Walking on the treadmill

Day in the Life!

I was up at 4:15 to take a scoop of pre work out and go to Planet Fitness! Today I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, and then did some ab exercises. I like to follow @kcampfit on Instagram for work out ideas!

I have been majorly slacking on taking my vitamins every day. I let myself run out of my pre made packs so that is on my list to do this weekend. I made sure to take all my vitamins when I drank my greens and collagen this morning.

I found this super soft and warm jacket at Marshall’s last weekend, and I am obsessed! I love the color, and it is so comfy.

I KNEW I should have never ordered from Chopt because I am now obsessed. Their crunchy chickpeas are so delicious. I needed a little pick me up in the afternoon so I mixed up some Hydrate at my desk, and it was just what I needed. You can use my code, 10Miriamleigh, at Coffee Over Cardio for 10% off all orders (except subscriptions).

Kyle picked up some Mexican food for dinner, and we just talked and watched Friends the whole evening before going to bed. I love lowkey nights with my hubs and pup.

I’m sorry this post was pretty simple and redundant, but that’s basically my life! 😀 I really hope you are all doing well and are excited for Christmas even though it might look different this year. You deserve a great Christmas!

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Questions for you!

  1. Any plans this weekend?
  2. Do you have anything specific you want me to talk about in my next Girl Talk!? I’ve talked about amenorrhea, life lessons, and birth control so far!

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