Weekly Recap: Lots of walks, Anxiety talk, and Cooking!

Happy Wednesday everybody! I’m so sorry that this is coming to you a few days late. I just could not get it together the last couple of days! But I’m here now so let’s get into the weekly recap..

Face peeling solution and eye mask

I spent last Sunday night using my peeling solution and eye masks. I don’t know if these eye masks actually do anything, but they feel so good and relaxing! I got these in my Fab Fit Fun box, but I’ll link them here! They’re super hydrating. I also think this peeling solution is helping my skin! I use it on my forehead, nose, and chin, and I am seeing the difference in my pores.

Bedroom in the morning with dog

I was up around 6 to get ready for the day and make our bed. I am still looking for a bedspread I love! I want something cozy and fluffy if that makes any sense. Also something that washes well. Peep the dog!

Blueberry protein smoothie

I made a blueberry smoothie for breakfast. It had frozen blueberries, spinach, half a frozen banana, 2% milk, vanilla protein powder, and ice.

Working from home with dog

I know I said I would move back to my desk this week for work, but Chance has been so cuddly and I just didn’t want to move haha So we worked from the couch again today!

The snow was almost totally melted away today so Chance and I went on a morning walk. We walked a little more than a mile before getting back to work.

Eggs and orange slices

Eggs sounded really good today so I whipped up 2 and had an orange. I’ve been on a real citrus kick lately.

Fun story of the day! After work, Chance and I drove to a park to change up the scenery and go on a walk. Chance does NOT love the car, but he does better when he can have his window down. It warmed up by the end of the day so I had his window partly down. We drove past a woman walking on the sidewalk and Chance let out a bark (nothing crazy, he was just excited), and SHE THREW HER VENTE STARBUCKS COFFEE AT MY CAR. I want to also state that there was no way shape or form that he could jump out of the partly open window, and it was very obvious that even if he was being violent (he wasn’t), that she was not in any danger. Obviously there was something else going on in her life to make her so angry, but I just could not believe she reacted that way. I am very thankful that she didn’t actually hit him with the cup because I might be in jail right now.

Flower sign at park

We finally made it to the park, and we got a great walk in! This park is so pretty. I’m excited to keep coming here this summer. They have a farmer’s market in the summer too! We walked 3 miles in the sunshine, and it was so good for my soul!

Cooking dinner with wine glass, snacks, and netflix

I was so hungry when I got home so I had some pita chips and hummus while I cooked our Hello Fresh burgers. I am still loving drinking my Ice drink in a wine glass while I cook and watching a show. I am slowly starting to hate cooking a little less every day!

Work outfit of the day

I headed to work at 6:15 Tuesday morning to spend the day at our office. I love working from home, but it is still good to get ready and get out of the house once in a while. I’m so thankful that I have that option.

I listened to the new Gals on the Go podcast episode on my way to work. The episode was all about getting out of a slump and how it’s okay to not be “on” 24/7. I highly encourage listening to this episode if you’ve been feeling a little down lately like I think a lot of us have.

Pickles, turkey slices, cucumbers, and pita chips for lunch at work

I picked up some string cheese and cuties at Aldi this week, and they go with my beef stick perfectly to make a great breakfast. I also had some turkey slices, cucumbers, pita chips, and hummus in the afternoon.

Walking at work

I got up quite a few times today to walk around, and it felt great. I know I say that every week, but I truly believe that it helps me be more productive and get movement in during the day. Just get up and walk around your house, office, neighborhood, etc. You won’t regret it!

We made Hello Fresh tacos for dinner, and they were delicious! Kyle’s were much prettier with all the colors, but I can’t hang when it comes to spicy food so he always gets all the peppers/jalapenos.

Cup of tea in the kitchen before bed

I made my bedtime tea before cleaning up the kitchen and heading upstairs to bed. I’m still mixing my Yogi kava, ginger, and bedtime tea packets, but I’ve started adding juice from half a lemon. I love the little tartness it gives it!

Thrive Cosmetics mascara and lipgloss

I ordered a few things from Thrive Cosmetics last week, and they came today! I think their packaging is so cute, and I really like their eye brightener pen that I got from my Fab Fit Fun box. I’ve heard great things about their mascara, and I decided to try the lip gloss too because I had a coupon. I’ll report back after I use them for a while! Their products are supposed to be much cleaner and less toxic than most other brands so I love that too!

Devotional, bible, and iced coffee

Before work, I did my devotional from the devotional Unwavering Faith. It is from the devotional set that Candace Cameron Bure created, and I love them so much. They’re so easy to understand, applicable to every day life, and interactive so I feel like I actually retain what I’m reading. The whole bible passage is printed in the book with the questions afterwards with plenty of room to write. It’s really nice to take on the go as well because it’s all you need!

I kept forgetting to take pictures, but here are some of my snacks from throughout the day! Aldi has the BEST pita chips.

After work, Chance and I headed out for a 3.4 mile walk. It was one of the last days before we were supposed to get a lot of rain so we really soaked in the sunshine. I could even wear short sleeves which felt AMAZING!

Once we got home, I poured my Ice drink and cooked chicken fajitas from Hello Fresh. They were delicious and super easy to make.

I mixed my collagen into my coffee before sitting down to do my devotional on Thursday morning.

Beef stick, cheese stick, oranges and puppy nose

This picture cracks me up.

It was so nice outside so Chance and I headed out for a walk around 10 and did 2 miles.

I kept the back door open all day to air out the house, and it was so good for my heart. Chance enjoyed being able to come in and out as he wanted too. Sunshine is the BEST.

Dog laying on couch in living room
Working in the living room with dog

My coworker majorly slacked off in the afternoon.

Once I finished work, we headed back out for a walk and did 4 miles. We’ve been trying out new walking routes- it’s fun exploring new neighborhoods that we can walk in.

I made burgers, broccoli, and potatoes for dinner and then ended the night with my tea and Gilmore Girls.

I had some of the worst anxiety tonight, and it kept me up (and Kyle) for hours. There were lots of tears and talking, and I finally fell asleep after 11 after Kyle prayed for me and kept talking about things that he knows I love. Poor guy had to get up a 4 for clinicals but stayed up with me until I could finally fall asleep. One of the things we decided was a huge contributing factor was all the true crime content I listen to. It’s starting to wear on me and become a LOT of what I think about. I’m constantly worrying or hearing all those awful things playing in my head. It’s becoming harder and harder for me to separate those things from the rest of my life so I’m going to stop listening to all of it for at least a while. It’s already helping me so much. You guys know how much I love Crime Junkies, Dateline, Morbid, etc., but it’s not worth it if it’s hurting my mental health this much. I am very, very impacted from my surroundings and my anxiety causes me to not be able to let things go.

New iMac and cup of coffee

On Friday, I woke up and was SO TIRED. Kyle had to have been miserable because he had to get up 3 hours before I did. He’s a trooper. If you’re significant other won’t stay up with you to talk you through an anxiety attack, LEAVE EM. I made a big cup of coffee to get me through a class I had at 7 and then chugged through my work day. Also, Kyle and I decided to invest in an iMac, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I’ve never splurged on a computer before, but since I am working from home so much, we decided to go for it. If anyone is interested, I can definitely share more about it once I use it more.

When I was done working, Chance and I walked 4 miles. The creek is starting to slow down and lower, but all the snow melting had it flowing so fast and parts of the street were flooded! Every time we walk by it, I know Chance wants to jump in.

Kyle practicing scans on me

Look at that concentration! Kyle needed to work on studying ultrasounds so I was his patient for the morning. It’s amazing how much he can point out in what looks like a blurry picture of nothing to me.

I cleaned the floors and did some laundry once we got home and then headed to Aldi. There are so many cute things in the Aldi Finds aisle right now so be aware! haha

On my way home, I picked up bdubs for dinner. We watched New Girl and just relaxed for a while. I found those cute cheesecake jars and Aldi, and they’re better than I thought they would be! I just picked up a few to try, but I’ll have to get more next time.

The best colored pens

I was running low on a couple of colors, so I ordered more of my favorite pens. They are the BEST!

Bedtime tea and iMac

I made my bedtime tea and sat down to do a few work things before heading to bed.

Reusable grocery bags in cart

I headed to Kroger when I woke up to pick up the few things I couldn’t get at Aldi. The best grocery bags linked here! I like to use the insulated one for traveling or when we bring food to my brothers’ house, too.

Speaking of that, I went to my brother’s Sunday night to hang out so I picked up a few things to bring dessert. This is my favorite go to because it’s so easy and yummy! I bought an angel food cake, strawberries, blueberries, vanilla ice cream, and whipped cream and washed and cut up all the fruit. I don’t put it together before we eat it because it makes the cake soggy so we just put together individual bowls once we were ready for dessert.

Kyle was on campus all day so before I went to my brother’s, I took Chance out for a walk to get some wiggles out. We ended up going 4 miles, and it felt great! I was glad to get some movement in before I stuffed my face.

Road trip snacks! It only takes about 45 minutes to get to my brother’s, but I am glad that I brought snacks because I was stuck in traffic for an extra 25 minutes because it was raining and someone wrecked. They looked ok though!

Nacho bowl

My brother is the best cook. He always makes tons of food and makes it look so easy. I made a big nacho bowl, and it was all delicious.

Cup of coffee

I made a big cup of coffee before I had to drive home. My other brother and sister in law left a little earlier than I did and told me to wait a while before leaving because they got caught in a downpour and people were pulled over to wait it out. I was glad to have extra time with my kiddos. My nieces and nephews are all the best, and I am so thankful to have the family that I do.

When I got home around 8, I showered, used my peeling solution and eye masks, and fell asleep!

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Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Do you enjoy cooking?
  3. What’s your favorite weather?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Lots of walks, Anxiety talk, and Cooking!

  1. Brittany M. says:

    I love getting the oven ready Home Chef meals in my weekly deliveries! You just pretty much dump it in the pan and cook it. So much less prep. I love Hello Fresh too! I have started enjoying cooking more and more as time goes on, but I’m often in a hurry to get dinner on the table.

    As far as weather, I love the cold! I wish it lasted longer.

    I searched forever for the perfect comforter and ended up with this one from Target. We LOVE it! It’s warm, fluffy, comfy, and holds up well with all the washes it’s been through.
    Also, do you have a weighted blanket? I can’t remember where I got mine but I do remember the website used IDme, so nurses and first responders get a discount. It’s been a great help. I’ve had to learn what content that’s good for me to listen to/look at, and what content is a bad trigger for me. For example, Facebook was terrible for my anxiety so I had to give it up. I also avoid certain shows/movies if I know it will trigger anxiety because once I’ve heard it/seen it, it’s stuck in my head and I can’t separate it from reality! Good for you for realizing what was going on and taking steps to avoid it!

    This is the link to the comforter I got! It has not disappointed!!! It’s the York Brushed Faux Fur Comforter. But I’ll also say I’ve gotten a couple that are Threshold Brand from Target and they have been great as well!


    • Miriam Leigh says:

      I have been wanting to try Home Chef too! Hello Fresh has an over ready meal every once in a while, and they are awesome.
      Thank you so much!! That comforter is beautiful. I’ll definitely have to check them out more and hopefully pick one up!
      Yes, I am the exact same way! Facebook is the same for me as well. Sometimes I get on to see if there are any birthdays and then get right off because of all the junk. Yes, I LOVE my weighted blanket! I never thought it would work as well as it does for me.

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