Granola and coffee in bed

Summer work outs, new bible study, home projects, and cleaning

Good morning, everybody! I am trying to have a more productive and healthy week because last week was kind of a dud. My cycle was kicking my butt and my head was a lot worse this past week most likely because of my hormones being a little wild. But it happens, right? Just part of life 🙂 You can read about the beginning of the week here! You can also read the birthday post about things I have learned so far in life here.


Walking the dog

Chance and I went to the park for a 5 mile walk. The weather was so nice this week, and I am so glad we got to soak it in before the 90 degree days come back this weekend.

Breakfast smoothie

I made my go to smoothie with frozen blueberries, spinach, chia seeds, almondmilk, and a raw egg. I think I am going to cut the raw egg back out until my head gets better. I’m not sure if my migraines were worse this week just because of my hormones or if adding eggs back in are making them worse. I hope I can add them back in because they keep me full and are so easy!

Cup of coffee and blogging on deck

The weather this morning was a dream! The temperature was perfect for sitting outside and drinking coffee.

Cup of coffee and blogging on deck

I made some blueberry Coffee Over Cardio and took my tablet outside to work on my 27 Life Lessons post! This post was super fun to write, and I hope it’s enjoyable to read as well.

Full laundry basket on bed

I had thrown some laundry in the day before so I folded those when I got upstairs to shower. I actually enjoy doing laundry, is that weird? I just like the satisfaction of having it done and put away.

Glass of greens

I made a glass of greens for a little pick me up in the afternoon! I use the greens from 1stPhorm. I have tried the cheaper options, but they are so gross and I don’t see the same benefits. Peep all the fun save the dates on our fridge. I am SO READY for all these weddings.

Work from home office

Work time! I used my cold brew maker to make blueberry iced coffee from Coffee Over Cardio, and OMG it is so good cold! I love it warm too, but I feel like the flavor is even stronger as cold brew. I don’t know what I am going to do when my stash runs out.

Work went well! I got a call back from a full time job that I applied for, and I have an interview on Friday. I am really enjoying the job I am currently doing, but it’s only part time and I will eventually need/want something full time which is why I am still applying to places.

Sitting on porch with flowers

After work, I went outside to water my flowers and then sat out there for a little while just enjoying the weather and the quietness of the neighborhood at night.


Granola and coffee in bed

I had a super slow morning because I did not sleep well last night for some reason. I made some coffee and grabbed some granola and enjoyed it in bed.

Chance waiting for chicken nugget

Kyle was back on campus today so Chance and I shared some chicken nuggets from Wendy’s. (I don’t advice feeding your animals people food- he’s just so cute and I caved).

Glass of greens

I drank my green two days in a row! They seriously make such a difference in the way I feel, I just suck at taking them every day because my routine is kind of out the window right now.

Thank you note time! I received a lot of super sweet gifts and cards for my birthday, and I ALWAYS send thank you notes. I love writing cards and sending them in the mail so I am trying to be even more intentional about writing them since moving. I like to pick up cute boxes of cards whenever I see them so that I always have them on hand.

The Bible Study workbook

My bible study finally came!! I ordered this a few weeks ago, and I am so excited that it’s here. I am pumped to dive into this. I hate to say that I have never read the whole bible all the way through because it has always seemed super intimidating to me. Jaycey is working through this study and had such good things to say about it so I grabbed my copy online here. I’ll let you know how it is after I get a little further into it.

Scared pup

This sweet boy is not enjoying Kyle being on campus so much. He has gotten used to both of us being home with him, and it breaks my heart when he looks at me like this. I know he’ll get used to it again, but THAT FACE 😥

Watching movie in living room

After work, Kyle had picked up our favorite queso and chips and we settled on the couch for a movie! We watched What Keeps You Alive on Netflix. The storyline was good, but there were parts that were way too slow for me. Overall it was a good, suspenseful movie for a night in!


Cup of coffee in clean bedroom

When Kyle headed to campus, I started my cleaning routine! I got so much cleaning done, and I felt so good afterwards. I still have so many things that I want to do decor wise, but the most recent thing I did was frame two of our wedding photos. I love them so much! I bought the frames on Amazon and printed the photos at Walgreens.

Painting and staining desk

I had been wanting to put another coat on the top of my desk so I did that today as well. It’s much better now! I am going to sand it down again and do one more coat at some point, but it’s good for now. I am planning on doing a DIY post on how we made this desk at some point- it was super easy and I did most of it myself!

Glass of greens

Greens for the THIRD DAY IN A ROW!

DIY vitamin packs

I also put together a ton of vitamin packs. When I ran out last time, I just stopped making more so I made a ton this time. I need to stay on top of taking these because they are supposed to be good for migraines as well as just overall health. I used to use Care/Of (and loved it), but it is pretty expensive and we’re trying to save as much as possible right now.

Walking the dog

After we were done cleaning, Chance and I went out for a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood. We have been going to the park so much, it was nice to shake it up by staying in the neighborhood like we used to.

Dumbbells and water on deck

I took my dumbbells outside and did some arm/shoulder exercises. I don’t know what I did to my right knee, but I did something because I can’t bend it without pain. So I am staying away from most leg/glute work outs for now which I hate so hopefully resting my knee will help soon!

I got cleaned up and put on this face mask because my skin was breaking out like crazy. You can even see some of the breakouts with the mask on. My skin felt so much better after this, and I highly recommend!

Sun Dried Tomato Tuna pack

I bought some tuna packs last week to try, and I have learned that I am NOT a tuna gal. I wanted to like these so much but holy moly the fish taste is strong. I know, duh. Not sure what I was expecting, but I am going to continue to try them because I bought a couple different flavors and brands. We shall SEE.

I texted Kyle to see how he was doing on campus, and he said he was coming home soon so I ordered Chili’s for dinner. YUM!

Working at home with Kyle

We spent the evening in Kyle’s office all together. He was studying, I was working on a few posts and job applications, and Chance was just happy to all be together. It’s not our ideal date night, but we have to make due with what we have because Kyle has to study 24/7 right now, and as long as we’re together, we’re good.


Chance laying in bed with me watching Criminal Minds

Today was a day of pure laziness. I woke up in the middle of the night with a killer headache so I did not sleep well. When I woke up in the morning, it still hurt pretty bad but I got up for a bit to FaceTime with Kyle’s parents and then went back to bed. Kyle was on campus all day to study because he has finals next week, and Chance was the best therapy pup for me. We did go for a 2 mile walk in the evening just to get some movement in and for Chance to meet his movement goal for the day. I am ready for a new week!

Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. Do you take any supplements or do anything different during your time of the month? GIRL TALK RIGHT!?
  2. What is your best interview tip?
  3. Tell me one awesome thing that happened last week!

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Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

2 thoughts on “Summer work outs, new bible study, home projects, and cleaning

  1. Brittany M. says:

    I take The My Adventure to Fit greens and they are so good!!! The taste is amazing. I believe I have PMDD so I have been doing some reading up on that and how to help. I mentioned it briefly to my doctor but I go back soon and I plan on discussing it further. My best interview tip is to create a folder with copies all your certifications, diplomas, reference letters, etc. and take it with you to every interview (I guess right now most are on the phone or over the computer, so you could make a computer file and scan them all in) and create a CV or ePortfolio on Wix or somewhere so you can just link it to online applications. It’s always weird to “market” yourself but that’s what they look for to set you apart. Yesterday I found out my sister is having a baby girl so that was pretty exciting. I love all your posts and read them, I just don’t always have time to leave a comment!

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Those look so good!! And I like the price better 😀 I’ll have to check them out. Thank you!
      I do not know much about PMDD but what I do know sounds so terrible and difficult. I pray you get answers and relief soon!
      Those tips are awesome!! Thank you!
      CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Being an aunt is so fun!! Praying the pregnancy goes well ❤ She’ll be here before you know it.
      And thank you so much, Brittany! That means so much. I totally understand about not always having the time to comment, but thank you for letting me know. I love that you’re here!

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