Donuts and coffee

Going back to the gym, cooking new foods, and job interviews!

Hey y’all! I hope everybody’s week is off to a great start. I am posting a little later in the day than I usually am because I had the motivation to do a lot of cleaning around the house this morning so I went with it! But I wanted to make sure I still got my recap post out today. I worked on a few home projects and got back to the gym this week, and I loved every second of it!


Iced Peach Green Tea

Grocery day! I took a bag of granola to go and picked up an Iced Peach Green Tea (no sweetener) from Starbucks before heading to Aldi and Kroger. I bought the Aldi bag in my cart last year, and it has been a game changer! I didn’t have it set up in this picture, but it connects to the inside ledges of the cart so it’s super easy to pack up all my groceries in 1 bag and transport them. I hope that makes sense! It even has a freezer compartment. Since I bought mine at Aldi, I can’t link it but I found a similar one here! These are also cool!!

Chex mix and fruit

I snacked on some Chex Mix and cantaloupe while I cut up all our fruits and veggies for the week and before I headed out for a walk.

I went out during the afternoon heat for a 2 mile walk with Chance. It takes a lot to wear him out, even in the 80 degree weather. We are super careful to not let him overheat and to make sure his paw pads are protected though. When we first got Chance, his paw pads were badly cracked and looked super painful. We used this protector to help heal them, and it worked so well! Now we use this one daily, and it helps prevent any cracks and protects his paw pads so we can keep going on our daily walks. We still use the original one before we go outside when it is icy or when they have put salt on the roads.

Kyle was feeling under the weather all day today so I just made an easy dinner of chicken and noodle soup and crackers for dinner.


Blueberry smoothie

I got back to my normal morning routine this morning! I did my devotional, Start Today journal, and written prayers while having a smoothie. This one had frozen blueberries, frozen spinach, oatmilk, and chia seeds.

First day back at the gym was a success! I started on the stair stepper then did some lifting and ended walking at a slight incline on the treadmill to cool down. I can’t explain how happy I felt getting back to the gym, and that is something I never thought I would say! They had a ton of cleaning stations and had a lot of the cardio equipment closed off to keep everybody 6ft apart. The workers were also wearing masks and constantly cleaning the equipment. I felt very safe and comfortable, and I am grateful!

Walking with Chance

Kyle had a big test today so I took Chance on a walk when I got home to get him out of the house for a little while! Even though I am getting back into the gym, I am not going to stop our walks! I love them too much.

I was feeling another smoothie when I got home so before I cleaned up, I made one almost identical to my morning one but with raspberries instead of blueberries.

After my shower, I had a bag of granola and some cantaloupe to tide me over until dinner time.

Cauliflower crust pizza
Baked veggies

I picked up this cauliflower crust pizza from Aldi for us to try, and it did not disappoint!! It was so delicious and probably the best store bought pizza I have ever had! I also baked some zucchini and broccoli with a little olive oil and garlic salt.

Tea before bed

I made a cup of kava and ginger tea to drink and then headed upstairs to read before falling asleep.


Interview day! I had an interview through Go To Meeting today for a job. I wasn’t sure if she would be able to see me so I chose to dress as if she could. Minus the slippers 🙂 I honestly didn’t have the best vibe from this interview, but I am still glad I got more interview experience! It is also a good feeling knowing that places are starting to hire again. I had already done my normal morning routine and had a smoothie and some granola prior to my interview at 9.

After my interview, I needed to put my adrenaline to good use so I headed back to the gym! I did pretty close to the same routine I did yesterday because I felt so good after. During my lift time, I did a few machines for each body area like arms, abs, and legs. I like doing that instead of hitting one area really hard each day- at least right now as I am easing back into lifting!

Taco salad

I did a lot of cleaning today and just snacked on things like chicken breast slices, bell peppers, and hippeas. Kyle made tacos for dinner so I had a big taco salad. It was delicious!


Morning devotional set up

Same morning routine, new day! I wrote last week’s Friday Favorites post today too. You can read it here if you haven’t already!

Gym selfie

I headed back to the gym! I would love to share my work outs in the future, but I just don’t know enough yet to feel comfortable telling other people what to do. I’m trying a lot of new machines and just feeling out what I like and what I don’t.

I had my same blueberry smoothie and some hippeas after I got home, and it hit the spot!

Then we headed out for a little family walk before dinner.

I decided to try to air fry our salmon for tonight, and it was delicious! We’re definitely going to do it again this same way. I linked the air fryer we use here. We really like it! It’s super simple and easy to use. I just baked the potatoes and veggies like I usually do. Then we all headed to Sonic for milkshakes! I also HAD to get one of their soft pretzel sticks.


I know my mornings are so repetitive, but it’s my real life! I thrive off structure, that’s for sure. I’d love for you to join me by reading the daily devotional on . You won’t regret it!

Own Your Everyday and card

I finished reading Own Your Everyday last week so I wrote a little note to Jaycey, and I am going to put it in the mail for her tomorrow! If you haven’t read it, you should! It’s full of awesome, tangible advice that we could all utilize.

Chance sleeping on stairs

Peep one of Chance’s new favorite nap spots.

I decided to redo this chair so the first step is to strip the paint off! I loved this color for my first apartment out of college, but it’s time for something a little more neutral. Should I paint it or stain it?

I had another hodgepodge spread for lunch followed by iced coffee with foam! I just whipped up some oatmilk with a little protein powder with my Coffee Over Cardio milk frother, and it worked perfectly! Remember- use code 10Miriamleigh for 10% off all COC orders. 🙂 I like making little treats for Kyle in the afternoons since he is in classes or studying literally all day. It’s an added perk when I can sneak some extra protein in him as well! 😀

Date night at the gym! Kyle decided to join me at the gym this afternoon, and I loved it! I did a few arm exercises, but I mainly used the time to walk at an incline to get my steps in for the day.

Gym selfie

This was also my first day back with my hydrojug! I broke the last one when I fell down the stairs, and my new one was delivered today. I was so happy. (Code Miriamleigh10 for 10% off all hydrojug orders!) Remember how I said Planet Fitness was on top of their Corona game? They also have cleaning stations in the locker rooms so I can wipe down all of my stuff before heading home!

We picked up food from Brixx and dessert from DQ before heading home. We tried the cauliflower crust pizza again, and it was so good!! It’s safe to say that we’re obsessed. I love that restaurants have it too.


Donuts and coffee

It was a donut and coffee kind of morning! We have a Krispy Kreme super close to our house, and I think that is a blessing.

Baby birds

Baby bird update!! The eggs have hatched, and we now have babies. Mom is super protective (as she should be) so Kyle snapped this picture using a lot of zoom. So fun!

Here’s my OOTD! Or most days.. I’m ready for some home projects and errands.

I sprayed weed killer in the garden today. I also sprayed in the cracks in our driveway and by the curb because the weeds are outrageous! Then I headed to the post office to mail Jaycey’s package.

I picked us up Starbucks today while I was out. I had my unsweetened iced peach green tea and Kyle had a black iced coffee. My lunch was more of the same as the rest of the week!

Chick Fil A was for dinner. I ordered grilled nuggets this time, and I loved them! I didn’t feel sick after eating either. 🙂 Tonight I mixed kava, ginger, and bedtime tea bags to see if that would help me sleep better. I haven’t been sleeping through the night lately like I usually do so I am trying to incorporate more natural things to help me instead of popping benadryl.


We grilled out with my brothers, sister in laws, and nieces and nephews today. It was so wonderful to be with all of them, and I am excited for many more days like this! I didn’t take many pictures because I was soaking in all the time we had together, but the food was great and the weather was beautiful!

Have a fantastic week and stay healthy!

Questions for you. Please respond below because I would LOVE to talk to you!!

  1. What is the last book you read?
  2. What is your favorite summertime activity?
  3. What have you been able to do again since some restrictions have been lifted in a lot of areas?

2 thoughts on “Going back to the gym, cooking new foods, and job interviews!

  1. Lindsay says:

    Love your posts … I just love how realistic your life is! (Not saying it’s not fun BUT I feel like so many bloggers make it seem as if they do ALL of the things all of the time and you make it clear that you just live your life, which is so cool!!)
    I haven’t really been reading much besides blogs, the news, and work emails. These riots in Minnesota are really impacting my work/life balance. (The joys of working in Business Continuity for a Bank) 🙁
    Favorite Summertime activity is probably going on walks on days where its not too hot outside and I can enjoy the weather!!
    Restrictions are VERY slowly lifting here BUT I was able to go tanning today, I have a haircut scheduled for friday, dental cleaning next monday, and I got my nails done over the weekend. Now to get my eyebrows waxed and go out for dinner and I’ll be happy! 😀
    What are you looking forward to this week? Did you hear back about the job??

    • Miriam Leigh says:

      Thank you! Being authentic is my goal so that means a lot.
      I really hope things calm down for you ASAP! It’s a very hard and scary time right now for sure.
      All of those activities sound so fun. Isn’t it crazy how all the normal things we used to do are so much more fun now?
      And I’m still waiting to hear from jobs! I actually called one today to check in so we’ll see!

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