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First week of work, runs and walks, and meal ideas!

Hey everybody! I hope you’re having a great week so far.

I really felt like writing today so I thought I would do a mini recap post of the week so far. This was my first week of work on my own, and it has gone really well so far! I am enjoying the schedule, and I am glad to be working without all the stress of a normal nursing job right now.



Chance and I headed out on a run this morning. We are in week 5 of the couch to 5k program.

Breakfast smoothie

I made a smoothie as soon as I got home because I was burning up! We’re at the point in summer where it is too hot to do anything besides sit outside from 9-5. I try to get my time outside in early in the morning when it’s only 80 degrees and not 95. My smoothie had frozen blueberries, frozen spinach, oatmilk, and chia seeds.

Kyle talking to man at bank

Kyle and I had some more things to get done at the bank so we made an appointment at 10 for today. When we got there, they were still working with someone so they asked us to wait in the lobby. This sweet man walked in a little later and him and Kyle talked for a good 15 minutes until it was time for us to go into the office. I love how Kyle can literally talk to anybody about anything.

Wearing our masks at the bank

We got it all sorted out! The workers at our bank are so nice and have already helped us so much.

Iced coffee and granola

Kyle made us some iced coffees when we got home to go with my granola. My hours for work are M-F 4-8PM so Kyle and I are going to start having lunch together instead of dinner. He has been intermittent fasting so it works better for his schedule anyways!

Steak and asparagus

We grilled steaks and asparagus for lunch around noon, and it was all delicious. I am also finding that I am much more willing to actually cook during the day as opposed to in the evening when I always just want to order something. Maybe because I have more energy or something? Who knows.

Chips, fruit, cheese, pepperoni

I went into my office with some snacks around 3:30 to make sure everything was set for my first shift! Everything went really well, and I am glad to be getting back into the swing of a normal schedule. Whenever I had a question, I had someone respond to me right away which was a huge relief. I snacked on Siete lime chips, cheese, pepperoni, blueberries, and pineapple. These snacks are a staple for me, and they’re super easy to eat between phone calls! We buy the Applegate brand of pepperoni because it’s free from all the preservatives and nitrates so it doesn’t hurt my head!

I was done with work around 8 so I drank my bedtime tea, and we headed to bed.


Cleaning day!

Cleaning supplies

I got straight to cleaning when I woke up today. I vacuumed all the carpets, rugs, and the sectional, swept and mopped the floors, cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen, did laundry, and cleaned our sheets. I like to get my laundry going before I start cleaning so it’s all washing and drying while I do everything else.

Cleaning supplies

I have been looking for a caddy like this for a while, but all the cute ones I have found are so expensive! I finally found one at Target in the bargain bins for $5 so I snatched the last white one up. It’s crazy how something so simple helped me so much.

Homemade chicken tenders and green beans

Kyle made chicken tenders in the air fryer for lunch. They turned out so well! I’ll have to get him to write out the recipe so I can share it. He also made green beans.

Running with Chance

Chance and I headed out for a 1.5 mile walk while Kyle headed to school to study. I’m so glad he gets to go on campus sometimes now for a change of scenery. This was the hottest walk we’ve been on so far this summer because we didn’t go until the afternoon. I’m still glad we got out there though!

Breakfast smoothie

I made the same smoothie as yesterday once we got home. Nothing tastes as good as a smoothie after a hot walk/run in my opinion!

Chance laying down after walk

Poor Chance was so hot by the time we got home! I am very cautious about how much time he spends out in the hot weather, but he can usually handle 15-20 minutes which is what we did today. I still try to only take him out in the mornings though just to be careful! He bounced back in about 15 minutes after we got into the AC, and he drank some water. 😀

Watermelon and cheese

I also drank my greens before I showered because I forgot to drink them yesterday and didn’t want to forget today. I headed into my office around 3:40 with some granola and pineapple and started my shift. Around 6, I took a break and got some watermelon and cheese.

Home office set up

Today was another good day! I am quickly getting more confident on my calls and catching on to the flow.

Chance sitting on steps

I finished around 8 and then watered my flowers. Kyle got home from campus around 8:30, and Chance sat here for about 15 minutes waiting on him because he just KNEW he would walk in any minute. And he did!


Unmade bed

It cracks me up when I wake up to things like this. Chance apparently got up in the middle of the night and decided to nestle in the guest room bed. It looks like he was comfy!

Coffee Over Cardio and cup of coffee

The monthly flavor from Coffee Over Cardio is called Freedom and is blueberry flavored this month. It came last night so we brewed it first thing this morning! Kyle already had it going when I woke up, and I could smell it from all the way up in our room. AND IT TASTES SO GOOD! This is my new favorite, and I am praying she decides to add it to their normal stock! Remember, 10Miriamleigh gets you 10% off all regular orders. It doesn’t work on the subscription, but you can try any of the normal flavors for a discount 🙂

Chance and I went on a 3 mile walk this morning, and it was eventful! Any time we walk by one specific house, there is always a dog chained up in the front yard. She always runs as far as she can towards the road and barks at us. She’s super cute, and I feel bad that she’s always leashed up outside. I usually only walk by there early in the morning so it isn’t 90 degrees yet so I really hope she isn’t out there all day. I should go by there during the day and check because it’s cruel to leave her out when it’s so hot. I would gladly take her! Anyways, she ran at us this morning like she always does and her leash snapped. She raced across the street at us and started growling at Chance. She is about half the size of Chance so I was able to calm her down. Chance behaved super well and let her sniff him and didn’t growl back or anything. I was so proud! I walked up to their house and onto the porch and she followed us because she wanted to continue sniffing Chance. After I rang the door bell and knocked multiple times, the owner finally came out. She was nice but seemed really irritated that she had to bring the dog inside. Another sign that maybe I should offer to take her..

Breakfast smoothie

I got cleaned up and made my same smoothie once we got home.

Salmon and green beans

I baked salmon with green beans around 2 for a late lunch. We have been on a green bean kick lately because they’re easy, cheap, and don’t mess with our stomachs like some veggies do.

Home office set up
Home office set up

I am really loving my little office space! We ended up moving my desk upstairs into our guest room so I could have more privacy for my phone calls. Plus, if I work downstairs in the open, Kyle has to stay up in his office with the door closed while I’m on the phone which is silly!

Cheese slices and pepperoni

I wasn’t hungry when I started working so I needed a snack when I was done. Cheese and pepperoni is one of my favorites right now. It’s a great protein boost, tasty, and always hits the spot.

I hope you enjoyed this little recap! I’ll do the rest of the week like normal on Monday. Let me know if you like me splitting it up into multiple posts or if you like one big post better.

Have a great rest of your week!

Questions for YOU!

  1. What’s your favorite item in your office area?! I am looking to add some things now that I am settled in a room.
  2. What’s the weather like in your area right now?
  3. What’s your favorite thing to grill?

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