Weekly Recap: Nurse work week, work outs, and Memorial Day celebrations

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY, EVERYBODY! I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend celebrating with family and friends and remembering those who gave their lives so we could do so. I am so so so thankful for all soldiers, past, present, and future, who chose to lay down their lives so we could be free. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Let’s start this weekly recap with last Monday.

We headed out for a walk first thing on Monday morning. I’m wearing the lux shorts from Balance Athletica, an old t shirt I cropped from Kohl’s, and the duramo sandals from Adidas. They are constantly sold out on the Adidas website, but my brother ordered them from Amazon and they’re the exact same as mine! I’ll link those here. They are truly the BEST shoes for errands, walking, and summertime festivities!

I went to the grocery store on my lunch break and then went through the carwash because I accidentally spilled gas on the outside of my car when I was filling up. LOVE THAT! My car needed a clean anyways. I listened to this episode of Gals on the Go while I shopped, and it was so good! Like always.

Kroger had beautiful hydrangeas so I picked up a few along with some other flowers to put together some arrangements for the house. I need to get back to going to the farmer’s market so I can buy flowers from local vendors. Our city has one on Thursday afternoons, and I am going to try to go this week!

I picked us up sushi from Kroger for us to have for dinner. I got Kyle the spicy California rolls, and I liked them even more than mine!

I went to the office on Tuesday morning and had apple slices and almond butter for breakfast.

I worked on getting my steps in throughout the day. I bought this bai tea at Kroger to try, and it is so good!! It only has 1g of sugar, so they’re perfect for when I am craving something sweet and refreshing.

I packed pepperoni, cheese slices, and cantaloupe for lunch. I know I’ve said it a million times, but I love summer fruit! Cantaloupe is one of my all time favorites.

I started getting a migraine towards the end of my work day so once I got home, I got cleaned up and went to bed really early.

Chance and I headed out on a walk when I got up. I felt so much better this morning! Then I cut up an apple and ate it with almond butter. My mom got me hooked on this combo in college, and I forgot how good it is!

After I worked for a few hours, I took a break to do this shoulder workout. My shoulders were on fire!! Upper body has become my favorite part to train, and @kcampfit has the best arm work outs on her Instagram.

After I got cleaned up, I mixed some of a core power protein drink in my iced coffee and had some cantaloupe. I like to use some of a core power instead of half and half after my work outs to get some protein in!

After work, Chance and I headed out to get the rest of our steps in for the day! I am wearing the legacy shorts in bossy print from Buffbunny. These shorts and the shorts I listed earlier from Balance Athletica are my all time favorite shorts! They are so comfortable and flattering.

I woke up on Thursday, got my breakfast and coffee, and started work.

Chance and I headed out for a run at lunchtime, and the humidity was brutal! I had to stop and walk a couple times during this short run, but I finished!

Isn’t this just the saddest picture you’ve ever seen? Somebody had a BAD day.

Coffee Over Cardio brought back their blueberry coffee for a short time so I stocked up! I shared it on my Instagram when they restocked so make sure to follow me because I try to post daily over there either on my story or my feed!

I made a cup of coffee and chugged through the rest of my work day before tackling the rest of my to do list.

Look at all these wildflowers popping up! It makes me so happy to go outside every day and see what else has sprouted. Wildflowers are such a great way to add a pop of color to your garden. They’re easy to plant, super affordable, and low maintenance! I am going to plant a ton when we get our more permanent house.

Bath time!! We are taking a day trip to Brown County, IN to spend the day with Kyle’s family on Sunday so I wanted to give Chance a bath before. I really like the Earthbath brand for pet care products. Chance’s coat always looks so nice and feels so soft afterward! I also think it helps keep his skin from drying out. I always brush him out really well with this hand brush beforehand. I can’t find the exact one I have, but this one is super close! I like it a lot because it feels like I’m just petting him so he doesn’t fight it. Then I hose him down, lather him up with the Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo, rinse him out really well, and dry him off. Then I spray him with the Earthbath Vanilla and Almond Spritz and then brush him out again. The spritz is also really good to use in between baths to freshen Chance up a bit! While finding the link for the shampoo, I also found their conditioner so I’m going to have to pick that up for Chance too.

I never give Chance a bath after cleaning the house because this is what he does. haha! He always has to rub up against something and destroys the couch in the process. It’s better than when we lived in an apartment though! He used to run into my closet and rub up against all my clothes.

I got my first mosquito bite of the season so this is officially my best friend again. Time to get out the tiki torches!

After Chance’s bath, we headed out for a walk to reach our steps. Chance has become a pro at our walking photos!

Kyle and I feasted for dinner on BLTs, shells and cheese, and green beans. It was DELICOUS! We used to make BLTs all the time and stopped for some reason, but we’re back at it now because they’re so good.

I made more banana bread after dinner too for us to have during the week. I want a good muffin recipe to try for easy breakfasts too so if you have a recipe you wouldn’t mind sharing, let me know!!

I woke up on Friday feeling super blah. My head was bothering me again, and it took way to much effort to get out of bed. I made a cup of coffee, and then I had the urge to make a breakfast sandwich so I cooked some bacon, an egg, and sliced up an avocado and layered it all in a pretzel bun and OMG IT WAS SO GOOD! I was hoping some real food would make me feel better, but I was still struggling. I made a cup of coffee and chugged through my to do list for work so I could go lay down. I took my laptop upstairs with me and just took it easy for the day while working.

I woke up bright and early on Saturday feeling SO MUCH better. I cleaned the whole house, worked for a few hours to make up for yesterday, and packed up our stuff for our trip to Brown County tomorrow. We were originally going to go today (Saturday), but the weather was going to be much better on Sunday so we all decided to push it to Sunday.

Kyle and I went on a late lunch date to one of our favorite places, Sam’s Sports Grill. When we came home, Kyle went back to studying and I worked my part time job for a little bit and finished packing up our stuff for tomorrow!

We were in the car and on our way to Brown County at 7AM on Sunday. It was a bit chilly in the morning, but the sun was out and it was a beautiful morning! It was a 3.5 hour drive, and we listened to Killer Role podcast. It was the perfect roadtripping podcast! We picked up breakfast sandwiches and iced coffees from McDonald’s about an hour in. I was super impressed with their iced coffees.

When we first got to the campground where Kyle’s parents were staying, we went to the catch and release pond for a bit. Kyle caught a fish right off the bat!

After lunch, we went to Brown County State Park and hiked for a while. Kyle’s dad absolutely loves Chance and took us on a trail that had lots of places for Chance to swim. Chance has missed swimming so much, and he went buck wild in the water! It was so fun to watch him swim again. Kyle and his dad played fetch with him so much- I was exhausted just watching him swim.

We ended up hiking a little over 4 miles, and it was such a wonderful time. Chance did so well- the park was packed, and he listened to us really well despite so many distractions. This trip really sparked my love for hiking again so we are going to find a park around us to start going to.

When we were finished with our hike, we headed back to the campground to grill for dinner and make smores. The boys fished a little more, and we all spent a lot of time just sitting around the fire and catching up. It was such a nice time! We have also decided to start meeting somewhere halfway like this more often because it was so fun.

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Nurse work week, work outs, and Memorial Day celebrations

  1. Lindsay says:

    Did absolutely NOTHING for memorial day. I actually worked today. I am going to take a sub holiday in July for my birthday. I honestly don’t enjoy ANY of the summer “holidays” … I don’t enjoy the heat and humidity. Yes, in Minnesota we have absolutely terrible winters but we also have very HOT and HUMID summers. So I really live for the Fall and Spring. So I will just be SURVIVING the next few months until we finally hit the FALL. I personally could do without any of the summer celebration because as I mentioned above I don’t enjoy the heat but I guess if I could choose one I’d choose Labor Day because that means that summer is ALMOST over and we are headed into the Fall. LOL! 😉

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Are you going to go anywhere for your birthday or have a staycation?? Both are great 🙂 You might not feel comfortable traveling yet which I totally understand. Minnesota sounds like you experience all the extremes weather wise!! That can be hard.

      • Lindsay says:

        Nope, no plans to travel. I actually got really sick at the end of last week and that REALLY freaked me out. I was terrified that I might have “caught” Covid. So I am being even MORE diligent now as so many unvaccinated people aren’t masking anymore so I have to be more careful. Me getting covid could be life threatening. So I’ll stick to home and make a few trips out for errands and some long walks, but that’ll be it for me! Nothing exciting but that’s okay!

      • Miriam Leigh says:

        That’s absolutely okay!
        Are you feeling better?? So glad it wasn’t covid ❤️

  2. Lindsay says:

    Thankfully, Yes! I am finally feeling better and seem to be back to normal. I am feeling so blessed to have not been hit with COVID. I am still a little nervous that the next time I get sick it might be covid and that is terrifying, especially because people have started to go without masks even when not vaccinated. So I am a tad bit concerned. I even went to the dentist today and wasn’t required to mask and they have resumed polishing (which I loved) but it just felt very strange to be without masks in a medical facility. I mean yes, all of the staff were vaccinated and patients were staggered so that we weren’t coming in contact with each other but it just felt too “normal”. I think I will keep masking for a while longer in all other locations. Do you still mask at work??

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      That’s so hard!!
      I am not in a patient care area. My office is in an office building not even on the hospital campus. If we are vaccinated, we do not have to wear masks. But everybody in patient care areas (anywhere in the hospital, doctor’s offices, etc.) must still wear masks whether they are vaccinated or not!

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