House cleaning, new recipes, and new ways of learning!

Happy Thursday, everybody! I had every intention of writing this post last night so I could publish it this morning, BUT that just didn’t happen. So here I am! These past few days have been pretty uneventful so I am just going to share some of the highlights. A lot of time was spent working on some of the behind the scenes of my blog, planning out some new posts, designing a newsletter, and working on some YouTube content. It’s a lot of work, but I really enjoy it! I hope you do too. 🙂

Cup of coffee

On Monday, we drank a lot of coffee, watched New Girl, and tried to soothe our stomachs after stuffing our faces all weekend! Bryler left around noon to head back to IN, Kyle had class at one, and I cleaned up around the house until work at four. The cinnamon bun flavored coffee from Coffee Over Cardio was a hit all weekend.

I am back on a Verb bar kick, and they make the perfect snack before a work out. Verb offers all new costumers a sampler pack, and all you have to do is pay $3.95 for shipping. That’s how I got hooked on the Salted Peanut Butter flavor. I’ve included the link here for you to order your samples! If you decide you love them and want more, their costumer service is super easy. They do everything through texting and are always there to help. If you want more, want a different flavor, or want to delay your next shipment, all you have to do is text them. They respond very quickly and always double check with you every month before your shipment goes out.

On Tuesday, Chance and I walked five miles. On Wednesday, we ran one mile and then walked two. Look at the fog we were in on Wednesday! I think fog is super cool as long as I don’t have to drive far in it. 😉 I also finished cleaning the house on Wednesday! What a good feeling.

Breakfast smoothie

I had my same smoothie after my walks and runs. Frozen blueberries, frozen spinach, chia seeds, almond milk, and a raw egg.

Kroger curbside pick up

One of my most favorite things that I have discovered is Kroger and Aldi curbside pick up. It is so insanely easy and has saved me a ton of money already. I am such a sucker for buying a ton of extra stuff that I don’t need and isn’t on my list if I go down the Aldi Finds aisle or the clearance aisle at Kroger. Curbside pick up is free at Kroger and $2 at Aldi. It is the BEST.

Crockpot and taco soup ingredients

On Wednesday, I made taco soup! I have been craving some sort of soup for a while, and Kyle was the one who suggested taco soup. I used this recipe from Gimme Delicious, and it was in fact DELICIOUS. We’ve been eating it for the last few days and plan on finishing all of it. I also used their homemade taco seasoning recipe because most taco seasoning packets are packed with MSGs. I had all the ingredients for the seasoning already which was awesome. I’ve linked our crockpot here because we love it!

New shelf with sign and quilt

I put together this shelf on Tuesday and hung it on Wednesday. ALL BY MYSELF thank you very much 😉 Kyle’s grandma made me that blanket as a bridal shower gift, and it is so incredibly special to me. I didn’t want it to get worn or dirty so I have been looking for a nice way to display it, and I finally found this shelf! It’s perfect, and I am very happy with it. I think I am going to add some succulents or something, but I want to keep it pretty simple.

The Influencer Podcast

One of the new things I am trying to implement into my every day schedule is at least 30 minutes of learning. I found The Influencer Podcast, and I have learned so much about blogging already. Julie really knows what she is talking about, but she is also super funny and sweet.

I have a post about something more personal and serious coming at ya on Saturday so be on the look out. I have also created a newsletter! I announced it yesterday, and I really hope you all subscribe. If you want to, go to my main page and the sign up form is on the right side of the page. Be sure to also subscribe to my blog via your email which is located right under the newsletter sign up so you never miss a post. 🙂

Questions for YOU! Please comment below so we can chat.

  1. What is your favorite way to learn?
  2. Can you eat soup all year long or just in the winter months?
  3. What are you looking forward to this weekend?!

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