Cup of coffee with morning sky

Anxiety talk, working from home, podcasts, and daily to dos!

I found myself waking up multiple times during the night wondering the outcome of the election so I did not sleep well. I am usually not into politics at all, but for some reason, I am feeling extra anxious for this one. I feel like there has been so much hate and negative feelings surrounding this election, and I hate that! I am trying to just pray and hold on to my faith, but I’m also here to say that it’s normal to be anxious and stressed sometimes.

Cup of coffee with morning sky

I took my morning nice and slow with a few cups of coffee. It was so peaceful in my neighborhood this morning, and that did my heart good.

I worked from home again today, and a leftover chocolate chip cookie from last night was my breakfast of choice. I try to stay at my desk most of the time if I am doing anything work related to help separate my work life from home life, and it has worked pretty well the last few days!

I didn’t take pictures of all my snacks, but I definitely ate more than a beef stick during the day. I never want it to come across like I don’t eat very often because believe me, I DO! I have gotten out of the habit of drinking my greens AGAIN so I made sure to drink them again today. Since I didn’t sleep well last night, Kyle and Chance didn’t sleep well so Chance got in a good nap while I worked.

Here are some podcast episodes I have listened to over the last few days.

After I was done working for the day, I cleaned up the kitchen and folded a load of laundry.

Packed lunch ideas

Then I made my lunch because I am going to the office tomorrow. I packed a salad, verb bar, beef stick, blueberries, veggies, cheese and turkey slices, and Siete chips. I don’t usually eat breakfast before going to work so I’ll eat some of this in the morning and the rest throughout my work day. Like I’ve said, I am much more of a snacker than a big mealer so this works really well for me! I linked my baggies here and my lunch bag here.

The best face mask

I’m getting my monthly break out right now so I relaxed for a few minutes with this mask on. It is truly a miracle worker for me and is super gentle. I like to mix it with apple cider vinegar but water works well too! It’s almost time for me to order another tub.

Kyle and I had allllllll the Mexican food for dinner and watched How I Met Your Mother. I have my running and work clothes set out for tomorrow and my work bag packed so I don’t have to worry about anything in the morning. I’ve been working home since last Friday! I hope I remember how to act in an office 😀

Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. Do you work from home or do you go to an office/school/hospital/etc?
  2. How are you feeling regarding the election?
  3. What helps you when you’re feeling anxious?

6 thoughts on “Anxiety talk, working from home, podcasts, and daily to dos!

  1. Brittany M. says:

    I just started back doing home health so that’s a mix of office, home, and being out in the field. It’s a perfect situation for me. I am in the MSN program and I do most of my schoolwork from home and only go to campus for simulation/presentations right now, and it can be hard to shut off “school mode”. Next semester we will be doing practicums so things will look a little different.
    With anxiety, it’s easier to give advice than to take it and all the advice is so much easier said than done! It can really take over if I don’t constantly have tools in place and keep working towards my ultimate goals. I like to walk, listen to podcasts, pray, talk to others, etc. but I have to be careful to not use any of those things to “check” whatever it is I’m anxious about or seek validation from those things because I think that just creates an endless thought loop of anxiety and worse case scenarios, but instead I try and use those methods to calm me and I try and resist the urge to give in to my anxious thoughts. It’s very hard to retrain your brain once you’ve been in anxious mode for so long! The biggest thing that helped me is facing my fears that cause my anxiety and finding the root causes and triggers that exacerbate my anxiety. I read a book once called The Barbarian Way that helped me with my fears and another good one by Sadie Roberson called Live Fearless (I think that’s the name???). I could talk about anxiety all day! Lol

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      That’s so exciting!!! What are your plans after you get your MSN?? I’m sure you’re super busy. It’ll be worth it!
      And I am right there with you about talking about anxiety forever! It’s such a huge thing and can QUICKLY take over our lives. I’ll have to add The Barbarian Way to my reading list. My friend let me borrow the book Get Out Of Your Head by Jennie Allen and so far it has been FULL of great, tangible advice. But the anxiety loop is for REAL.

      • Brittany M. says:

        I’m not sure if I want to do anything with it just yet or not, I think I’m just wanting extra security for the future and I might decide to teach at some point or who knows. It was just a good time to get started on it so here I am! I got Get Out of Your Head also but I never could get into it so I sold it, I bet it’s great, it just didn’t immediately grab me and sometimes I don’t give books enough of a chance, but right after that is when I discovered Lysa Terkeurst and her books were amazing!

  2. Lindsay says:

    Do you work from home or do you go to an office/school/hospital/etc?
    I work from home in risk & compliance for a large multi-national bank. We have had a very busy year: pandemic, civil unrest, never ending weather events, and then protesting thanks to the elections. Can I call a Time Out? I am so ready for some time off around the holidays. <3
    How are you feeling regarding the election? I am so stressed about the elections. I have never been this worried about the results of an election. I am terrified of what's to come. I am hopeful that within the next few days we'll know who the legitimate next president will be BUT I think we have some court cases in our future.
    What helps you when you’re feeling anxious? Honestly, my usual escape is either working out, napping (if I can calm my mind enough), or if I just need to think … go for a walk. I find that just sitting around can lead to me freaking out. So movement really helps.

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Oh goodness, I’m sure work is so busy and stressful right now!! I hope you get a break soon!!
      And I’m right there with you- this election season has been SO STRESSFUL. I am praying it will be over soon, and we can all move forward (wishful thinking, I know).
      It’s crazy how much movement can help!!

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