Weekly Recap: New spin bike, podcast listens, and lots of mini hauls!

HEY everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great week ahead of you. This last week, I worked on romanticizing every part of my day. I’m trying to slow down and enjoy every little moment- even the ones that don’t seem very exciting. I’m really good at stressing and rushing through life, and that’s no good. I have a long way to go, but it’s made me so happy and decreased my anxiety so much. I’m in the process of writing a whole post about it including the little things I’m doing to enjoy every part of my day and bring peace.

Collagen in coffee

I’ve started mixing collagen in my coffee in the morning, and it mixes so much better in something warm! It instantly dissolves and is tasteless. I have seen such a difference in my skin, hair, and nails ever since I started taking this collagen on a daily basis, and I love how easy it is to incorporate it into my daily life. I drank my coffee and had leftover cookies from the superbowl for breakfast because WHY NOT!?

Nontoxic Pure Haven hand cream

I shared my haul from Pure Haven in last week’s recap post. I’ve been using this hand cream every day since, and I LOVE it. They included this sample in my order because I ordered so much, and I hope they come out with a full size!

Walking the dog and apple watch statistics

Chance and I went on a 1 mile walk after I worked for a few hours. It feels so good to get up and move after sitting on a computer all morning.

Lunch in glass meal prep container

I had turkey slices, pretzels, bell peppers, and cheese for lunch. I’m not kidding when I say I use these glass containers ALL THE TIME.

Dog laying on couch in cozy living room

I joke constantly about Chance being my little baby, but he is ginormous and looks it in this picture! It cracks me up how small his head looks.

3 mile walk with dog

Chance and I went on a 3 mile walk after I was done with work, and it felt so good! It was a little chilly, but it was still good walking weather.

I listened to the latest episode of Manifest and an episode of Morbid during my walks today. I love the Manifest episodes that Tori does by herself. She has done so much in her life already and is so inspiring. This episode of Morbid is HARD to listen to, but I think it has an important message as well.

Crime Junkie podcast episode

I listened to the new Crime Junkie episode on my way to work on Tuesday, and it is a DOOZEY. Buckle up if you listen to it!

I was really busy at work on Tuesday and didn’t take many pictures! When Kyle and I got engaged, Shay got me that cute coffee mug and I just love it. It actually keeps my coffee warm too which isn’t the case with most cute mugs! I ate the same foods throughout the day and made chicken stir fry for dinner.

I listened to the new episode of The Real Reel podcast on my way home, and I forgot how much I enjoy it! This episode was with Marianna Hewitt. She is the co founder of Summer Fridays, a clean skin care product company. I have been wanting to try Summer Fridays ever since I listened to the ILYSM podcast episode with Marianna. Marianna said that her and Lauren Gores created Summer Fridays because Lauren was having trouble finding clean skincare products that were safe to use while pregnant. So they created their own! I LOVE THAT!

Crest Whitening emulsions

I saw this new whitening gel on Amazon and decided to give it a try! I have tried so many different things to whiten my teeth and nothing has done as much as I wish it did. We’ll see if this does! I really like that I don’t have to rinse it off or use strips. It comes with a wand and you just squeeze some of the gel on it until you’ve covered all your teeth you wish to whiten. I’ve been using it for a few days, and I have had zero issues with sensitivity or gum irritation like I almost always do with any other whitener. That’s a win already!

I made my collagen coffee and had granola, berries, and vitamins for breakfast. Kyle had clinicals in the morning and classes in the afternoon so he picked up greek food for lunch! We love the little greek place by our house-, Tasty Greek Cafe. It’s delish.

I switched some things around in the living room and my office, and I love this little reading nook! It’s perfect for my devotional and reading time in the morning.

My spin bike came today!! I probably put it together within an hour, and the assembly was pretty easy. I really want a Peloton or STRIDE bike, but until I’ve devoted more time to riding and know that it will be worth the money for me, I got a cheaper version from Amazon. I’ll link it here! So far, it has been really stable and smooth. Our garage is still a mess even though I have worked on it a ton. We have a huge pile of stuff to take to Goodwill. Once I do, we’ll have so much more room! I’m going to get a few more sets of weights and a mat to put under my bike at some point. Also, these headphones are the BEST for working out.

I did this quick ride from YouTube, and it was so fun! Kyle and I both used to go to a spin class at our old gym in Indiana, and I forgot how much I enjoyed it.

I had a few breakouts so I put this clay mask on after my shower and had a smoothie before bed because I was still stuffed from lunch. This one had frozen blueberries, half a frozen banana, a cup of frozen spinach, milk, and some ice.

I listened to the new Gals on the Go episode on my way to work on Thursday. I HIGHLY suggest taking a listen to this episode. It reinforced to me that I need to find a way to enjoy every part of my day, and that I need to love and talk to myself the way I do my family and friends. When you’re beating yourself up about something, think: “Would I say this to my best friend?” If the answer is no, DON’T SAY IT TO YOURSELF!

Work on Thursday was another busy day in the office! My manager told me today that since I’ve been doing well working from home, I can work from home 4/5 days of the week if I want. I’m so excited! I like having the flexibility to work from home or the office, and I love the freedom it gives me.

Kyle made burgers and potatoes for dinner, and they were so good! We watched New Girl and lounged for the evening.

Kyle giving me my Valentine's gift

Fun fact, Kyle can NOT wait to give me gifts whenever he gets them. He insisted on giving me my Valentine’s gift today. It’s pretty sweet how much he loves giving gifts.

New Taylor Swift song on apple music

Has anybody else been screaming this on repeat for the last few days!? Me too. It brings back all the feels, and it’s so exciting that she’s redoing her old songs.

Before I started working on Friday morning, I did this spin video. I really liked this one because the instructor put the speed and RPM in the corner of the screen for the whole ride. It was super helpful! Once it gets warmer, I’m going to open up the garage door to get some fresh air when I spin/ work out.

Breakfast smoothie

I made another smoothie after I got cleaned up and started working. I did some laundry and cleaned our sheets during the day as well! It’s so nice to be able to throw laundry in or start other little chores around the house when I have a break during the day.

Mexican food and margarita at home

Kyle picked up Mexican to go on Friday night to have while we watched a movie. We got margaritas as well, and it’s so fun to be able to get those to go now. We watched Palm Springs on Hulu, and it was super cute and funny. I love both of the main actors, and they were really good together. I have been really into rom coms lately so if you have any good recommendations, let me know!

I spent Saturday morning cleaning the floors and rearranging some things around the house.

I didn’t love how this looked when it held all our pots and pans. It felt really unorganized and cluttered. So I turned it into our little coffee bar and used the cabinet space to house our pots and pans. I think it’s really cute! At some point, I’m going to get all matching baskets to hold everything but for now, I’m working with what we’ve got. I also want to get a prettier trashcan. Yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds! Also, peep the beautiful orchid Kyle got me for Valentine’s Day. Let’s see how long I can keep it alive.

My mom sent us a goodie box for Valentine’s day and included the best cookies ever! She’s so sweet.

Photo dump from Valentine’s Day! We made reservations at Emmy Squared in Nashville, and it did NOT disappoint. The restaurant was super cute and the food was amazing. We thought about going to a more fancy place for Valentine’s Day, but this was way more our speed. They also make a mean vodka tonic.

Cuddling and watching netflix

We ended the night with ice cream and The Purge. And all the puppy cuddles.

Reusable grocery bags

I was up around 6 on Sunday morning to head to the grocery store! The amount of men there picking up chocolate and flowers cracked me up. Also, my car needs a major wash.

The Happy Hour podcast episode

I listened to the newest episode of Happy Hour while I shopped, and it was another good one! I don’t think Gretchen has ever put out a bad podcast episode. Even if I can’t totally relate to what she’s talking about, I always enjoy listening and can draw at least one thing from every episode. Plus her optimism is contagious. These are the cheap airpod alternatives I use when working or shopping. When I am in the grocery store, I only have one earbud in so I can still be aware of my surroundings. And I NEVER have them in when I’m in the parking lot. It’s just one of the things I do to make boring things more enjoyable 🙂

Friendly reminder to replace your loofahs if you use them! I like to replace mine at least every month 🙂

The BEST hydrating lip balm

If you want to try THE BEST lip balm, pick this one up at Massage Envy. It’s super hydrating and leaves you with a slight glossy look. I’m obsessed.

Coffee Over Cardio was having a Valentine’s Day sale so I ordered a few favorites! I shared the deal on my Instagram so you should definitely follow me if you don’t already! Code 10Miriamleigh gets you 10% off everything but subscriptions. 🙂

I’ve been using Curology products in the mornings, and I decided to switch it up because I don’t need the strong treatment anymore from Curology. It worked really well for me when I needed it, but I find that it dries my skin out and irritates it if I use it every day. You can’t just buy the Curology cleanser and moisturizer without buying the prescription treatment or I would! Anyways, I finally placed my Summer Fridays order! I can’t wait for it to arrive. I’ll report back once I use them for a while! Isn’t the packaging beautiful?!

Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. Are you ready for summer or do you want winter to last a little longer?
  2. Would you rather work out at home or go to the gym?
  3. What did you do for Valentine’s/ Galentine’s Day!?

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Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: New spin bike, podcast listens, and lots of mini hauls!

  1. Lindsay says:

    I am ready for the spring but then I can do WITHOUT the summer. I like warmer weather but I do NOT love humidity.
    I prefer to workout at my own house. I have a peloton bike and I LOVE it. I would totally recommend investing in one. I often find that investing in something more expensive upfront generally pays off in the long run!
    For Galentine’s I sent some packages to some close friends and then my mom got me a pair of heart earrings from tiffany’s. I am truly blessed.
    What are your top Hulu shows right now? I am watching Married at First Sight Season 11 right now and its quite humorous!

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      I totally get what you mean about humidity! It can definitely suck the energy out of you.
      I usually agree about investing in the more expensive, better made item! I have only been to a few spin classes, and I wanted to make sure I would enjoy it before investing in a pricier item. Mine will definitely work for now, and if I really enjoy it and feel like I will get my money’s worth, I’ll invest in a better one in the future 🙂
      On Hulu, I like Pretty Little Liars The Perfectionists (especially if you liked the original PLL), Scandal, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and Little Fires Everywhere. I bet that show is funny!!

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