First week of orientation, lots of running, and preparing for the weekend!

Good morning, everybody! I hope you all had an amazing Fourth of July doing all of your favorite things. We had an amazing weekend with Kyle’s family, and I am so thankful.


I woke up Monday morning and remembered to drink my Mag water and take my vitamins.

I went on a run this morning before my first day of orientation! I felt so good after, and I’m glad I beat the 90 degree heat.

After I showered and got ready, I made a smoothie and did my morning quiet time. My smoothie had frozen spinach, blueberries, and strawberries, oatmilk, and chia seeds. I’ve really been enjoying Jesus Calling this month,

I am loving my home office! It’s not totally finished, but I am very happy about it right now. I love being downstairs and in the open. I feel less trapped and concentrate a lot better. I know that sounds weird, but it works for me!

I had some cantaloupe and granola during my orientation. One of the many perks of working from home! I also wore a tshirt, leggings, and slippers. What a dream!

My first day of orientation was great! I am pretty excited to get stared.

After work, I headed to start giving plasma again! Everything went well, and it was a pretty quick visit.

Kyle texted me while I was at plasma and asked if I wanted Mexican for dinner. UM YES!

We’ve been married for one year today! We celebrated over the weekend, which you can read about here, but we saved our cake for today. We had it in the freezer since our wedding, and it actually was DELICIOUS! It was so fun to bring back the best day of our life in this little way, and I was so surprised that it was so good.


Chance and I headed out on another run this morning. I love progressing through the C25K app and building up my endurance again. I’m also super happy that I am excited about running again.

Vitamins, Magnesium water, and a smoothie. My go to morning fuel! These pill packs have helped me stay on track with my vitamins every morning. Also much cheaper than the alternative pill packs!

My day looked pretty similar to yesterday. I remembered to drink my greens today, and I needed them after Mexican last night. I have orientation this week and next week from 10-3 Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. They give us a lot of time to work on our own, complete our courses, and ask questions. Our supervisors are extremely nice and supportive, and there are only 6 of us in this training group. I’m so excited!

I completely forgot to take any pictures in the evening! So sorry..


Kyle had his first simulation training on campus this morning! I’m so glad he could get out of the house and do some hands on learning.

I did not work today so I used the time to get the house ready for the weekend. I spent the morning cleaning the whole house. It felt so good when it was done!

Chance and I did a two mile walk to get some movement in on my rest day from running.

I headed to the grocery store to get all of our food for the weekend. I also picked up these beautiful flowers to make an arrangement for the kitchen. It’s crazy how much some fresh flowers add to a room!

I ate my leftovers while I cut up fruits and veggies and watched Criminal Minds.

I needed a pick me up in the afternoon so I made my normal breakfast smoothie. When Kyle was done with his final midterm for this term, he said he wanted junk food for dinner. I, of course, obliged to his request for McDonald’s! 😀


I ran again before work! I love getting in my workout before working. It wakes me up and ensures I get it done.

I know I eat all the same foods every day, but I love them and they work for me!

I ran out of my normal glasses so I had to drink my magnesium water in a wine glass. 😀

Today was another good day! We practiced our scripts with each other, and I felt pretty good about it. Hands on learning helps me so much more than anything else.

I made a little snack plate right after class and then we had salmon and green beans for dinner. I’ve been on a salmon kick lately.

Guest room with flowers and wifi sign

I found this wifi info template online, and I think it looks so cute! I had an extra frame from our gallery wall, and it works perfect. I also picked up these flowers as well when I got the ones in the kitchen!

Kyle’s brother and fiance arrived tonight, and I am going to do a separate Fourth of July post later this week! I’m going to end this recap here. I truly hope you all are having a great Monday.

Questions for YOU! Let’s chat!

  1. Are you a morning, afternoon, or evening work out person?
  2. What’s your go to junk food?!
  3. Do you prefer to do your work in a closed office space or an open area?

2 thoughts on “First week of orientation, lots of running, and preparing for the weekend!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Love your questions … so I thought I’d respond!!
    Are you a morning, afternoon, or evening work out person? – Morning, no doubt! If I don’t workout in the morning it’s not gonna happen! I just don’t find it enjoyable to workout in the afternoon or evening. I do go for walks in the afternoon and with the current humidity and temperatures I come back looking like I went for a 10 mile run! Lol. But as I’ve proven time and again I’ll even get up in the middle of the night to get my workout in, just so I can go into the day with that taken care of. If that makes sense.

    What’s your go to junk food?! I’m not a huge junk food eater, but I’d probably have to say that my go to junk food is likely granola (I can eat so much of it in one sitting). I’d probably also say my iced coffee habit is a bit of a junk item as I don’t “technically” need it but I definitely “enjoy” it!!

    Do you prefer to do your work in a closed office space or an open area? I like to have a separate office space but if I’m on a conference call and I’m feeling cooped up, I’ll relocate to my family room/kitchen just to have a change of pace.

    Have you made any plans for the coming weekend? Any big projects at the house you’re tackling? How’s the work going? Anything you’ve learned that you weren’t expecting to?

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Your answer about working out in the morning definitely makes sense!! I am the same way.
      I added caffeine back into my diet because I was off it for about a month and if anything, my headaches were worse SO I am okay with saying I need it 😀 Just kidding… kind of..
      This new job is SO different than anything I have ever done before so I am learning so much, and I am really enjoying it! We spent the weekend with my family because my niece was born on Friday!
      How is the house buying process going?? You move in August, right?! So exciting!!

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