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Decorating for fall, work outfits, and getting in some movement!

Happy Monday, everybody!

I am currently sitting in our living room with all the natural light and fresh air pouring in through the windows. The weather has been in the 70s here this week, and it has been amazing. The extreme heat was really wearing on us so I am super thankful and praying it doesn’t go back up. I spent my Sunday morning picking up groceries, prepping food, and hanging more curtains. In the future, I want to hire someone to hang curtains for me because it is the WORST. Like, I’d rather paint than hang curtains. Dramatic, I know.

Since I have only ever worn scrubs to work since I graduated college, it has been fun for me to wear normal clothes to work! My work environment is super casual so I can wear hoodies, leggings, etc. if I want to, but I am going to only do that on Fridays. I don’t want to get in the habit of always wearing lounge clothes, especially to work. I usually feel better when I put effort into my appearance- even though it doesn’t mean everything!

I get to work a little before 7 every morning, and the first thing I do after I get settled is read a quick devotional. She Reads Truth is perfect because all the verses are included so I don’t have to bring my bible with me and the message is quick but inspirational. It’s a great way to start my work day.

I either brought a ton of snacky food for lunch or a bowl of chickpea and chicken pasta that Kyle made. If I bring the pasta, I also bring fruit and cottage cheese to have throughout the day. Kyle also made breakfast burritos for us to have for breakfast, and they are delicious! He just preps the sausage and heats it up each morning. I add salsa to mine and he adds an egg to his. It’s another good breakfast option that keeps me full until lunch!

I will say that sitting at a desk all day every day is a whole different kind of tiring. I am used to being up and running around constantly which keeps my blood pumping. I have started getting up every hour to walk around our floor. I get about 500 steps in each time I do that, and I always feel better! It only takes me a few minutes, and I truly think I am more productive when I do this.

I went to the gym twice after work and went on walks with Chance on the other days. I packed my gym bag the night before and went straight after work which kept me accountable!

We picked up Sonic one night for dinner and had chickpea pasta the other nights! Kyle had a bachelor party in Louisville this past weekend so before he left on Friday, we got chips and salsa for a mini date night.

Once Kyle left on Friday evening, I was in the mood to clean so I got all of our weekly chores done! One of the most important chores I do at least once a week is wash Chance’s bowls. Dog and cat bowls get super filthy and our pets can get super sick from eating out of dirty bowls!

On Saturday, I drank my morning coffee and then headed out to get some stuff for fall! Lowe’s had BEAUTIFUL mums so I got four pots for our front porch. They bring me so much joy, and I love how it turned out!

Front porch fall decor

All of the fall decor at Hobby Lobby is 40% off right now! Run, don’t walk. The wreath and black and white checkered doormat are from Hobby Lobby. The top doormat is from Target. The mums and welcome sign were from Lowe’s! I also ordered new cushions and pillows for our rocking chair on the front porch.

Kyle got home Saturday afternoon and we headed to Daniel and Cassie’s for dinner! We hung out on the deck until the mosquitos got too bad then we headed inside to watch The Purge because Halloween is coming and Cassie had never seen it!

Now that I have this finished, I am going to take Chance to the park for a walk/run and then wait for Kyle to get home! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are ready for the week.

Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. What’s your favorite holiday to decorate for? Mine is tied between fall and Christmas!
  2. Is the weather starting to turn “fallish” where you are?!
  3. What did you do this weekend?

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Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

4 thoughts on “Decorating for fall, work outfits, and getting in some movement!

  1. Rebekkah Lenora says:

    Cute pumpkins! I am a harvest and Christmas decor enthusiast as well! It would be nice if the stores didn’t change over so quickly, but I have a pretty classic style, so the items usually work well from one year to the next if I don’t get a chance to buy fresh pieces. Happy autumn!! 😄🌾🍂

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Thank you!! I’m trying to be the same way and choose pieces I’ll want to use for a long time so I don’t keep spending all my $$$ every season 😂 I hope you’re having a great fall so far ❤️

  2. Brittany M. says:

    It is finally getting a little cooler here thank goodness!!! I just feel happier and more energized in the fall and winter months. I think the heat slows me down. I don’t go crazy with decor like I used to, but I love Halloween and Christmas time for decorating. There is something so peaceful about a Christmas tree at nighttime!

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