Sonic lemon berry slushie

Long walks, family time, and grilling out!

Happy Monday, everybody! You can read the beginning of the week recap here, and this post picks up from Thursday! We had a lot of fun family time this weekend and ate allllll the good food. I hope you had a great weekend!


Started my day with a big cup of coffee. I made the cinnamon bun flavor from Coffee Over Cardio with a little half and half.

I took Chance on a little walk around the neighborhood. It was so HUMID!

I smacked on some cantaloupe before showering. Then I made a smoothie! This one had frozen blueberries and spinach, chia seeds, oatmilk, and a raw egg. I used to put raw eggs in my smoothie every morning when I was in high school and college, but I stopped when I thought they were triggering my migraines. I’ve been learning more and more about what triggers me so I decided to add them back in again and see how I do. It grosses Kyle out that I drink a raw egg, but it doesn’t bother me at all! Plus I don’t taste it in a smoothie.

I ventured out to TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby for some home stuff. I didn’t find anything I was originally looking for, but I did find a few other things!

I love the little woven tray for our coffee table. It organizes everything and adds a lot. We keep a couple of things for Chance on the counter that we use frequently so I found that cute wire container to organize it all. That two tier tray was on sale, and I thought it would work perfect for all of our coffee. I’m not sure if I love it there, but I’ll find somewhere for it! Lastly, I bought a new basket for Chance’s toys because the other one was getting gross and didn’t match anything. All these things were from TJ!

Super random lunch but we had salmon, green beans, salad, cheese slices, pickles, and tomato slices.

I ordered a few things on Amazon and wrote my previous recap post while I drank another cup of coffee.

I took a quick break while I was working to get a snack. Pepperoni slices and cheese is one of my favorites.


Major migraine day. I didn’t sleep well for some reason so I took my meds and slept a lot of the day away. I got up to eat a little and work and then went back to bed.


I woke up feeling MUCH better today so Chance and I headed to the park for a long walk.

We completed 5 miles, and it felt so good! Chance was pretty happy once we got back into the AC, but he was much less wild today since he got some movement in.

I listened to episode 39 of the Happy Hour podcast with Gretchen, and it was such a fun and encouraging listen! If you’re looking for a motivational yet light and sweet podcast, I definitely recommend checking her’s out.

I made the same smoothie from Thursday. The egg really adds a lot and keeps me full so much longer! I sure hope I can tolerate them.

Chance loves the tile in the upstairs bathroom because it stays so cool.

Kyle made chicken nuggets and green beans for lunch! He made them in the air fryer again, and they were so good.

My new bedding came! I ordered it online from Target, and I really like it.

Kyle had to pick up something from school so we got drinks from Sonic on the way! I got the lemonade slushee, and omg it’s so good. If you love sour/tart stuff, you’d love it.

My cousin, Bryler, arrived today to stay with us for the weekend once we got back from Kyle’s school! We sat around and caught up for a while before grilling dinner.

We grilled burgers and asparagus and had chips. So yummy!!

Yes, yes we did go to Sonic again. We kept seeing ads for their Lemonberry Shake Up so we decided to go try it. It is even better than it looks, and I have found my new favorite drink!!

I headed to bed around 9, and Bryler and Kyle stayed up for a while playing FIFA. I’m glad they can play together because I don’t understand video games AT ALL.


It was a super slow morning for us, and it was great! We picked up donuts yesterday for breakfast and drank a ton of coffee.

Before Bryler woke up, I did a little bit of planning and some prep work for a few YouTube videos I plan on filming soon.

Bryler and I watched soccer for a little bit in the morning while Kyle studied. Soccer and baseball are my two favorite sports to watch because I actually understand the sport!

I was getting pretty hangry so we headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant to chow down on some food! I got steak and chicken fajitas and left much happier.

We spent a lot of our weekend on the couch, watching either New Girl or playing FIFA, and just talking about life. It was so great, and I am thankful.

Then we made the short drive to Daniel and Cassie’s to hang out for the weekend. I’ll never get sick of that Nashville skyline!

We ordered food from Toot’s and played a new game called LISTicles. It was a super fun game, and we definitely are going to be buying it for ourselves. I love that you can play it with 2 people because Kyle and I love playing games but most need at least 3. Also, I know Toot’s sounds like a ridiculous name for a restaurant but the food is amazing. We always try to go there if we are at Daniel and Cassie’s because there isn’t one close to our house. It was so nice being all together, and I’m so glad we could go while Bryler was in town!

I hope you all have a great week, and I’ll talk to you soon! ❤️

Questions for YOU! Please respond below so we can chat. 🥰

1. How was your weekend??

2. What’s your favorite summer activity?

3. What’s your favorite sport to watch?

4 thoughts on “Long walks, family time, and grilling out!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Miriam, looks like you had a great couple of days. I will have to concur … raw egg in smoothie = yuck! I do like eggs and I am currently hunting for a good breakfast casserole (any ideas)? Also, I will be making a really decadent dessert this week for a get together with family on Sunday and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will turn out. If it does, I will share. Think oreo cookies, cool whip, and funfetti cake mix … should be great! I see that you have school stuff in your planner, have you gone back to school too?? Well, I won’t write a book response tonight so I will hope you have a great start to the week! 🙂

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Hahaha @ the raw egg! I figured most people would agree with Kyle 😂
      And omg that sounds so good!! I am sure it’ll turn out delicious- how could it not?!
      And nooooo way about school! 😂 that is a valid question though- I see why it was misleading. I keep Kyle’s school schedule in my planner just so I know when he’ll be gone/when not to barge into his office like when’s he in class 😂 I have a super hard time keeping his schedule straight so I like to have it in mine so I’m not constantly asking him.
      I hope you have a great time with your family this weekend!!

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