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More walks, spring flowers, and back to church!

Good morning and happy Monday everybody! Spring is mostly here in middle Tennessee, and I am SO glad. You all know I love so many things about winter- Christmas, snow, lights, etc., but I am ready for warm weather for sure. This past week was full of rain, but that means my flowers will be even prettier this spring, right!? I hope so. It was a pretty lowkey week (what’s new), but I did a few things around the house and cleaned up our garden more so let’s get into this weekly recap!

Walking the dog selfie

Chance and I continued our walks this week, and that’s about it exercise wise. We got rained on a little bit throughout the week, but it still felt good for both of us.

I am still putting collagen in my morning coffee, and I really think it’s making a difference in my hair growth! I’m working on growing my hair back out and am trying to grow it out healthier and stronger. Usually when I grow my hair out, it gets thinner and breaks easier. I’m hoping the collagen helps that!

I have been MAJORLY slacking on taking my vitamins, so I took 5 minutes to put together some vitamin packs this week so I can get back to taking them every day. I take fish oil, COQ10, turmeric, vitamin D3 and K2, biotin, and a women’s multivitamin. These are all just supplements so they’re not totally necessary in every day life, but I know what nutrients I lack, and I’m just trying to optimize my health as much as possible.

Spring flowers

Peep those new flowers coming in!! I finished cleaning out all the weeds and leaves in our garden and trimmed down the dead flowers this week. Once I cleared it out, I could see all the new growth. It makes me so excited! I’m planning on ordering wildflower seeds next week or the week after so I can plant them in April, but I’m still trying to decide which ones to get. I’m keeping my eye on a few areas in our backyard to see how much sun exposure they get so I can order the right ones. I didn’t figure out much this past week with all the rain!

I spent some time in the evenings out on the back deck and drank my bedtime tea. I put those lights up during the summer last year, and I am excited to spend more time enjoying them this year! I didn’t notice that light burnt out, but thankfully it just needed twisted back in a little! I would have been so sad if one was out the first time I plugged them in this season!

Spring bedroom decor and dog

I found this new comforter set at Target, and I am IN LOVE! It’s so fluffy, comfy, and beautiful. It brings all the spring/summer feels, and I think I should be happy with this one for a while. Haha! I switched around the room again too. I’m not sure what I want to hang above our bed, but I might check out Hobby Lobby this week.

I picked up some clothes at Target when I got the comforter so I decided to clean out some things from my closet. Some days I feel like I wear every single thing in my closet and I couldn’t possibly part with anything, and then other days I am more realistic and realize I have a ton of stuff I don’t wear anymore. Today was one of the latter days so I didn’t waste it and got rid of tons of things! I always feel better after getting rid of stuff. Now I just need to remember to not buy things I won’t 100% wear in the future.

Popcorn and Moscow mules

We made some popcorn and mules for our crazy Saturday night!

I went to church this Sunday, and it filled my heart up so much. I felt so at home at the church I went to, and I am so glad we found it. It can be so hard to venture out and find a church to attend, but once you find a place you like, it’s so worth it!

We finished Gilmore Girls on Sunday so the most natural thing to do is start it over. This show is just my go to comfort show, and I never get sick of it.

Chance and I headed out for a run on Sunday afternoon. We started off walking and then ran 1 mile without stopping! Yay!

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Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. What’s your go to comfort/binge show?
  2. Are you into gardening? If so, what’s your favorite flower to grow?
  3. What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Rebekah Taylor says:

    I love you’ll weekly recaps. I’m gonna do one soon! I don’t know if I have a comfort/binge show. I’m usually always doing something with the television on in the background.

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