Iced coffee and granola

DIY projects, diet changes, and back to church!

Good morning, friends!

I hope everybody is doing fantastic and had a great Monday! I’m sorry AGAIN for coming at you a day late with this recap. I need to plan my Sundays and Mondays better!

I wanted to start by saying that these last few weeks have taught me so much already. My eyes are open, and I am listening. I am learning, growing, and I’m going to be better. I am 100% in support that black lives matter, and it makes me sick that these injustices are still happening. I encourage you to continue to learn so we can grow together and make this a better place to live for EVERYBODY. I have a list of books that I am going to start, and I’ll share those and any other resources I find as well. <3

This recap is going to be random, probably shorter than usual, and all over the place. This past week was full of headaches and slow days. I got a few things done that I want to share, but I didn’t do nearly as much as I usually do because I just didn’t feel well most of the time. I’m doing better, and I’m excited for a real recap next week! Here are the few things I did this week that I wanted to share 🙂

Iced coffee and granola

I had my last cup of caffeine for a while on Tuesday, and it has been a lot harder than I expected it would be! I’ve been trying to incorporate some of the diet recommendations from the Heal Your Headache book, and this was the one I was avoiding for the longest. Dr. Buchholz explains that caffeine is one of the biggest triggers for migraines even though we may think it helps our headaches. It’s more of a quick fix that ends up making it worse in the long run. Part of me obviously hopes it helps, and part of me hopes it doesn’t so I can have coffee again 😀

Massage Envy is open again so I headed in for my first massage since March! It felt so good, and the woman I had was amazing. Peep the indentation of the headrest on my face! I always feel so relaxed and in a daze when I leave.

Food diaries

Kyle and I have been wanting to be more conscientious of what we eat every day. Not to monitor calories or anything like that, but to find connections in things that trigger my headaches, our digestive tracts, and just our overall health. I found food diary print outs that are perfect for that so we have them up on the fridge so we remember to do it.

Selfie after walk

I didn’t go to the gym this week, but we did get in a few good walks in the sunshine.

I’m still working on this chair! It’s super close to being done now. Getting the old paint off was definitely the most difficult. This paint stripper was a game changer. I tried the off brand kind, and it was like using water. It is now all painted white and just needs one more coat!

Baby birds

Baby bird update! They eat a ton and are growing super fast. We love them, and I am going to be so sad when they fly away!

I made my own vitamin packs! I used to use Care Of, but it was almost $100/month for Kyle and I so I decided to start making them myself. I bought the vitamins at Kroger because they were BOGO 50% off, and I ordered these little reusable bags from Amazon!

We found a church and attended our first “in person” service on Sunday. We really liked the church, and I am super excited to go back.

Morning routine

I continued my normal morning routine of the She Reads Truth devotional, prayer writing, and Start Today journal! The coffee was from early in the week before I cut it out. AH!

I ordered Curology! I have been wanting to try their skincare line and then found out they offer a free trial month so I finally did it! I took a quiz, answered questions, and sent in pictures then a dermatologist made a treatment based on my skin problems. I know it has only been a week, but I have already seen some progress! I’m excited to see what it does in a month. I’ve linked the site where you can sign up for the free trial here. You only pay $5 for shipping!

Questions for you!
1. Do you keep a food diary?

2. What skincare brand to you use?

3. What was your last DIY or paint project?

2 thoughts on “DIY projects, diet changes, and back to church!

  1. Lindsay says:

    No Coffee … No Way! Well, I will happily send you my address so you can ship me all your unopened coffee over cardio coffee! 😉 I am going to try my hand at making my old cold-brew this weekend so I stop hitting up the local caribou coffee for my cold brew… the costs are starting to add up! With the house purchase coming quickly I need to set aside some money for things like blinds, washer/dryer, deck furniture, etc. I also don’t track my food and probably shouldn’t because it leads to obsession. Glad you could go to church. As a nurse I would like to know your thoughts on COVID now that you’re not working in a hospital/medical setting? I am personally thinking it was a bit of a political power play because people have been rioting for weeks within 6ft of each other and the data isnt indicating a spike in new cases. Thoughts??

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      I KNOW! Not to be dramatic, but caffeine is by far the hardest thing I have cut out. NOT A FAN! But if it really helps me in the long run, I guess it will be worth it. A small part of me still hopes it doesn’t help 😀
      Isn’t it crazy how quick those little purchases add up!? It’ll be worth it when you can fill up your new home! That’s so exciting. I don’t know if you’re planning on buying brand new, but we bought a used washer and dryer from Facebook Marketplace and it has been great! It was so much cheaper, and the ones we found work perfectly. 🙂 Just a way to save some $$$.
      I TOTALLY understand why you do not track your food. Not worth it if it’s a trigger!
      Honestly, I think the hype around COVID and social distancing were 100% justified. It spread very quickly and killed a lot of people. That number would have been a LOT higher if we hadn’t quarantined, and I am so thankful that we “shut down” when we did. It was so hard, and I know a lot of people suffered. I hate that! However, I still think it was the right decision. As happy as I am to be able to venture out again, I am still worried that another spike is going to come. I am very hopeful that we stopped the spread enough to not cause any major spikes after the riots and states opening back up. But we can’t know for sure! We just have to keep washing our hands, staying at home if we’re sick, and look our for the well being of others 🙂

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