A long walk, cleaning the house, and working from home!

I slept in until 6 this morning since I was working from home today. I took my pre work out and did some ab work outs at home before heading out on a walk. I did the following work out:

  • 10×4 Straight legged crunches
  • 10×4 Crunches
  • 10×4 Mountain climbers
  • 10×4 V ups
  • 10×4 Alternating plank twists

I got most of the work out from @kcampfit on Instagram!

Chance and I did three miles throughout the neighborhood in the crisp morning air. The views are so pretty on top of the hills.

Wowowowow I am loving this podcast! I hope more people start writing stories and putting them out in podcast form because it’s so fun. This one is a thriller, and I linked it here.

I showered and got ready for the day before mixing my greens and collagen. The collagen literally has no taste and mixes fine. I’m excited to see how well it works! I did my daily devotional while drinking it.

It was a work from home day so I made a pot of coffee and got to it. I caught up on Grey’s Anatomy too, and holy moly it is a LOT.

I had wing leftovers for brunch, and it was delicious.

When I was done with work, I cleaned all the floors, surfaces, and bathrooms. I love a clean home!!

Grocery haul

I picked up my grocery order in the afternoon and prepped all the food before putting it away. We get a Hello Fresh box this week so it’s a mini haul of the foods we eat for breakfast, lunch, and snacks!

Movie night!! I made burgers and potato wedges from Hello Fresh and Kyle picked up ice cream on the way home from the hospital. We watched a movie called Malevolent on Netflix, and it was a horror/thriller. It had some super slow parts, but the overall story was pretty good and pretty creepy.

We watched the new episode of Mandalorian afterwards to cleanse our souls, and it was incredible like always.

Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. Have you decorated for Christmas yet?
  2. Do you like cleaning?
  3. Do you meal prep your foods in advance or do you cook each day?

5 thoughts on “A long walk, cleaning the house, and working from home!

  1. Brittany M. says:

    We put our tree up last weekend but haven’t done much else yet. I want to get some yard decor and put it out soon. I don’t like to clean but I love how I feel after it’s over! We do Hello Fresh or I’ll cook or pick something up for dinners but I do love to prep a few of my overnight oats in advance for breakfasts. I use the recipe from the Fit Girls Guide and it is so good!

  2. Lindsay says:

    I have not set up for Christmas yet. While I want it to be Christmas, I am not sure I am ready for 2020 to be over yet because of the saying … “The Devil you KNOW, is BETTER than the Devil you don’t”. I am also not excited about the results of the election so 2021-2024 are going to be bad years.
    So I will put up the tree after T-day like usual.
    I LOVE cleaning. There is nothing quite like a tidy and clean house.
    I am not really a fan of prepping food. I would rather just make what I am interested in each day as I want it, ya know. I know that meal prepping can be great BUT it also leads to eating things you “may” not want just because they’re prepped.
    Any plans for your weekend?

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      I’m with ya! The few times I’ve prepped food beforehand, I end up either wasting it or not enjoying it which is silly!
      This election was super rough- for sure. I know we’ll get through this and be ok, but it can be hard to believe it in the moment. You’re not alone!
      And a clean home is definitely one of my favorite things! I had a pretty lowkey weekend- ran some errands and spent time with Kyle. How about you!?

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