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Weekly Recap: Snow days, spin work outs, and grocery haul

This week was a super lowkey week for me. They asked us all to work from home all week due to the weather, and most of the offices who usually refer patients to us were closed so we didn’t have a lot of new patients being added to our schedule. We used the week to play catch up, and that was super helpful.

Backyard and trees covered in snow

Our neighborhood looked like a winter wonderland for basically the whole week. Coming from Indiana, this is not a big deal to us. However, it’s so different when you get this amount of snow in a state that is not used to it or prepared for it. Kyle’s clinicals were even cancelled which is pretty rare. My heart goes out to all the people in Texas (and any other state) who were impacted by this storm, and my prayers are definitely with them.

Okay am I the only one who continues to have iced coffee even when it is freezing outside? Lately I have been enjoying having my hot coffee in the morning with my collagen and then my iced coffee in the afternoon. *Also, I tried something new this week with our nespresso machine! I did it on accident because Kyle made me a cup of nespresso, and I let it get cold on accident. I poured it over ice and added half and half and foam, and I LOVED it. The hazelnut and caramel pods are my favorite.

My office is one of the coldest rooms in the house because it is located at the front of the house and has huge windows so Chance and I spent most of the week working from the couch. It was definitely cozy and relaxing, but I told myself that I will get back to my office once it warms up.

I did a few rides this week, and I am loving it! This bike from Amazon has been great so far, and I am so glad I ordered it. So far, I have just been following along with some YouTube videos or templates from pinterest. I am probably going to subscribe to the Peloton app in the near future!

I made smoothies for breakfast most days. My go to is frozen strawberries or blueberries, 1/2 frozen banana, frozen spinach, milk, and vanilla protein powder.

I did not prepare well food wise this week so we did a lot of snacking and eating out this week. Everything was super delicious though!

I am trying to be more consistent with using masks/solutions on my face throughout the week. I bought this peeling solution a few months ago, but I have not used it consistently. I have heard GREAT things about it helping people with large pores so I am going to use it 2-3x/week for at least the next month and see if it helps! It is pretty strong so if you have sensitive skin, I would definitely recommend testing it on a small area first. My order from Summer Fridays also came this week, and I am OBSESSED. The cleanser is so gentle and smells amazing, and the moisturizer leaves me with a dewy look that I love. Plus, the packaging is gorgeous.

I had a great night of planning some blog content this week. My creativity juices were just flowing, and I am so excited to bring all these posts to you all. I’ve also been continuing to drink my bedtime tea every night, and it’s been helping so much. I forgot to drink it one night, and I definitely noticed that I didn’t sleep as well! I like to mix the bedtime, kava, and lemon ginger Yogi tea packets.

We went on a little date night to a sports pub on Friday night and everything was so good! I desperately needed to get out of the house after being inside all week.

Clean breakfast nook in kitchen

I slept in on Saturday, and it felt so good! Once I woke up, I cleaned our house. I always feel so good after cleaning- it puts my in the best mood.

Organizing beauty products

We’re going on a trip in April so we found someone on Rover to watch Chance. He came over this weekend to take Chance on a walk/get to know him a little bit, and it went so well! It’s nice to know we have someone who is comfortable with Chance and vice versa for when we want to go somewhere that he can’t come. While they were gone, I went through my products, threw tons of stuff out, and organized it all. Organizing things that I use every day makes me feel so much better throughout the day because I don’t have to constantly look at clutter.

Moscow mule and the fight

Kyle and I watched the fights on Saturday night and had Moscow Mules. We love these copper mugs from Amazon so much! They are definitely one of our favorite gifts from our wedding.

I headed to Aldi and Kroger on Sunday morning to get our groceries. I hadn’t been to Aldi in a while, but things are SO much cheaper there. After eating out so much last week, I was much more intentional about what we bought this week so we can cook more this week and beyond. Favorite grocery bags linked here.

The Balance podcast

New podcast alert! I follow both these ladies on IG, and I love their content so when I heard they had a podcast, I knew I would love it. And I did! I listened to a few episodes while shopping today, and they are super fun. They give great advice and are also super funny.

I really stocked up this week in hopes that I’ll only have to go to Aldi once a month and then go to Kroger each week for the little things we need. We’ll see if that works! Kyle and I want to get a deep freezer at some point because I love stocking up on meat, veggies, and fruit. I also used to make freezer meals with my mom, and I would love to get back into that.

Fetch rewards for groceries

Have you guys heard of Fetch!? It’s an app that you can download on your phone, and it gives you points on your purchases. All you have to do is download the app, scan any and all of your receipts, and you earn points! Then you can exchange your points for gift cards. I love it because I don’t have to do anything different so it’s not like those other apps where you have to switch your products in order to get points. For avid amazon users like me, you can even connect your amazon account and your email account so every time you order something, you get points automatically! If you download Fetch and enter my code, 6PVP3, you’ll earn 2000 points with your first receipt! I definitely recommend it. I am so obsessed with scanning receipts now, and Kyle knows to always bring me his receipts.

One of my favorite people got married today in Florida, and she had someone film it for Facebook Live so those of us who could not be there could watch! How sweet is that!? I loved being able to see her get married, and she was absolutely beautiful.

I know this recap was super random and sparse, but I hope you all enjoyed!

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  1. Did you get any snow this week?
  2. What’s your go to grocery store?
  3. Do you like cleaning or NO!?

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Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

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