Spend Tuesday With Me!

So I usually won’t work from home on Tuesdays, but I did today because my car was finishing getting worked on. My normal schedule from now on is working from home on Mondays and Wednesdays and every other Friday, and I’ll spend Tuesdays and Thursdays in the office. I am really excited about this schedule, and I think it is going to work really well for me!

I was up at six to head to the gym for leg day followed by a two mile walk with Chance. I’m pretending the frost on the ground is snow because it was definitely cold enough this morning! I sure hope we get snow in Nashville this year- I don’t think I have ever experienced a winter without it!

I added that greenery to our bed a little while ago, and I love the way it makes the greenery in our photos pop! I like this comforter, but I still haven’t found the one that I looooove. I would love an all white one, but it would be covered in black dog hair.

The cutest co worker in the world!

I had an iced coffee, verb bar, and blueberries for breakfast and snacked throughout the rest of the day. Then Kyle brought home chick fil a from school for dinner! He had a service project tonight, and they bought them dinner so he brought me leftovers. Their chocolate chip cookies are the BEST.

This is the book I’m reading now. It’s pretty good so far! I’m not very far along, but I’ll let you know how good it is once I finish it. I read a few really good books during quarantine before I was working full time, and I’m planning on doing a book review post soon.

I’m not going to get super political here, but I do hope that everybody has prayed and voted! No matter what, God is still in control and no elected official can change that. This time still brings me a lot of anxiety, but clinging to that truth helps a TON.

Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. Would you rather see a blog post or vlog of my Christmas decor tour?
  2. What do you look for in a good book?
  3. Are you a snow lover or hater? No judgement either way 😀

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4 thoughts on “Spend Tuesday With Me!

  1. Lindsay says:

    I think you should do a blog about christmas decor and then do another day in the life vlog now that you are working full-time again. Also, seeing as you are WFH some days it should be possible! 🙂

    I look for a good plot and even better characters! <3

    I love snow when I don't have to go anywhere or when I am in Colorado when on vacation BUT when I have to drive somewhere then I prefer the snow stay away!

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      That sounds like a great idea to me!! I’ll get on it this weekend!
      I am totally with you about the snow- if I could just sit and enjoy it without having to drive in it, that would be perfect. 😂

  2. Brittany M. says:

    My vote is for a vlog!

    I enjoy a suspenseful book that isn’t typical or predictable. Lately I have read The Other Mrs. and Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica and Such a Perfect Wife, Hush, and The Secrets You Keep all by Kate White and they were all so good!

    Give me ALL the snow!!!! But we rarely ever get any snow or even super cold days. I’m trying to convince my husband to move us north 🙂

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      I think a vlog would work well too!! Thank you! So many good book recommendations- I’m excited to add them to my list.
      And yesssss I totally agree about snow- I’m going to miss my Indiana snowfalls!

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