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A Day In The Life- Thursday Edition

Good morning!!

Making my bed

Nothing like a made bed to keep me from not getting back into it 😀 But seriously, it makes me feel so much better when I make my bed first thing! I’m still hunting for the perfect comforter BTW…

Running outfit

Chance and I got to the park around 6AM to complete Week 4 Day 3 Couch to 5K. It was another cold morning, and I loved every second of it! I don’t love how early it gets dark now, but the fact that the sun is shining at 6 in the morning makes it worth it to me.

Greens and vitamins

Right before I headed to work, I took my vitamins with my greens. I added Vitamin D to my supplements because it has shown to be great for our immune systems, and we all need as much help as we can get right now!

I had most of my normal foods throughout the day. I was super busy because a few people were off today, and my AHA in the afternoon was the perfect pick me up. I am obsessed! Also cheese slices and blueberries are a great combo.

I found this black turtleneck at Target last weekend, and I love it! All of their sweaters were BOGO 50% off, and I love both of the ones I got. Target has really stepped up their sweater game this year! I was feeling pretty stiff after sitting for a while today so I got back to my little walks. It helps so much!

We didn’t get any Hello Fresh meals this week, and I did not plan well when I went to the grocery store so McDonalds for dinner it is!! We watched a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother and went to bed early.

Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. Do you like it being lighter earlier in the morning or would you rather it stay lighter longer in the evenings?
  2. Do you take any supplements?
  3. Who do you think is going to be our next president? Absolutely no judgement or anything- I’m just curious about what you think is going to happen!

4 thoughts on “A Day In The Life- Thursday Edition

  1. Lindsay says:

    First of all, you should check out “The Company Store” for your sheets/comforter conundrum. I have had mine (a duvet and duvet cover) for over a year and still looks NEW!
    Second, I much prefer light mornings over light evenings. I like to be in bed early and the early setting of the sun works perfect for me.
    I am not a fan of supplements because they make me super nauseous. I think they are great for some people and not for others. I also think you have to believe they work for them to work, kind of a psychosomatic thing. Thoughts?
    Finally, I know who I’d like to be president but I am not going to share that here because that is one thing that as a citizen of the US is my right to keep to keep to myself. Who would you like to see as president??

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Oh my gosh yay! Thank you! I will definitely check them out.
      I totally understand not taking supplements if they make you nauseous! That’s no good. They are definitely not a necessity, just something to help. And I’m sure there are supplements out there that people swear by that don’t actually work, but they feel like they do because they have been hyped up so much haha
      I totally understand not wanting to share who you want to be president- I was more of looking to see what people’s guesses were and not actually their political opinions because I know it’s become such a touchy subject. (I also try to be open to hearing people’s opinions when it comes to politics, as long as they are factual and respectful.)

  2. Brittany M. says:

    I use the greens by My Adventure to Fit and I just dry scoop mine. The flavor is amazing! I sometimes take a vitamin but I have been taking apple cider vinegar lately. I plan on eventually trying Care Of.
    I really like it to stay lighter longer in the evenings because when it gets dark so early I feel like I’m rushing to end the day and I don’t want to go anywhere.
    I’m enjoying all your daily posts this week!

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      I just discovered the art of dry scooping, and I love it!!! Have you seen a difference with taking Apple cider vinegar?
      Care Of is awesome!!
      Thank you! I’m trying to find the schedule that works best for me and everybody so I’m just playing around a little. 🙂

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