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LIFE UPDATE! New job, food ideas, and getting back to a normal schedule.

Hey everybody! I am so sorry that I have been MIA for the last few weeks. I needed a bit of a break, but I am back and ready to go! I just wanted to get on here and give a little update. This is going to be super random, but I hope you enjoy it!

I got a NEW job! I spoke about the interview a little bit in my first vlog, but I got the nurse navigator job at Vanderbilt. I started on September 8th, and had an amazing first week. I am so thankful, and my heart is full! I’ll explain more once I get settled, but I am doing more of the behind the scenes work for our oncology patients. I’m in an office with three other nurses, and we have our own patients who we prep for their first appointment. It is right up my alley, and I am loving every second of it.

I’ve been packing my lunch every night before work, and it has been so much better for me to have my meals more scheduled again.

Grocery haul

Food prep and planning ahead meal wise has been and will continue to be crucial for me. I am excited to get more ideas and continue to grow in this way, but these are some of my staples so far. Also, rinsing and letting my berries COMPLETELY dry before putting them in my Pyrex bowls keeps them fresher for so much longer.

Oats Over Night prep

These have been a life saver in the mornings. They are so easy to eat while I’m getting ready or in the car, and they keep me full for hours. And I LOVE that I can make them the night before. It makes my mornings that much easier.

HYDRATE with water

I ordered something new (new for me) from Coffee Over Cardio last week, and I have been loving it! I tried the Candy Watermelon Hydrate, and it is a gamechanger! I just put a scoop in my water whenever I want a little boost, and it tastes so good. It’s full of electrolytes and is the perfect substitute when I am craving something sweet. I have also been obviously drinking my Coffee Over Cardio coffee every morning (code 10Miriamleigh saves you $$$!). Kyle’s mom bought him a Nespresso machine with a milk frother for his birthday, and I AM IN LOVE.

New curtains in living room

I finally ordered some curtains and hung them up in the living room. I am not sure how I feel about these yet so I am going to leave them up for a few weeks and decide then. They definitely add a LOT to the room though which I love!

I have been getting back into my routines, and it’s the little things that make me feel so good and put together. I’ve started my self tanner again, and I’m on my third book in the last week and a half.

Fall decor shopping

I have found a couple of awesome fall decorations over the last few weeks, and I will post more photos once I get everything out! It is still in the high 80s in TN, but I am ready for all the fall vibes.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Let me know a life update below! I have missed you all so much, and I really want to know what’s been going on and how you’ve been doing.

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4 thoughts on “LIFE UPDATE! New job, food ideas, and getting back to a normal schedule.

  1. Lindsay says:

    Congrats Miriam! Not much has changed here for me. Still settling into the new house and trying to resolve the issues associated with a new house but I am sure in a year I’ll be all settled (not setting high expectations!)lol! How is the new job going?? How is your role impacted with COVID? Do you miss the part time job? Could you do both?

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Thank you! ❤️ My job has been wonderful so far! Definitely lots to learn, but I’m excited. As far as COVID goes, my job doesn’t have any direct, in person patient contact so it has not been impacted too much- we wear masks when we’re not in our offices or around other people, stay home when sick, and clean our areas and our hands a lot 🙂 Some girls in my office are working from home and a ton of people in other areas of our building are at home too! My part time job was so convenient, but I am enjoying this one so much more! I actually thought about doing both but that would mean I work 12 hour days M-F, and I’m not up for that 😂
      I really hope you start to feel settled soon! I’m sure there are a million things to do, especially with a new house that you actually purchased, but it’s so exciting!

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