Lots of walks, back to the gym, and new restaurants!

Good morning and happy Monday! Once again, this week was just not what dreams are made of haha. I got in a few good works outs, worked around the house, and did a lot of job hunting. It’s not exciting at all, but I still wanted to write my recap! So here we go.


Chance and I headed out for a 2 mile walk in the awesome weather.

Grocery day! Aldi was so busy when I went, but they always get people through the line quickly so I wasn’t there much longer than usual. I have been on big cantaloupe kick lately!

I snacked on chicken breast and homemade popcorn courtesy of our Stir Crazy Popcorn Maker while I cut up all out fruits and veggies.

Weekly planner and apple

I ate an apple while I planned out my week. I used to eat apples before work outs because it’s a good source of carbs and natural energy so I picked up some at Aldi today!

Gym selfie with hydrojug

Then I headed to the gym! I did some work on the treadmill followed by back and shoulder exercises.

Cauliflower pizza and veggies

I baked a cauliflower pizza and zucchini and made a salad for dinner. We have been loving our cauliflower crusts! Aldi makes an awesome one.


I made a smoothie and did my devotional and start today journal. My smoothie had oatmilk, frozen blueberries and spinach, and chia seeds.

After I cleaned all the bathrooms, I snacked on cantaloupe and cauliflower crisps before making a big salad for lunch. It had spinach, arugula, chicken breast, peppers, and green goddess salad dressing.

Then Chance and I headed out for another 2 mile walk. The views here are amazing! Pictures don’t do it justice.


Chili’s for dinner! I don’t know why I only took a picture of the salad, but I definitely also had chicken tenders and corn.

Sweet little buddy laying on his bed. I just love him so much.


Running selfie
Running with dog

I woke up and headed to the gym after I folded some laundry and ate an apple! Then I came home and took Chance on a walk to cool down and get his energy out before the storm.

Breakfast smoothie

I made my same blueberry smoothie once I got home. There is nothing better than a cold smoothie after working out!

Salad, cauliflower crisps, and chicken tenders

After I cleaned all the floors, I made a salad and had my leftover chicken tenders for lunch.

I headed to PetSmart to get a few things for Chance’s birthday tomorrow. Kyle had a 4 hour class today so I picked up an iced coffee for him, and I tried this Iced Guava Passionfruit drink. It’s one of the only things they have that doesn’t have any caffeine. It was ok! It was a little sweet for me despite me only putting one pump of syrup in- there is usually four!

Tilapia and zucchini

I baked tilapia and zucchini for dinner, and it was so good! We usually do salmon, but I decided to get tilapia this week and I’m glad I did.


Chance and his birthday gifts
Chance and his birthday cake

Happy Birthday Chance!! He loved his gifts- especially his cake.

Side note- I didn’t do much today because I didn’t feel well so these are all the pictures I have. I obviously had to still celebrate my baby boy turning four!


I woke up feeling so much better so I got dressed and headed out for a run!

Inspirational quote

THIS QUOTE. I love it so much. I follow Holley on Instagram, and she is super uplifting and encouraging. I’m not sure who originally said this, but it’s still so good.

Breakfast smoothie

Same smoothie from all week. I know… my meals are boring!

We drove to the BMV to get our Tennessee licenses, but when we saw the line OUT THE DOOR, we turned around and went home. haha! I didn’t know you could make appointments so I made us appointments for next Friday.

Ground beef and zucchini and homemade fries

I cooked ground beef and zucchini on the stove and homemade fries in the air fryer for lunch.

I spent the afternoon applying to jobs and wrapping gifts for my sister’s baby shower! It’s going to be a surprise so all of the gifts are being sent to my house, and I am loving wrapping them all. I’m not being sarcastic.

Wrapping gifts

We’ve got a pretty good haul so far!

We tried a local wing place called Wing Basket for dinner, and OMG it was so good!! We watched old Criminal Minds episodes, and it was a great night!

The Weekend

Saturday was full of sleeping because I had a headache and then watching Criminal Minds and just relaxing.

The sunrises here are so pretty and peaceful. Our neighborhood is so quiet, and I love sitting on our porch and soaking it all in. Chance and I walked a mile and soaked in the sun.

Out to breakfast

We went to brunch with my brother, sister in law, and niece on Sunday. It was so good to be with them, and we had a great time! My sweet niece is teething, but she is still adorable and taking it like a champ. We went to a place called Mimi’s Cafe, and they did super well with social distancing and keeping things as safe as possible!

Nashville skyline

Questions for you! Please respond below so we can chat!

  1. What’s your go to pre work out fuel?
  2. Have you been out to eat anywhere yet since places are starting to open back up?
  3. What are you reading right now?

4 thoughts on “Lots of walks, back to the gym, and new restaurants!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Pre-workout fuel = iced coffee … I am usually kicking back my coffee as I brush my teeth and put on workout clothes before getting in my workout. I don’t generally eat before working out.
    Eating Out = Not really. I personally only eat out on occasion BUT I have been back to the Hair Dresser, Nail Salon, Tanning Salon, Dentist, and I have an appt to get my waxing done on Friday!
    Reading = Home buying documents! haha
    Watching = Criminal Minds … Im on season 7 right now. Hbu??

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Coffee is such a good pre work out! I miss it!! haha
      I am sure you have PLENTY to read related to buying a home! So much to learn and so exciting.
      I’m in season 3 right now because I’m rewatching it, but I’ve seen through season 13 already. It’s the best!!

      • Lindsay says:

        Coffee is a NECESSARY before my workouts … I am trying to perfect my cold brew coffee recipe … I’ve got some work ahead of me! I’ve only done it a few times so fortunately I have all summer to perfect it!
        I restarted watching CM a few weeks ago too hence how I’m finally in season 7. So worth it. Love that I can watch/listen and do other things at the same time.
        Any big plans for this week/weekend?

      • Miriam Leigh says:

        Awesome! Such a good way to save money too.
        And yes!! I agree. I love rewatching shows because it can just be in the background, and I still know what’s going on.
        I am going to work on our garden a lot this week and weekend! Kyle is in the middle of midterms so he’ll be studying 🤪
        Do you have any fun plans??

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