewatch all of grey's anatomy?!?! lol

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      I’m so sorry you didn’t get to see your dad on Father’s Day but YAY for him being in town for a while and for your birthday!!! That’s so awesome.
      Oh my gosh personalized gnomes is such a fun and thoughtful gift! I love that idea so much. You’re right, there is something extra special about a personalized gift.
      I have not watched either of those shows, but I will have to check them out!!
      I am sure your love for Gilmore Girls will come back!! Maybe you just need more time haha Grey’s is always a good option too- as long as you’re prepared (as much as humanly possible) for all the heartbreak.

      • Lindsay says:

        Thanks Miriam! I can’t wait for my dad to get here he is going to help with a ton of little house projects and of course I think I may have a dead animal in my spare bathroom drain (blah) so he’s going to help me out with that too.
        Yes, I love sending personalized gifts. I will have to email or share on social media a pic of some of my gnomes. lol
        Yes, you must check those shows out they are good to have on in the background while you work. Which reminds me … how are you handling “all of the jobs” seems like you are working quite a bit right now. Does that stress you out at all?? Do you ever miss the job that you were doing where you work working exclusively from home? Also, when does your husband start working full-time now that he has graduated??

      • Miriam Leigh says:

        Oh my goodness- that’s definitely a good job for a dad!!
        I definitely feel like I’m working a lot right now, but I enjoy both my jobs so much and get to do it almost all from home so I’m doing okay with it right now!! I don’t miss that other job at all haha- it was all phone calls and that’s one of my least favorite things to do. But it was a great job for the season we were in at that time!
        Kyle actually doesn’t graduate until December 2022. Once he takes his boards after graduation, he’ll start working 🙂

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