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Fall running, healthy meal ideas, and sweater weather!

Can you all believe it is almost October!? That is insane to me. September- January is my favorite time of year so I am HERE for it. The weather has continued to be in the 70s most days, and I think our summer heat is gone for the year! I shouldn’t say that too loud though. Isn’t it funny how during the summer, we want cooler days and in the winter, we want the warmth back or is that just me? I need to be more intentional about being INTENT!

I have been enjoying writing the mini recap posts lately so I hope you still like them! I’ll probably get back into one long recap at some point when I get more used to my schedule.

My go to outfits consist of jeans, sweaters, and tennis shoes. I found so many good sweaters at TJ Maxx this month! I wear most of them every week so I definitely think it was a good investment for me. I would like to get another pair of cute tennis shoes for work as well. I love the ones in this picture!

I have been bringing a verb bar and applesauce with me to work for breakfast in the morning and usually eat it while I read my devotional. I love keeping this devotional at work because it’s the perfect length and gives me strength every day. I’ve linked it here!

I have continued to get up and walk almost every hour (unless I get too caught up and lose track of time), and it helps my energy level and just overall feeling so much! I also believe I am more productive during the day. I have been able to get about 5000 steps a day before I work out just by walking around the floor. And yes, it was 50 degrees when I woke up on Tuesday so I pulled out my Uggs! SO COMFY.

The picture on the right is leftover salad from dinner Monday night that I brought for lunch on Tuesday, and the picture on the left shows SOME of the snacks I bring pretty much every day. I’m planning on doing a post on all the different things I eat during the day because posts like that have been really helpful to me when packing my lunches! I haven’t ordered lunch out yet since I started working, and I am proud of that. 😀 I am also linking the reusable baggies I bought here because they have been a gamechanger for my lunch packing game! I love that I am not constantly wasting plastic baggies anymore, and they are great for chips, veggies, fruits, nuts, etc.

Chance and I went on a run/walk on Monday after work, and it felt amazing! It had rained all day so the park was almost empty which was awesome. We’re still working through the Couch to 5K app again, and it’s been really good to keep building up my endurance again.

I went to the gym after work on Tuesday for leg day and then took Chance on a 2.4 mile walk! Or he took me on a walk, I’m still not sure which. I find that if I pack my bag the night before and go straight to the gym after work, I am MUCH more likely to go. I only plan for two gym nights a week, and the rest of the days are runs and walks.

Chicken Caesar salad and roll

I picked up a big caesar salad with chicken and a garlic, parmesan roll from Chef’s Market after our run on Monday. This salad is delicious, and I have been getting it once a week for dinner ever since Jaycey and I went there when she came to visit. I’m obsessed. This is only half of the serving because I always save the other half for lunch the next day.

I picked up these chicken nuggets from Kroger over the weekend, and I rate them 10/10! These are so delicious and will hopefully help curve my cravings for McDonald’s nugs. I had chicken nuggets and green beans for dinner Tuesday night while working on this post. I will definitely be buying these again!

I hope you all are having an AMAZING week so far.

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Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. What’s your favorite thing about fall? I just love the crispness of the air, and the coziness it brings.
  2. What is your go to meal for dinner? These chicken nuggets are my new one!
  3. Are you someone who waits as long as possible to break out the winter clothes or do you wear them at the first sight of colder weather? I bring them out ASAP!

2 thoughts on “Fall running, healthy meal ideas, and sweater weather!

  1. Jaycey says:

    First of all that place we went was awesome so I’m glad you’re still getting the salad once a week!
    Your sweaters are adorable.
    I’m seriously thinking about getting those reusable baggies!
    I appreciate the “Property of Pendleton Heights” shirt.
    Please post more about food! I need ideas D:
    To answer your questions,
    1. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT FALL! But probably my tops if I HAVE to pick would be the clothes, the leaves changing, and the weather (cooler but not too cold!) But for real I love everything it’s my favorite season BY FAR.
    2. Go-to meal for dinner is probably roasted chicken and veggies, because it’s relatively easy and I can make it year-round and I usually have all the stuff to make it at any given time. It does get old though. Another go-to favorite is BUFFALO TURKEY MEATBALLS <3
    3. I usually like to start wearing my cold clothes ASAP too, I really love cold weather clothes way better than warm weather clothes!

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Omg I just freaking love you. You picked out most of my sweaters so there’s that And the baggies are the BEST- perfect for packing lunch for your NEW JOB!
      Also I still need the buffalo turkey meatball recipe!!

      Thank you for being so supportive always ❤️❤️❤️

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