Coffee and flowers

Home decor, more running, and yummy eats!

Hey, hey everybody! I hope you all have had a great week so far. It’s almost Friday!! I am still enjoying working from home, but I have not been doing it even close to as long as most of you! I hope you all are still hanging in there and using this time to recharge and do something you have always wanted to do but haven’t had the time. For me, I am trying to decorate our house, establish an enjoyable work out routine, and focus more on my blog. Let’s take it back to…


Cup of coffee and a donut

Getting donuts on Sundays is a good and bad thing. The good thing is obvious- we love donuts! The bad thing is we have leftovers that we can’t let go to waste… maybe that’s another a good thing!

The blueberry flavor coffee from Coffee Over Cardio is my all time FAVORITE! It tastes just as good as it smells, and that’s really saying something. Since this one is part of the subscription, you only get it if you are paying for the monthly subscription. A new flavor comes out every month, and it’s super fun! But good news!! Abbey, the CEO of Coffee Over Cardio, announced that she is selling a limited supply of the blueberry coffee TOMORROW ( June 24th) at 10AM CST!! You KNOW I am going to order like 10 boxes. At this time, I’m not sure if my code will work on this special release, but it is 10Miriamleigh if you want to try! It gets you 10% off all orders except for subscriptions which is why I’m not sure if it’ll work or not. I promise it is worth it either way!

Chance and I headed to the park around 9 for a run. We completed week 5 day 2 of the Couch to 5K program today! It’s weird to think that we were running 10+ miles at a time about a year ago. But I am still happy with our progress, and I am excited to keep going.

Girl, Stop Apologizing audiobook

I listened to more of Girl, Stop Apologizing on Audible while I ran. I go in spurts of being able to listen to books versus podcasts versus music, and there is no rhyme or reason for it! I am really loving this book though.

Before we got into the car, we both chugged some water while we let the car cool down!

I didn’t feel like eating breakfast this morning so I made a little snack board. Tomato slices, blueberries, cheese, pepperoni, and steak leftovers. I know it’s super random, but I LOVE meals like this.

House cleaning to do list

Today was clean the house day so after I ate, I got to work! I love writing out to do lists because it keeps me on track and makes me feel productive. I listed out all of the things I needed to do around the house and got to work.

I was done with all my cleaning around 2 so I made a smoothie and relaxed for a little bit.

Glass of greens

Then I made my greens and headed to work! And by that, I mean I headed to the guest room. It was a good shift, and we watched some House before falling asleep for the night around 10!


Cup of coffee and donut

The leftover donuts have now been finished! Mission accomplished.

Chance and I then went back to the park to walk about 2.5 miles. It was a little later by the time we got there so we cut it short because it was so hot! I don’t mind getting my sweat on in the 100 degree heat, but that would be torture for Chance. Does anybody else sweat around their belly button? I think that is in almost every running/walking photo I take, and I’m so sorry haha

Booty band work out

I also got back to work with my booty bands after we got back! I need to buy some more because I used to have at least six, but this is the only one that hasn’t snapped yet.

My brother sent us home with these sausages last week from Butcher Box, and they were so good! We also grilled asparagus and had some tomato and pickle slices on the side.

Laying in bed with blanket

The rest of my afternoon was spent like this because my head was bothering me for most of the day.

Water, cantaloupe, and energy bar

I got up around 3 and felt much better! I grabbed some cantaloupe and a verb bar and started work.

I am really thankful that I found this job, especially in a time like this. I love that I am able to work from home, slowly ease back into more hours, and continue to work on my health.

Hooter's order and water

Yes, this is real life. I was STARVING (yes, I am dramatic) after work so I ordered Hooters through doordash. It’s one of my guilty pleasures- their wings and fried pickles are amazing!! I didn’t eat as much as I usually do since I slept for a while so this hit the spot for sure. I know it’s not great to stuff your face right before bed, but sometimes a girl has to live!

Bedtime tea and book

Kyle made me some tea (Yogi Kava and Bedtime), and I read a chapter of my book before falling asleep. I HIGHLY recommend Get Out Of Your Head. I’ll do a full book review of it and all the books I have read this year at some point!


I was up around 5:30 this morning and made my other favorite coffee flavor this morning before getting ready for our run.

Today we completed week 5 day 3 of the Couch to 5K program which means that we ran 2 miles without stopping! It felt so good, and I am so excited to start ramping up the miles again.

I have these in my car and my gym bag so I can wipe off my face as soon as I am done with a work out. It’s a fact that my face will immediately break out if I don’t wipe the sweat off ASAP! I like these wipes because they are gentle on my skin and affordable.

Blueberry smoothie

I made my go to smoothie of frozen blueberries and spinach, chia seeds, and oatmilk before changing my shirt and heading out on some errands.

Lowe’s Garden Center

My first stop was Lowe’s! I have been wanting to get a lavender plant ever since we moved, and I finally found one today. I am going to plant it in the backyard. They are so pretty, smell amazing, and repel mosquitoes!

Grocery cart with flowers

I also stopped by Kroger to pick up a few things. I picked out fresh flowers because the ones at home are starting to wilt, and I love having fresh flowers around the house.

Honey mustard pretzels and sour patch kids

Two of my FAVORITE snacks! I couldn’t resist today.

Crafting in the kitchen

I spent the afternoon hanging up more decorations around the house and moving some things around. I bought these decorations years ago, but they don’t really match anything anymore. So I painted them black, and I am going to use them as picture frames! I’ll update you when they’re finished.

Laying on the couch with Chance

I ate my leftovers from last night and relaxed on the couch with Chance for a while in the afternoon. All the runs and walks in the summer exhaust him, but yet he still wants to go go go. He is a whirlwind of emotion.

Flowers in the rain

RAIN!!! We finally got some rain today!! It has barely rained since we moved here so I was so excited to have a few scattered storms today. I hurried outside to put my hanging pots on the sidewalk so I wouldn’t have to water them today. Work smarter, not harder, right?

Coffee and flowers

I made my afternoon cup of coffee before heading to work! It was a pretty uneventful shift, and we headed to bed soon after.

Questions for YOU!

  1. Any plans for the weekends?
  2. Are you still working from home?
  3. Tell me one thing you’re thankful for!

2 thoughts on “Home decor, more running, and yummy eats!

  1. Lindsay says:

    I found the answer to your leftover donut problem …
    I love pineapple bread pudding so I am sure that you could adapt the doughnut bread pudding to include pineapple and a little cinnamon … let me know what you think and I will let you know how mine turns out! 😉
    No plans for the weekend except for going to take pictures of the progress on my new house, staying cool (we’re under a heat advisory), and relaxing. I have always worked from home so no changes there. I honestly don’t think I’d want to work in an office right now anyways because of the mask requirements.
    I am thankful for air conditioning, my family, and job!

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