Spend Tuesday with me!

I was up at 4:15 to take my pre work out and go to the gym. I used to hate trying to get any form of pre work out down, but now that I dry scoop this Bowmar Green Apple pre work out, I am excited to take it! It’s so good.

I did the following work out:

  • 30 minutes of incline walking at a 6
  • 10×4 Leg press machine
  • 10×4 RDLs with dumbbells
  • 10×4 Bulgarian split squats with a bench
  • Stretching
Greens and Collagen

After I showered and got ready, I mixed my greens and collagen and drank them. Then I made a protein shake with my Alani Nu and water for the road.

After having so many sweet things in the morning, I ate the chips I packed along with blueberries. For lunch, I went across the street to Chopt for a salad. OMG IT WAS AMAZING! I never should have gone because I’m going to want it every day now. I got a tossed salad with chicken, crunchy chickpeas, and Caesar dressing. Why are purchased salads always so much better than the ones I make at home!?

Hanging flower boxes on walk

My office is close to a really nice, outdoor mall in Nashville. I walked around outside while I waited for my salad to be finished. It felt amazing to get some fresh air in the middle of the day.

Sitting at my desk with water

Work was pretty busy, but it was a good day! When I first started, we didn’t have as many patients coming in because everybody was nervous about COVID. We are taking every precaution possible so I am thankful that patients are starting to come in and get taken care of. Cancer doesn’t stop for anything.

When I got home, my box from Thrive Market had arrived! I like to stock up on my beef sticks and Siete chips every once in a while because it’s so much cheaper and so easy!

Once Kyle got home, we ate dinner and just spent time together. He has been SO busy with his clinicals, and he finally has a break for the next couple of days so we are going to enjoy every moment we can. 🙂

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