Work out outfit

A Day in the Life: Work day, arm work out, and new stuff!

Bowmar Nutrition pre work out green apple

I was up at 4:15 yesterday to dry scoop my pre workout and get ready for the gym.

Work out outfit

I threw on a tshirt and leggings and made my way to Planet Fitness. I love that it is less than 5 minutes away. It’s a pretty small one, but I like that. I did the following work out:

  • 30 minute walk at an incline on the treadmill
  • 10×4 shoulder press with weights
  • 10×4 chest press with weights
  • 10×4 tricep dips with weights
  • 10×4 row weight machine

When I got home, I mixed my greens and collagen and drank it while I got ready for work. I like to mix the two together in a small blender bottle. I find the collagen dissolves better with the blender ball! Also, I started this collagen about a month ago, and I have seen such a difference in my hair! It’s definitely growing faster, and I think it’s stronger too.

This turtleneck sweater from Target has quickly become one of my favorites. I love the cropped length and the sleeves!

Homemade burger, potatoes, and green beans

At work, I had cheese slices, blueberries, and turkey slices in the morning and siete chips and a beef stick in the afternoon. For dinner, Kyle made burgers, potato wedges, and green beans. They were DELISH.

Since I’ve been working from home quite a bit, I bought a few new office items from Amazon. This monitor stand is a game changer. It allows me to have more space on my desk, and it puts my monitors at eye level so I’m not constantly straining my neck. I also ordered this bluetooth keyboard for my tablet and wrist supports.

Day Designer planner

LOOK AT MY NEW PLANNER! We had a virtual Christmas through Zoom with Kyle’s parents, brother, and his brother’s fiance this past weekend, and his parents got me a new Day Designer planner for next year. I am so excited. I have always wanted one of these, but I never sprung for one. I think it is definitely worth the investment though. There are two types so you can choose if you want the daily or the weekly one. I like the daily one because every day has a page including an hourly plan, to do list, etc.

Questions for you!

  1. My Christmas plans look different this year for sure. How are you celebrating Christmas this year?
  2. I need to decide what to bring for Christmas dinner with my immediate family. What’s your favorite Christmas dish?
  3. What topic should I cover on my next “Girl Talk”?

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