Iced coffee with foam and Christmas decor

Work outs, grocery haul, Christmas cards, and new skin care products!

I hope you all have had a great weekend so far and are having a relaxing Sunday! I didn’t have a chance to blog about Friday so this is a Friday and Saturday daily blog post.

I got up around 4:30 on Friday, dry scooped my pre work out, and went to the gym. I walked at a 10 incline for 30 minutes before doing the following arm exercises:

  • 4×10 Tricep dips with dumbbell
  • 4×10 Lat pull downs on machine
  • 4×10 Tricep pull downs on machine
  • 4×10 Seated rows on machine
  • 4×10 Bicep curls with dumbbells
  • 4×10 Shoulder raises with dumbbells

I am going to get back into drinking a protein drink after working out because I usually feel so much better when I do. The Alaini Nu Confetti Cake protein powder is INCREDIBLE. I also mixed my greens and collagen and drank them on the drive to work.

I walked around at work a couple of times and listened to this episode of Dateline. They cover some INSANE cases.

I had all my same foods throughout the day, plus my Green Tea AHA.

When I got home, Kyle had a bath ready for me to relax in while he made dinner. Amazing, right? I absolutely love this bathtub, but I have not used it enough. I’m definitely going to change that this winter!

Kyle made burgers and potato wedges from Hello Fresh, and we watched the next episode of Mandalorian. HF burgers are always incredible.

When I woke up on Saturday, I headed out to pick up our grocery order at Kroger. This is a small load because we ordered another Hello Fresh box this week.

I always forget what meals I ordered for the week so it’s a fun surprise every time the box arrives. These meals look so good!

I rinsed the blueberries and grape tomatoes and let them dry COMPLETELY before storing them in the fridge. They last so much longer this way! I also made a new batch of cold brew with our cold brew maker and Coffee Over Cardio Cake Pop coffee grounds. After it’s brewed, I transfer the coffee to glass bottles and store it in the fridge.

I was setting up some decorations for our Christmas card photos, and Chance was my model. I took the trees from the front room and dining room for our backdrop. They are prelit, and I linked them here! Big Lots has great deals on Christmas trees- it’s where I got the one in our bedroom as well.

After getting our photo taken, I made an iced coffee with cold foam. We use this milk frother because we received it as a gift, but there are cheaper options on Amazon. It has really upped our coffee from home game!

I ordered our cards through Walgreens, and I saved so much money using the Honey extension! You can download the extension for your browser, and any time you online shop, it searches and applies all possible discount codes to your order and keeps the one that saves you the most money. It’s the BEST. Plus, it’s free and so easy!

So on a sad side note, Kyle’s family is not able to come to Thanksgiving anymore due to Covid. We’re so sad to not be able to see them! His parents are going on a vacation for a few months shortly after Thanksgiving so we won’t see them for Christmas either. Hopefully we all can make up for missed family time next year!

Since we won’t be able to spend any time of with this holiday season, I went to Staples to get a big box to ship all their gifts and “stocking stuffers”. I also picked up some chicken nuggets because duh. 🙂

I heard about House of Preservation on the ILYSM podcast last week and did a lot of research tonight about different skin care options. HOP was created by two estheticians to help educate people on all things skin care. My skin has just not been happy lately, and HOP has some AMAZING blog posts about all different skin types, issues, products, etc. I’ll be sure to update once I start using the products. I’ve also linked them below if you want to check them out!

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Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. What’s your favorite skin care product right now?
  2. Have you ever tried oil cleansing?
  3. What are your Thanksgiving plans?

2 thoughts on “Work outs, grocery haul, Christmas cards, and new skin care products!

  1. Lindsay says:

    I don’t really have a skin care routine. Is that bad? Probably. I just don’t prioritize spending money on expensive skin care products. I would rather invest the money elsewhere.
    Thanksgiving here in MN has essentially been cancelled. The governor (in my opinion a dictator) has decided that families cant intermingle households here. Not sure how they’d enforce it but it has definitely dimmed the light that is the holidays. I am sorry that your plans have had to change but it doesn’t seem like many of the events you’d usually have were cancelled this year unlike many others, so if possible think of those positives! 🙂

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      I don’t think it’s bad! Everyone has a right to prioritize their money however they would like. 🙂 I just like to hear what other people are fans of if they have a certain product they use.
      I’m so sorry you won’t be able to celebrate like you would like. That’s so, so hard.
      We’ve actually had TONS of things cancelled, postponed, or just not even planned this year due to covid- much like everybody else. I just don’t share every single thing because I don’t like to dwell on the negative. We definitely have not had it as bad as a lot of people- that is for sure, and I am thankful. But it is also ok to be sad that we won’t be able to see Kyle’s family for Thanksgiving. That doesn’t take away from what others have gone through and continue to go through. We’re all struggling in many ways, some the same and some different.

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