Donuts and coffee

New books, long walks, and family time.

Good morning, everybody! I am coming at ya with the rest of last week’s recap. You can read about the first part of my week here!


Coffee and reading

I started my morning with a cup of coffee and a book! I am drinking the blueberry flavor from Coffee Over Cardio. Use code 10Miriamleigh to save $$$! If you need another flavor to try, Messy Bun is definitely my other favorite!

Get Out Of Your Head book

Jaycey sent me this book to read after I sent her Own Your Everyday. It is so good so far!! I highly recommend both of them.

Greens and granola

I drank my greens and ate some granola before I headed to the grocery store.

Mini grocery haul

We needed a few toiletry items so I headed to Kroger! We also needed more cold brew and half and half. Naturally, I left with a few extra things as well.

Iced coffee

I also picked us up some iced coffees from Starbucks on my way home for a little treat. Kyle likes it just black, and I had a little half and half in mine. I drank half of it while I wrote my recap post from the beginning of the week. I kind of liked splitting up my recap this week. Let me know what you thought!

Steak fajita taco salad

Last minute lunch date! Kyle and I went to our local mexican restaurant for a lunch date. I got the fajita taco salad, and it was delicious.

Kyle and Chance cuddling

I went into my office to work at 4. When I took a break, I found these two cuddling on the chaise after a walk. Cuties!

Cheese and blueberries

I grabbed a snack of cheese and blueberries to have while I was working. My shifts are flying by and are still going super well! I am really enjoying working in the evenings and having my whole morning and afternoon to do what I want.

After I finished work at 8, I had some bedtime tea and fell asleep!


Cup of coffee in the morning

I drank more coffee and read more of my book. This book literally gives me full body chills, and I love it. It’s just so real.

Apple Watch walk statistics

Chance and I walked 2.4 miles in the raging heat. It is now almost 90 degrees by 9 in the morning so we just have to grin and bear it!

Working out in living room with Chance

When we got home, I used (and snapped) my booty bands and Chance laid by the vents.

Flowerbed with weeds

It did NOT take very long for weeds to take over my garden. I have been meaning to get out there all week to weed, but I finally did it today!

Flowerbed without weeds

Wow it looks so much better now. It’s been very dry here lately, and I am hoping for some rain soon. I am honestly proud that they are all still alive.

Breakfast smoothie

I was done with being outside around 10 so I made my smoothie before getting cleaned up.

Selfie on front porch

Time to run some errands! I know, I know. Monsters are terrible for you, but this new flavor is the bomb.

We’ve been using a Whistle with Chance for the last few months and LOVE it. It tracks his activity, itching, and location constantly which is a huge relief for me. A little part of it broke a couple of days ago, but it was still usable. I reached out to the Whistle support team, and they sent us a new one right away which was so nice. They sent me a label to return the broken one so I dropped it off at the post office today. If you have a dog, I highly recommend trying Whistle!

Great clips

Haircut time! I wanted my hair a little bit shorter so she cut off a little over an inch. I love it now! Great Clips is doing a great job staying open in the safest way possible.

French fries and chicken nuggets in bed
Cuddling in bed with Chance

You already know! Kyle was on campus all day today so I picked myself up McDonald’s for lunch. It may look like Chance is trying to cuddle but don’t be fooled, he was waiting for a fry. Or 20.

Home office and iced coffee

Work time! I finished my coffee and had another good shift.

Sonic drive thru

We went on a late night (well, late for us) trip to Sonic! I got the lemonade slushie, and it was do delicious.


Note and 1st Phorm order

I got my monthly order of greens today, and I love this company so much! They write a personal note to you on every order receipt. You can tell they actually care about their customers.

Cup of coffee

Pre walk cup of coffee. I love how much sunshine pours into our house in the mornings.

Walking outfit

I wanted to go on a really long walk this morning so Kyle and Chance started out with me and then headed back when it got too hot for Chance.

5 mile walk stats

I completed 5 miles! It felt so good, and I loved getting back to my long walks. I am going to start incorporating them back into my schedule and just bring Chance back early so he doesn’t get too hot. I listened to more of Girl, Stop Apologizing on Audible while I walked. Perfect way to start the morning.

Breakfast smoothie

I got cleaned up and made my smoothie. It was much needed because I was dripping in sweat when I got back!

Then I headed to Target! We have been wanting a new comforter for both bedrooms, and I love both of these. We ended up ordering the black and white quilt set online because they didn’t have our size in the store. It should be here on Wednesday. I wanted something a little more neutral, and I am excited to see it in our room. I love the floral one too so I might get that for the guest room at some point.

Iced coffee on the drive

Kyle made us some iced coffees for the drive to my brother’s house. We decided to go there to grill and hang out for the evening. I love living close enough to do this now. It is the absolute best.

Ribs and burger

Kyle and I brought a rack of ribs to grill, and we also had burgers! It was all sooooooo good. My brother made the ribs in the air fryer, and they were incredible. Kyle and I are going to try making them like that sometime this week. Can anybody else eat olives by the jar or is it just me?

Phone is disabled

Haha! JJ tried to unlock my phone one too many times.

We love these kiddos to pieces! They make us laugh all the time, and I just constantly want to squeeze their guts out. I have years of living in different states to make up for!

We got home around 11 and headed straight to bed.


Donuts and coffee

Donuts and coffee! Perfect start to our Sunday morning.

Sunday morning cuddles

Followed by lots of cuddles.

FaceTiming with parents
Popcorn and a movie

Then we had our weekly FaceTime date with Kyle’s parents. They bought an RV! I am so excited to see it and have them come see us again. After we were done talking, we made some popcorn and watched Fatal Affair on Netflix. It was really good!

After the movie, Kyle headed to his office to study and I went to pick up our groceries from Aldi and Kroger. This tank top is one of my recent Target finds, and I love it! It’s so soft and comfy. Also, my weather app says it is 97 degrees and feels like 103 so that’s fun!

Meal prep, flowers, coffee

I cut up our cantaloupe, rinsed and put our salad in a big bowl, and cut up cheese blocks to have for snacks this week.

Kyle didn’t think he was going to be hungry for dinner but grilled steaks for me anyways. 🙂 What a guy!

Chance also got a snack.. My brother gave us this huge knuckle bone to grill and give to Chance so he got part of it today.

Planner and colorful pens

I spent the evening planning my week and relaxing until Kyle finished studying. Then we relaxed together and watched Dexter.

I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for an even better week.

Questions for YOU! Let’s chat.

  1. Hot or iced coffee?
  2. What was the last book that you read and loved?
  3. What’s your favorite way to move your body right now?

One thought on “New books, long walks, and family time.

  1. Lindsay says:

    Hot or iced coffee? Iced Coffee ALL the way! I really don’t enjoy hot coffee even in the winter!
    What was the last book that you read and loved? I haven’t been reading much lately. I do a lot of reading for work so I try to relax after work and not read heavy stuff! I have been reading up on vacation spots. I would recommend this place … if you want to go to Colorado soon! <3
    What’s your favorite way to move your body right now? – Spinning, Walking (the weather finally cooled off in Minnesota), and Stretching

    Have you planned any trips for the remainder of the year??

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