Chance standing in the forest

Morning walks, continued running, and birthday celebrations!

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everybody had a great weekend and are ready for your week. I spent the weekend with family and celebrating my birthday- it was so fun! You can read my recap about the beginning of the week here. I also wrote a post about my experience with amenorrhea that I published over the weekend, and you can read it here! I really enjoyed writing it and am planning more posts like that in the future. Let’s take it back to Thursday!


Verb bar and water bottle in car

Chance and I got into the car to head to the park around 7:30 for our morning walk! I’ve been loving my verb bars in the morning, and I love bringing my tumbler because it keeps my water ice cold for when we’re done with our walk.

On a run with Chance

4.5 miles down! I bought this fanny pack on Amazon since we have been going on so many walks, and I am obsessed. It has plenty of room in the main pocket, and then a small pocket on the back for my keys.

The Influencer podcast

I listened to another episode of the Influencer Podcast while we walked. I have really been enjoying all these episodes so far and am already learning quite a few things.

Breakfast protein smoothie

I made my go to smoothie when I got home with frozen blueberries, spinach, a raw egg, chia seeds, and almondmilk.

McDonalds fries and drink

Kyle needed a pick me up so I headed to McD’s for a mid day snack. 😀

Bowl of taco soup

I had leftovers for a late lunch/ early dinner. This taco soup keeps getting better and better every day! You can read about it in this post.

I worked from 4-8PM and then went to bed shortly after.


Verb bar and water bottle in car
On a run with Chance

Same pictures, different day! Chance and I ran 1.25 miles and then walked 2 more.

Breakfast protein smoothie

I am such a creature of habit it’s ridiculous haha same smoothie as yesterday! The raw egg makes a world of difference in keeping me full.

Photo from Walgreens

I know this is hard to see, but can you tell that only half our picture printed out? haha it looks so funny. I sent two photos to Walgreens to hang above our bed. One turned out really well and the other turned out like this. They replaced it super fast, and it looks great now!

Cup of coffee

I had a big cup of coffee as an afternoon pick me up. The blueberry flavor from Coffee Over Cardio is AMAZING.

Bowl of taco soup

Leftovers again! The lime chips go so well with this taco soup, and I could eat it every day. I also love having soups in the house because they are so easy to make and reheat.

Jaycey sent me a birthday package! She is the sweetest. She sent me this beautiful hummingbird feeder and even sent Chance some goodies.

Dog face

I can’t get over how mature Chance looks in this photo. Sometimes he looks like a puppy and sometimes he looks like this. Heckin cute no matter what.

Opti Greens Supplement

I made a glass of greens and headed to work! My shifts are flying by, and I love it.

Clean bedroom with snacks

Kyle bought all of my favorite snacks on his way home from campus today, and we had a pre birthday celebration of stuffing our faces and starting the new season of The Umbrella Academy! If you haven’t seen it, you must!


Chance and I walked 3 miles today before the storms started. There is a little path at the park that leads back to a creek, and next time Kyle goes with us, we will have to let Chance take a swim. There were quite a few other people at the park today so I didn’t want to let him off his leash.

Cantaloupe, cheese, and pepperoni snack
Clean kitchen with flowers

After I got home, I snacked a little and then started cleaning! It feels good to have all the cleaning done for the week. Kyle is on campus all day today so it was a good time to get it all done.

We went out to a little pub for dinner tonight, and it was so fun! Kyle asked where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner, and this is what sounded the best to me. We had a favorite pub back in Indiana so we are trying to find a new one here.

We picked up some beers on our way home and watched The Bye Bye Man on Netflix. It was pretty cheesy, but still entertaining! I LOVE Bud Light Lime.


We spent the day at my brother and sister in law’s! My sister, Anne’s, birthday was last Sunday so we had a little joint celebration. It was also Jacob and Anne’s anniversary so it was a big day!

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