Fourth of July Festivities!

Kyle’s family came to visit for Fourth of July, and we had such a great weekend. I saved it for a separate recap post, and I’m sorry it took so long!


Kyle’s brother, Tyler, and Tyler’s fiance, Jessie got to our house on Thursday evening. We went out for drinks and chips and salsa once they got here, and then hung out on the back deck until we headed to bed! They worked all day and then made the drive, but they were still better at staying up late than me. 😀


We had a super slow morning once we woke up. Kyle had some reading to get done, but once he finished, we headed to an outdoor mall close to our house to walk around and get lunch. Don’t mind Chance’s antler in the middle of the room.

We went to Sam’s Sport Grill, and the food was delicious! Fried pickles, salad, and wings are three of my favorite things. Jessie is a vegetarian, and she said her veggie burger was good too! We were able to sit outside because it was super nice out, and that always makes me happy.

We also stopped by a little ice cream shop for dessert. How cool does this ice cream look!? They make it right on the spot, and it was so cool to watch. I ordered the birthday cake so they put a tiny piece of birthday cake on the freezing cold counter (think like a stove but for freezing stuff) and poured milk on it. Then they mixed it up, waited for it to freeze, and then scraped it up into little rolls. So fun and yummy!

Once Kyle’s parents arrived, we grilled asparagus, pineapple, and chicken for dinner. It was all so delicious, and we had the best time catching up!


For breakfast, Kyle made flapjacks, and we also made bacon, eggs, sausage, and had fruit. Kyle is such a good host, and we had the best time preparing the food for everybody.

After breakfast (I forgot to take a picture), we took Kyle’s family to tour his campus! Last time we went there, I was not able go inside so I am so glad it was open today. It’s very impressive, and I love being able to picture where he is going to be most of the time for the next three years!

We stopped by Kroger to pick up a few more beers and snacks because I underestimated how much we would eat! Kyle’s dad picked up some ribs for us for lunch, and they were delicious! Kroger had a worker outside grilling them up, and I will definitely be getting them from now on!

We pulled out corn hole and made some drinks after we had dinner. Kyle grilled brats, burgers, and pineapple, and we also had salad and dessert! I made a keto cheesecake. Basically I only made the filling, and we ate it like ice cream or dipped fruit in it! It is sooooo good and simple!

We had SO MUCH FUN tonight. Kyle’s parents were the cornhole champions of the weekend, and it was awesome to watch them beat everybody. Also, how beautiful is the necklace Kyle’s mom got me for an early birthday gift? I love it.

We were able to watch fireworks from our front yard which I was super happy about because I wasn’t sure if we would be able to see any! We stood at the end of our cul de sac for at least an hour watching fireworks, talking, and listening to music. Kyle’s mom said this picture looks like they’re fixing all of the world’s problems, and I have to agree.

Around 10PM or so, Kyle’s parents headed back to their RV to go to bed. Tyler and Jessie brought some games so we made more drinks and snacks and played until 2 AM!!! I have not stayed up that late in YEARS. But we had a lot of fun, and it was so worth it!

I forgot to mention that Kyle’s parents rented an RV starting Fourth of July weekend and for the next 10 days. They planned a big road trip that started with spending the weekend with us then taking the scenic route to Iowa where Teresa’s parents live to stay with them for a few days. It worked perfectly because Tyler and Jessie could stay in the guest room, and the RV park was less than a mile from our home. They are back home now from their trip, and they had the BEST time! It was so fun seeing all their photos and hearing about their trip. I would love to do something like that in the future! It made Kyle and I definitely want an RV for road trips in the future.


I was up around 6AM today, and I could not go back to sleep. I decided to get up and clean up the kitchen because it looked like a frat house after a big party. Once I was done cleaning, Kyle was up and his parent arrived soon after!

Kyle’s mom and I ventured out to Krispie Kreme to pick up donuts this morning. They were a great addition to our fruit, bacon, eggs, and coffee!

This weekend went by WAY too fast, and I can’t wait for them to come back to visit again soon. So thankful!!

Tell me all about your Fourth of July weekend below!! I’d love to hear about it.

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