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Weekly Recap: Work outs and walks, dermatologist, and lake day!

Hey everybody! I am so sorry this is coming to you a day late, but here is my weekly recap post from last week!

Chance and I headed out for a walk on Monday morning and listened to the new Manifest episode. I really enjoy Tori’s podcast because she is realistic and gives great, tangible tips.

I got a lot of work done and then headed to the grocery store on my lunch break.

I picked up some sushi from Kroger to have for lunch, and I might have to make this a new Monday tradition!

I picked up some tulips at the store too because they were BEAUTIFUL! I know they won’t last long, but tulips are definitely one of my favorite flowers.

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After work, Chance and I headed out on another walk to get the rest of our steps in. I also did my Lift with Laura workout for the day! I am still loving her workout program, and I am learning so much about different exercises and form.

chocolate chip banana bread

I then got the urge to make banana bread (I know, who am I?) so I found this recipe on Pinterest, and it turned out delicious! I sprinkled some chocolate chips on top afterwards because WHY NOT. I like to use the Enjoy Life brand. Also, I use olive oil or butter instead of canola oil.

After I showered and did all my skin care, I did my devotional and then we went to sleep. I like doing some sort of devotional or bible reading before bed because it helps my anxiety and gives me good thoughts to go to sleep with.

unsweetened raspberry black tea

This was the only photo I took during the day on Tuesday! I had some technical difficulties while at work and was constantly moving between offices to get my work done. I was looking for something to bring to work to have in the afternoons for a little pick me up, and this tea was perfect! It’s super light and doesn’t have a TON of flavor, but it’s still refreshing and gives me a little boost of caffeine.

apple watch activity statistics

Chance and I went on a 1.3 mile run once I got home from work, and holy moly summer is here! We were sweating like crazy. It will soon be time to either run early in the morning or in the evening when the sun goes down. Side note, these core power drinks have been such an awesome substitute for protein powder. I love that they don’t have a chalky texture. I like to order them on Amazon because I can buy a bigger bulk of them than I can at Kroger.

chick fil a, planner, and working in bed with netflix

Kyle had class late tonight so I ordered Chick Fil A via DoorDash, watched Madam Secretary, and got some work done! I am still doing some training on my new part time job, and I got a lot done tonight. Then I wrote out my plan in my planner for the next day.

On Wednesday morning, I had a piece of banana bread, iced coffee, and my vitamins. Currently taking fish oil, turmeric, CoQ10, vitamin D, biotin, and a multivitamin. I also sometimes add a little bit of a core power to my iced coffee in the morning to get a little protein boost in the morning!

wearing gown and mask at dermatologist

SKIN CHECK TIME! I get yearly checks with my dermatologist, and today was my first one with a new dermatologist since we moved. They were incredibly nice and said I was all good! I highly suggest EVERYBODY getting skin checks if they have moles, fair skin, history of skin cancer in the family, or any other concerns. Also, wear your sunscreen 🙂 For my face, I LOVE the tula sunscreen. I use it every single day and apply it more than once if I am out in the sun a lot during the day.

Once I got home, I worked for a while and then did my Lift with Laura work out.

Then I made some lunch and got back to work! This watermelon was so good, and I am so happy it’s summer fruit season!!

After work, Chance and I headed out on another walk to get all of our steps in. Trying to get at least 10K steps a day has made such a difference in my life in so many ways! I have definitely seen a difference physically, but I also love what walking does for my mental health. If you don’t feel like lifting or running, take yourself on a walk!

homemade pizza and salad

Kyle and I made homemade pizzas for dinner and a salad kit from Kroger. We used to make pizzas all the time, and I am sure we’ll be making a lot more now since we started again! We want to try them on the grill soon because those always looks so amazing.

banana bread and iced coffee

Same food, different morning!

Chance and I moved our work station outside because it was so nice. I worked out there for hours, and it was awesome! I am going to do this more often. I love working from home and switching up my view every once in a while is super helpful.

Thursday was a rest day, but Chance and I still got our 10K steps in with a few walks! I give him breaks in the shade throughout our walks, and I try to walk on the grass as much as I can for his paws when it’s hot.

eating ice cream sandwich while working and watching scandal

After dinner, Kyle went back to studying and I got some work done while eating my dessert and watching Scandal! I am back on a Scandal kick, and I am never used to how wild that show is.

banana bread and iced coffee at desk

After having my breakfast and working for a bit, Chance and I went on a walk and then I did this arm work out from @kcampfit‘s instagram.

cook out food

Some friends invited us over to grill out on Friday, and it was so fun and delicious! Kyle has made us some great friends through school, and I am so thankful for that. I am pretty introverted and can have a hard time connecting with people I don’t know so I am thankful that Kyle is so outgoing!

Those friends invited us to go to the lake with them on Saturday, and I am so glad we went! It was so much fun, and the weather was absolutely perfect! We packed food, I drank lots of water and applied lots of sunscreen, and laughed a lot. I am linking my swimsuit here because it’s a great price and held up so well all day! I’m a medium.

I am such a Type A person that last minute events/planning gives me a lot of anxiety. I know it sounds so silly- why would a day at the lake be stressful? For me, it’s the not planning for it part that stresses me out. But I am so glad Kyle helped me get through the anxiety and go because it was a great day! I am trying to do better about getting out of my comfort zone sometimes. We spent most of Sunday recuperating and getting ready for the week. I also worked for about half the day on my part time job. The sun really zaps the energy out of me but in the best way!

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