Warmer Weather, Spring Decorating, and Walks!

Happy Monday everybody! I hope you all had a great weekend. The weather was so nice last week, but it was a little cooler this weekend. The sun was still shining though so that’s good! This week is supposed to be in the high 60s/low 70s, and I am so ready for it. I’ve been looking back at photos from the summer, and I am longing for my long walks in the summer heat. Let’s get into the weekly recap!

After I worked for a few hours, Chance and I went on a one mile walk. Then I went to Planet Fitness on my lunch break to get some leg work outs in. I did the following exercises:

  • Leg press machine 4×10
  • Squats with 30lb dumbbell 4×10
  • RDLs with 30lb dumbbell 4×10
  • Hip thrusts with 30lb dumbbell 4×10

I had not lifted in a while, and my legs were SHAKING after this work out!

I am so glad it’s smoothie time again! I’ll eat smoothies in the winter, but it feels so much more fitting in the summer time. I stocked up on smoothie ingredients last week at Aldi because that’s the best place to get them! Their prices are so much better, and most of the ingredients can be frozen so they last forever. I like to have milk, vanilla protein powder, and frozen blueberries, strawberries, mangos, bananas, and spinach. I’ll add my collagen as well if I didn’t have it in my morning coffee.

Chance laying on deck in sunshine

Chance is still loving the backdoor being open all day so he can go lounge in the sun when he wants. I am going to buy some more outdoor furniture for this level of the deck soon. We have a big table and chairs on the covered, upper level so I want to get some furniture for lounging in the sun on this level. If you have any recommendations, let me know! I’m thinking about these chairs from Amazon.

I hate that I don’t do this already, but I am trying to do better about getting some devotional time in every single day. Devotionals like the one above make it a lot better because it helps me interact with the reading and apply it to my actual life. I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of trouble just sitting down and reading the bible. I need some sort of guide, and this one is one of my new faves!

4 mile walk watch statistics

After work, Chance and I went on a 4 mile walk. I enjoy getting in my steps on the treadmill, but I definitely prefer outdoor walks with Chance. The sunshine and fresh air is so good for our souls!

I made burgers, potatoes, and broccoli for dinner and then drank my bedtime tea before heading to bed. If you’re a tea lover, try mixing the kava, ginger, and bedtime packets from Yogi. You’ll sleep sooooo well, and it’s delicious!

Cup of coffee outside in the morning

When I woke up on Tuesday, the sun was shining so I took my coffee outside to the back deck. Chance likes it when I come out with him in the mornings. He won’t play in the yard unless someone is physically outside with him. I’m drinking Cinnamon Bun coffee from Coffee Over Cardio. It is my all time favorite of all their flavors, but you won’t go wrong with anything you order! Use code Miriamleigh10 for 10% off everything but subscriptions.

I ate a beef stick, cheese stick, and oranges pretty much every day this week for breakfast.

Chance and I went to the park for a run/walk on my lunch break. We ran about 1 mile with some walking. The park was hopping today! I love seeing everybody out enjoying the sunshine. I made a smoothie with frozen blueberries, banana pieces, spinach, milk, and vanilla protein powder when we got back.

After work, I started cleaning up our garden because it was full of weeds and leaves! I need to know why weeds can grow almost all year around when the flowers are dead. That shouldn’t happen! It looks SO much better now, and I am so excited for my flowers to come back. I am going to try planting some wild flowers in our backyard this month too and see how they go!

Spring time patio decorations

I also put out a few spring porch decorations today, and they make me so happy! I love all the bright colors. We finally ordered a MudBuster from Amazon to try after Chance gets his paws filthy. I’ll let you know how we like it after we use it a few times!

We had a pizza and popcorn night and watched The Dark Knight to end our day. I love that movie, but I forgot how long it was so we finished it in bed before going to sleep.

I didn’t take a single photo on Friday. Work was so busy, and I was just working on getting things done. Chance and I went for a walk, and I ate most of the same foods! Kyle picked up mexican food for dinner, and we watched New Girl.

My sister in law’s birthday was this weekend so we spent Saturday celebrating! I made some iced coffee and curled my hair. I love this 3/4 inch curling iron for my shorter hair! It works so well. My hair used to not hold a curl for very long, but this curling iron does the trick for me. Plus it’s not super expensive! I don’t use one enough to justify spending more than $50 on one right now.

We spent most of the day with family celebrating my sister’s birthday! We went to the BEST mexican restaurant I have ever been to. They had a live band who sang Cassie happy birthday and the best margaritas ever!

Kyle headed to campus to study on Sunday morning, and I cleaned up around the house. I am LOVING the products I got from Branch Basics a few weeks ago. I am using the concentrate for my surface cleaner and laundry detergent. I am still on the hunt for a nontoxic hand soap and dish soap.

I went to Massage Envy at noon for a facial, and I almost fell asleep on the table! My esthetician keeps it so relaxing and warm in her room, and I always feel so good when I’m done. I’m searching for a new esthetician in the Nashville area though because I want someone who can do a dermaplane and be a little more tailored to my skin care needs. I started investing in my skin right before Kyle and I got married, and I am so thankful that I did! It’s totally worth it to me. I barely ever wear make up so I really like being able to feel confident in my skin.

I picked up some Panera on my way home and started working on this recap. My go to order is half a caesar salad and half a turkey avocado BLT with unsweet tea. Their tea is the best! Chance napped next to me while I worked. Kyle picked up our groceries on his way home from campus, and we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening watching Netflix and relaxing!

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Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. Any recommendations on outdoor furniture??
  2. How was your weekend?
  3. What’s your favorite warm weather food?

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