Iced coffee by the Christmas tree

Working from home as an RN, testing out new running shoes, and all the eats!

Iced coffee by the Christmas tree

Today started with a homemade iced coffee while working. For my job, the first thing I do is go through my emails and inbasket messages to see if there is anything urgent I need to do. Then I look for patients added on after I left on Friday and review any new records sent in. By that time, patients are starting to be added on, and I work on those too!

Chocolate chip protein ball

I had a protein ball after I drank my water and coffee. It’s the perfect snack in the morning. I linked the recipe here!

Chance and I on a cold weather run

After working for a few hours, I lased up my new shoes and headed out with Chance for a walk/run. These shoes felt AMAZING. Especially considering the rough shape my last pair of shoes were in. I listened to a previous episode of Manifest with Tori DeSimone because I needed some motivation. I am also loving my new headphones! 10/10

Kyle and Chance working on the car

When I came home, Kyle was working on my car so Chance wanted to join him. It’s so hard to see him up against the black car, but he is excited to help.

Healthy lunch ideas

After I showered, I fixed up some food for lunch. Siete chips, raspberries, cheese slices, a beef stick, and my vitamins! Oh, and lots of water.

We ended the night watching The Mandalorian (SO GOOD) and eating dinner.

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Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. Favorite running/work out shoe?
  2. What are you Christmas plans this year?
  3. Anything specific I can pray about for you?

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