Happy Thursday, everybody! Instead of writing a recap post for the beginning of the week, I finally filmed my first attempt at a VLOG! This was super fun to do, and I am definitely going to do more in the future.

This one was a lot longer than I was planning, and it has a ton of rambling and awkwardness. Bear with me, I promise I’ll get better!

I hope you enjoy. ❤

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4 thoughts on “MY FIRST VLOG!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Okay, so it’s taken me forever to get some time put aside to watch the video because of all of the craziness in my own life (bought my first house last Thursday) BUT today after I finished a project at work, I took thirty minutes to go for a walk outside and to watch your vlog, of course it was longer than that (I had no idea 🤷🏻‍♀️) so then after dinner I finally finished it! First off you did an incredible job, it was so much fun to watch. Second, stop apologizing for saying “umm” we all do it and it makes you human. Finally, loved the grocery haul that was fun … you should share more of your favorite grocery store finds and if you get up the courage maybe take us along for a trip to the grocery store with ya. Maybe you could also talk about your budgeting approach regarding food shopping, house stuff, etc. becauSe you did mention that you’d given up a couple of things due to budgeting so I’m sure you’ve got some tips to share. Now, I think I’ll stop writing a book and just say once again great job. I do really enjoy reading the blog so I hope you don’t stop doing that but instead you make the vlog something of an addition to the blogging your already doing!! Hope all is well. Looking forward to your next post!!

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Wow wow wow thank you so much!!! That all means the world to me. I loled at your comment about the length because it was WAY too long! Haha I will definitely add those things to my list to cover! I love it all.
      And CONGRATULATIONS on the new house!!!! That is SO exciting!
      I’m planning on getting back on track with my recap blogging next week- just needed some time away but I miss it!
      Thank you for your continued support ❤️

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