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Weekly Recap: Work days, Sephora haul, and work outs!

Good morning and happy Monday friends! I usually write the bulk of these posts on Sundays and then add anything from Sunday that evening or early Monday morning. So I’m hanging out in our living, watching Madam Secretary, and writing my weekly recap post. I would normally be getting ready for church, but I had a terrible migraine attack yesterday and am still feeling like a zombie haha so I’m going to get back to church next week!

I went into the office today instead of Tuesday this week because I was helping to train one of our new nurses. I usually leave for the office by 6:15 so I can beat the traffic. I made an iced coffee using the monthly secret stash from Coffee Over Cardio which was smores flavored this month. It’s so good!! I don’t know how they made it taste like a legit smore. It’s not too sweet though! Use code 10Miriamleigh to save you 10% off all orders (except monthly subscriptions). My favorites are cinnamon bun and vanilla hazelnut!

Cottage cheese and vitamins
Chopt salad and Starbucks black tea

I usually wait to eat until I get to the office so I had my cottage cheese and vitamins after I drank my coffee. For lunch, I ordered a salad from Chopt and picked up an unsweetened black tea. We were running low on groceries which is my excuse for ordering lunch today!

Work was good today. I got to pass on the extra doctors I was covering when one of our nurses switched to a different department, and it feels so good to be back to my regular assignment!

Run statistics

Chance and I went on a little run after I got home from work. We are working on upping our speed a little bit so I was so annoyed when I saw that our pace was still greater than 10 minutes haha I felt like I was booking it! I am definitely not a fast runner, but I know there are things I can do to better my form and speed. Hungry Runner Girl (instagram and blog) and Track Club Babe (instagram) are two of my favorite resources for all things running.

Coffee and work from home office

I made my iced coffee again and got straight to work when I woke up on Tuesday. I like to make a to do list every morning for what I need to get done work wise and start working through them. I often times start the list at the end of the work day the day before so I can feel less stressed and make sure I don’t forget anything.

At home work out

I did my Lift with Laura work out during lunch time. I am loving these work outs so far. I used to not be a big fan of at home work outs because I felt like I wasn’t getting anything done, but I am really seeing and feeling progress with Laura’s! She also has a gym work out option every day so I can do those too whenever I want to go to the gym. And for only $7.99/month, it’s a freaking steal! I think my favorite part is that I Laura has a video demonstrating every single work out which has helped my form so much.

Chance and I went on a few walks throughout the day to get in our 10K steps. I am still OBSESSED with these shoes. I want them in every color once they restock. The quality is outstanding, and I like to wear them on our shorter walks. I haven’t tried them for more than a mile at a time, but they hold up great to all the hills in my neighborhood.

Mirror selfie

After my work out and after getting in the bulk of my steps, I washed my face, neck, and chest and did my usual skin care. I’ve been following some advice from Racquel Frisella, and I am loving the results so far. I have been waiting to do my usual morning skin care until after my mid day work out. My skin is usually still pretty clean when I wake up in the morning, but I do splash some water on my face and apply sunscreen since I usually walk outside before my work out. I have been really liking doing my work out during my lunch break too which I never thought I would!

Greens and collagen

I have been majorly slacking on my greens and collagen game lately so I got back to it this afternoon. I am trying out 1st Phorm’s collagen this month so I’ll let you know my opinion after I use it for a while! I love Bowmar’s collagen, but I ran out so I wanted to try 1st Phorm’s this time since I use and love their greens so much.

I went to Kroger this afternoon to get some groceries, and I they finally had the Alani Nu seltzers so I obviously had to get them. I tried the lemonade one tonight, and it was DELICIOUS! Even Kyle liked it. We’re not fans of White Claws or Trulys so I am excited that we like these!

Walking view of the neighborhood

Chance and I went on our last walk in the evening to get all our steps in, and the evening sky was beautiful! One of our neighbors has a rose bush, and the roses are absolutely stunning right now. Roses have never been my favorite, but now I want to plant a bright pink rose bush so bad! I’ll have to look it up and see how difficult they are to keep alive.


I forgot to take my vitamins but better late than never! I am currently taking fish oil, a multivitamin, biotin, turmeric, and CoQ10.

New loofa and Billie razor

I have been using the Billie razor for the past week, and I AM LOVING IT! I know people have been raving about this razor forever, and I was honestly super skeptical. But you guys know I wouldn’t tell you about something unless I absolutely love it, pay for it myself, and love it. The holder actually stays on the wall (unlike the suction cup ones), the gel around the razor lasts more than 5 minutes (unlike most others), and I love that it’s a subscription. Also, here’s a reminder to switch out your loofah!

Mirror selfie

It was a little chilly on Wednesday morning so I threw on a hoodie and vest for my morning walk with Chance.

I lit a candle, made my iced coffee, and ate a banana while I made my to do list for the day. One of my favorite parts of the morning is using my milk frother. I don’t know why, but it adds so much to my coffee in the morning! We use this one, but I found this one cheaper on Amazon.

Coffee and work from home office

For nurse’s week, Vanderbilt had a mural painted for us. I love it! They showed a picture of it during our staff meeting Wednesday morning because a lot of us aren’t on campus very often.

Morning devotional

I am still working through these devotional books, and I am still loving them. They’re simple, and I mean that in the best way possible. After the reading, Candace wrote a series of questions to help you get more out of the reading. I love that they’re not super complex questions, but they still make me think and process. There is usually a space to write thoughts or a prayer at the end as well. I’ve linked this one here, and you can find all the other ones there as well!

Outside run statistics

Chance and I went on a run during our lunch break and then did an arm work out from @kcampfit‘s Instagram. I’ll link it here! If I want to do something different than my Lift with Laura work out, Kinsey’s work outs on Instagram are my go to. My shoulders were screaming after this work out.

I threw together a random late lunch and got back to work for a while. Since we ran a couple times this week, I scrambled an egg and added some carrots to Chance’s dinner. I like to do this a few times a week to add some extra protein and fats to his diet.

Check out our sweet baby birds! We had baby birds last summer as well, and I love it so much. Even though we can’t use our porch much for a few weeks because mama bird is very protective haha

Summer healthy dinner

We went in on a big box of meat from Potts’ Meats with some friends, and I made pork chops in the air fryer tonight for dinner. The meat we got is SO good. I cooked them for a little too long this time, but I’ll share a recipe once I perfect it.

Bedtime tea and bedroom set up

I made a cup of my bedtime tea and drank it while I got ready for bed. I like to make it before I hop in the shower so it’s ready to drink when I get out. I like to mix yogi bedtime, kava, and lemon ginger bags.

This is the only photo I took all day on Thursday haha I got a ton of work done, and it was a rest day so Chance and I just went on a few walks.

Coffee and work from home office

I got a ton done at work today and then did a ton of my chores for the week. I have been liking cleaning the house on Friday afternoons so I don’t have to spend lots of time on Saturday cleaning. I feel so accomplished and destressed this way. I clean our sheets, did our laundry, vacuumed, mopped and deep cleaned the bathrooms.

Sephora haul

My Sephora box came today, and I am so excited for all these products! I have heard amazing things about the Laneige lip mask and the Summer Fridays lip butter balm. I am already obsessed BTW. I also restocked on my favorite moisturizer and hyaluronic acid. My impulse buy was this hair serum from The Ordinary, and I will let you know my thoughts once I use it for a while! The peptide rally from Drunk Elephant was a freebie, and I’ll let you know what I think about them as well!

At home work out

I also did my Lift with Laura work out before taking Chance on a walk and getting ready for the evening.

Nashville baseball game

Kyle and I went to a Nashville Sounds baseball game with some friends on Friday night, and it was a blast! We’re going to start going more often if we can. The field is super nice, and we had a great time. Also, Tennessee just lifted the mask mandate, and it feels so weird but in the best way!!

CRNA clinical day

We woke up Saturday morning to a call from one of Kyle’s clinical sites, and he ended up going in to fill in for someone. I’m so proud of him for being the go to student when someone can’t come in!

Chance and I headed out for a 3 mile walk before I took some meds and climbed back in bed to get rid of my migraine. I woke up feeling a lot better on Sunday.

I spent Sunday at my brother and sister in law’s house. We ordered Mexican food and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I got tons of baby cuddles and watched my nieces and nephew play their hearts out. I am so thankful to live close to them, and that I get to watch them grow up. It’s the best!

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Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. Chapstick, lip gloss, or lipstick?
  2. Do you have any summer trips planned?
  3. Do you still have to wear a mask where you live?

5 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Work days, Sephora haul, and work outs!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Wow! You’ve been SO busy! What a LONG post this week! <3

    Chapstick, lip gloss, or lipstick? – None of the above. I don't like the feel of anything on my lips. I will sometimes wear carmex in the winter when my lips crack but I only like the cherry one.
    Do you have any summer trips planned? no summer trips. I am at risk and unfortunately the ingredients in the vaccine could kill me so for now I need to stick close to home.
    Do you still have to wear a mask where you live? Mask mandates have been lifted which I am NOT happy about. I am now terrified to go to the grocery store. I will have to keep wearing my mask because I am NOT a part of the vaccinated community! Why are they lifting the mandates when such a large portion of the society are NOT vaccinated?

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Ugh Lindsay that’s so hard and I’m so sorry!! I should have included that when I go to places like the grocery store, gas station, work, church, doctor, or anywhere necessary, I still wear my mask for people in your same situation! Most businesses in Nashville are still asking people to wear them which I totally understand and respect. I pray that we can quickly reach herd immunity so that we can ALL get back to our lives again. I also hope that we all take what we’ve learned (washing our hands, giving each other space, and staying home as much as possible when sick in any way) with us into the future.

      • Lindsay says:

        Thank you, Miriam! Some people think I am being crazy and overreacting but for me its a life or death thing. So for me its been very isolating. I do worry that we will see a mass increase in cases because I know many right wing, conservatives who HAVE NOT been vaccinated and are taking this as their opportunity to return to life as “normal” without ever having to get the vaccine. So I just feel like the CDC jumped the gun this one. I mean heck all of the children can’t be vaccinated and they are looking to adults for guidance and with adults not wearing them (masks) then the kids won’t want to either. Thoughts?

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